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How To: Predict Landscape Light, Create Glamour Photos with Continuous Light, Shoot with Tilt-Shift Lenses ... and More

By David Schonauer   Tuesday November 13, 2018

Have you mastered the exposure triangle? If not you'll learn all about it today: We feature a video on the subject, explained with Legos. But first you can take a quick course in ... the exposure quadrangle. Today's roundup of tutorials also includes tips for better landscape photography and a lesson in how light influences your landscape photography. You'll also learn about ...   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: Canon Announces New CarePAK to Protect Your Cams

nofilmschool   Wednesday November 14, 2018

Canon USA has announced that it is reintroducing its CarePAK Plus services with a focus on its new full frame mirrorless flagship - the Canon EOS R, notes NoFilmSchool. Canon CarePAK Plus is Canon’s internal protection plan, which is currently offering 13 months of free protection for those who buy one of the protected Canon products. “The biggest aspect of Canon’s CarePAK Plus coverage is undoubtedly the accidental damage protection,” adds NFS. See more and sign up at Canon’s website.   Read the full Story >>

Exhibitions: Vivian Maier's Color Work

Howard Greenberg Gallery   Wednesday November 14, 2018

Vivian Maier has been known primarily for her black-and-white street photography, which was discovered in a storage locker after her death. Now New York’s Howard Greenberg Gallery focuses on another aspect of Maier’s work with the exhibition “Vivian Maier: Color Work.” The exhibition coincides with the publication of Vivian Maier: The Color Work, the first book devoted to her color images. “Maier was an early poet of color photography,” writes Joel Meyerowitz in its foreword.    Read the full Story >>

Trending: Why You Shouldn't Geotag Your Photos

Vox   Wednesday November 14, 2018

Social media has allowed us to do so many great things with photography — perhaps too many. A new video from Vox explains what happens when nature goes viral. Specifically, it focuses on how geotagging images has endangered once undisturbed landmarks by attracting waves of visitors to them. As an example, Vox points to Horseshoe Bend, once a little-known roadside view of the Colorado River. Over the past few years, Instagram has dramatically increased the spot’s popularity. See also: DIY Photography.   Read the full Story >>

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