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What We Learned This Week: Deutsche Borse Prize Examines the Role of Photography Today

By David Schonauer   Thursday May 24, 2018

How is the role of photography changing in today's world? One answer can be seen in the winning work of the prestigious Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2018. New Zealand artist Hank Willis Thompson was awarded the GBP30,000 (about $40,400) prize for his film installation "Autoportrait," which features Diamond Reynolds, the black woman who in July 2016 broadcast live via Facebook in ...   Read the full Story >>

Inspiration: VII Photographers Share the Defining Moments in Their Careers

Medium   Friday May 25, 2018

In preparation for its 2018 workshops and master classes, the VII agency asked its photographers to talk about defining moments in their photography education—either formal or self-taught—at any point in their career. "It took a long time for me to find my own voice in photography," says Linda Bournane Engelberth, who found inspiration in director Carlos Reygadas’s film Silent Light. Photographer Sara Terry's defining moment came in a workshop with Joel Meyerowitz.   Read the full Story >>

Books: The Lifespan of a Photographer's Marriage

The New Yorker   Friday May 25, 2018

“I said I’d never marry anybody from my home town or anybody I met in a bar, and I did both,” says photographer Michael Northrup, whose new book Dream Away  is a touching and intriguing photographic timeline of his relationship with his former wife. If the book is an elliptical chronicle of a romance as it morphs into family, it also tells the story of Northrup’s development as a photographer, notes The New Yorker. “Those moments are gone,” Northrup says. “It’s almost like I was this other person back then.” See also: It's Nice That.   Read the full Story >>

Social News: Instagram Now Lets You Share Other People's Photos in Stories

PetaPixel   Friday May 25, 2018

There seem to be new Instagram features rolling out daily. The app will, for instance, soon tell you how much you’re spending on it, notes DIY Photography. Meanwhile, PetaPixel reports that Instagram now let’s you share other peoples’ pictures in your stories. If you’re browsing through your feed and see a photo that you’d like to share, tap the “Send” button found below it. Posts shared in stories are always attributed to the poster’s username, and anyone tapping the sticker will be taken to the original post.   Read the full Story >>

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