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What We Learned This Week: This Print Sale Raises Funds for Afghanistan's Female Journalists

By David Schonauer   Friday September 24, 2021

This art will make a difference: As we noted this week, the NWMI (Network of Women in Media, India) has launched a print sale, with all images donated by the Associated Press, to raise funds to help female journalists affected by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. The money raised will aid with evacuations and resettlement and help the journalists to rebuild their lives and …   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: DJI's New Smartphone Gimbal Comes With a Selfie Stick

DIYPhotography   Friday September 24, 2021

DJI’s newly announced OM 5 smartphone gimbal is the fifth iteration of DJI gimbals (formerly known as the Osmo Mobile) and it comes with a built-in selfie stick, notes DIY Photography. The new gimbal also features improved ActiveTrack, a front fill light accessory, upgraded phone clamp and compatibility with a wider range of smartphones. It’s also smaller and lighter than its predecessors, with a foldable design. Fstoppers takes it for a spin.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Capturing Border Agents Riding Down Migrants

npr   Friday September 24, 2021

Images of U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback chasing Haitian migrants along the Rio Grande are "horrific," the White House said recently. The dramatic scene immediately sparked new questions about how a "nation of immigrants" treats people who are desperate for a better life, notes NPR, which gets a photographer’s perspective on the scene. “I thought the Haitians were quite scared, and I think there was probably some panic, which resulted in them trying to run around the horses," says photographer Paul Ratje.   Read the full Story >>

Art News: How Collaborations Between Artists and Designers Spark New Styles

ARTnews   Friday September 24, 2021

As the world of art broadens its borders and sets its sights on all realms of culture, ARTnews examines the interplay between art (including photography) and fashion. Among the collaborations surveyed: Hank Willis Thomas and Helmut Lang; Ming Smith and Nike; and Richard Prince x Louis Vuitton.   Read the full Story >>

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