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What We Learned This Week: A Copyright Head Scratcher Gets Appealed

By David Schonauer   Thursday July 19, 2018

Earlier this month, photo websites erupted with reports of a controversial ruling in a copyright infringement case in Virginia involving photographer Russell Brammer, who found that a long-exposure photo of a Washington, D.C. neighborhood that he made in 2011 had been cropped and used by the website for the Northern Virginia Film Festival. In 2017, Brammer sued Violent Hues Productions, which organizes the ...   Read the full Story >>

Trending: Homeland Security Is Worried About Photojournalists

Columbia Journalism Review   Friday July 20, 2018

The US Department of Homeland Security recently tweeted a warning, noting that “photography and surveillance” could be a sign of “terrorism-related” suspicious activity. “If you notice this, be sure to report it to local authorities,” advised the tweet. Such expansive language, notes the Columbia Journalism Review, is problematic under the First Amendment, which prohibits government agents from taking any action intended to dissuade a person from exercising constitutionally protected rights, including photography in public spaces.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: The Girl Who Gave Her Final Days to Science

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC   Friday July 20, 2018

At age 12, Lola Muñoz, who had been diagnosed with a rare brain cancer, chose to enter a clinical trial to test a new combination of chemotherapy drugs. She knew the chances that the trial would help her condition were slim. She knew that the treatments would make her very sick. “I wasn't doing it for me. I was doing it for all the other kids who suffered,” she told photojournalist Moriah Ratner, who spent a year and a half documenting Lola’s last days: She died April 2, 2018, just 19 months after her diagnosis.   Read the full Story >>

Resources: 16 of the Best Apps for Landscape Photography

Andrea Livieri   Friday July 20, 2018

Landscape photographers take note: Your smartphones can serve as full-fledged photo assistants, if you’re working with one or more of the 16 apps singled out by Italian photographer Andrea Livieri. Among them: Photographer’s Ephemeris, which allows you to plan landscape photography shots by showing you the position of the sun and moon, and Light Pollution Map, which allows you to easily locate dark sites. Via PetaPixel.   Read the full Story >>

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