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Trending: How Deepfake Nude Photos Took Over a High School

404 Media   Thursday February 29, 2024

Late last year PPD noted that a boy at Issaquah High School in suburban Seattle had taken photos of his female classmates and “undressed” them using AI technology. Now a police report obtained by 404 Media shows “in excruciating detail” how the deepfake scandal “took over the school.” The report “expresses frustration that school administration tried to handle it internally, and shows that a school staffer, who was also a victim of a nonconsensual AI-generated nude, was put in charge of the school’s investigation,” notes 404 Media.   Read the full Story >>

Exhibitions: Paul Pfeiffer Interrogates the Idea of 'Spectacle'

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles   Thursday February 29, 2024

Artist Paul Pfeiffer selects images that are part of the zeitgeist—that we might recognize in our memories, or place in the broader cultural consciousness—and then, notes CNN, he manipulates them, removing specific elements. Pfeiffer’s work “deconstructs our fascination and obsession with celebrity culture, unpacking how collective consciousness is shaped, notes the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, which has a 30-year retrospective of the artist’s work through June 16.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Sony's Compact 24-50mm f/2.8 Lens Promises Fast Performance

DP Review   Thursday February 29, 2024

The newly announced Sony FE 24-50mm F2.8 G lens is the company’s first f/2.8 constant zoom in its G series lineup, notes DIY Photography. The compact lens (it weighs under one pound and is about 3.6-inches long) is compatible with all of Sony’s Alpha-series cameras. It offers a wide, constant f/2.8 aperture and a focal range that covers the most popular focal lengths for everyday shooting, adds DP Review. The lens has focus, zoom, and aperture rings; the latter can be "de-clicked" for video shooting.   Read the full Story >>

Honor Roll: Sony World Photo Awards 2024 Professional Finalists

World Photography Organization   Thursday February 29, 2024

The World Photography Organization has announced the finalists and shortlist of the Professional competition in the Sony World Photography Awards 2024. The nominated work features subjects ranging from Bavarian finger wrestling to the Gay Space Agency to the remnants of a nuclear testing site in Kazakhstan, notes the WPO. Over 395,000 images from more than 220 countries and territories were submitted to this year’s Professional competition, the highest number of entries on record.   Read the full Story >>

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