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Scam Alert: Beware of this Con Targeting Behance Users

THE VERGE   Thursday August 31, 2023

Several users of Adobe’s art-themed social media platform Behance have encountered an elaborate scam in recent weeks involving fraudulent job offerings from people claiming to be recruiters at autonomous driving tech company Waymo. The scam is a common fraud scheme that involves sending users a fake job confirmation following an “interview” on Skype and a check to begin purchasing office equipment, notes The Verge. After confirming the deposit to the scammers, the target is directed to send money to another person via Zelle.   Read the full Story >>

Books: A Volume of Anna Atkins's Pioneering Cyanotypes

By David Schonauer   Thursday August 31, 2023

Before the twentieth century, botany was one of the few spaces in which women were free to express their curiosity about the natural world, noted recently. Anna Atkins was a pioneer in this field, in more ways than one. As well as producing studies of algae and ferns, she adopted the cyanotype photographic approach to document her finds. In 1843, she published the …   Read the full Story >>

Astrophotography: Photograph The 'Blue Super Moon' Tonight

Forbes   Wednesday August 30, 2023

Rising in the east at dusk on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, will be the year’s biggest, brightest and best full moon—the “Super Blue Moon,” notes Forbes, so be prepared with your camera gear. Super moons occur when the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth, so that appears larger and brighter in the night sky. This one is a Super Blue Moon because it’s the second full moon in August. The moon will be officially full at  9:35 p.m. EDT tonight.   Read the full Story >>

Nature Watch: Images Show Penguin Colony Collapse

Mashable   Wednesday August 30, 2023

At the bottom of the world, emperor penguins have experienced tragedy, notes Mashable. Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey report an "unprecedented breeding failure" in some big, well-observed colonies where sea ice had largely or completely vanished in 2022. The study, published in the science journal Communications Earth & Environment, concluded it's likely that zero chicks survived from four of the five known colonies. Satellite images, from the European Space Agency's Sentinel-2 spacecraft, show the stark disappearances of breeding colonies.   Read the full Story >>

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