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Media Watch: When Will Google and Facebook Act Like Media Companies?

By David Schonauer   Tuesday March 28, 2017

It's time for Google to start acting like a media company. So says Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, the world's biggest advertising holding company. Sorrell stated his opinion is the wake of a recent advertising boycott of YouTube by a number of brands - including The Guardian, L'Oreal, and UK government-funded organizations such as the Home Office, BBC, and Royal Navy ...   Read the full Story >>

Social News: Instagram Will Let Clients Book You Inside the App

PetaPixel   Tuesday March 28, 2017

In other social news: Instagram may soon become a solid revenue stream for photographers, notes PetaPixel, which reports that the platform will add an option allowing clients to “book” a business from inside the app. The move is part of an effort to expand the app’s consumer uses, notes Bloomberg. The new feature, set to roll out in the next couple of months, will give Instagram advertisers a more concrete way to measure the impact of their accounts, declares Quarles. "When someone books an appointment, that's not a 'like' or a 'follow,' that's actual action," he says.   Read the full Story >>

Nature Watch: The Strange Lives of Captive Polar Bears

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC   Tuesday March 28, 2017

Do polar bears belong in captivity? That’s the question pondered by Taiwanese photographer Sheng Wen Lo’s series “White Bear.” Lo spent three years photographing captive polar bears in 25 zoos and other enclosures in Europe and China. The work, notes National Geographic, “exposes the welfare of animals within artificial habitats by observing their behavior.” “I am interested in human-animal relationships in different aspects, and captive animal programs is one them,” Lo tells It’s Nice That.   Read the full Story >>

What We're Reading: A Photo Never Stands Alone

The New York Times   Thursday March 23, 2017

“Images make us think of other images,” writes Teju Cole at the New York Times. “Photographs remind us of other photographs, and perhaps only the earliest photographs had a chance to evade this fate. But soon after the invention of photography, the world was full of photographs, and newly made photographs could not avoid semantic contamination. Each photograph came to seem like a quotation from the great archive of photographs.” In this essay, Cole reflects on the associations that come to mind when he views Danny Lyon’s photograph “The Cotton Pickers.”   Read the full Story >>

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