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AI37 Jury

Damien Correll
Creative Director,Google
Jim Datz
Op-Ed Art Director,The New York Times
Alison Forner
Art Director,Simon & Schuster
Na Kim
Illustrator and Graphic Designer,Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Michael Mrak
Creative Director,Scientific American
Ivylise Simones
Design Director Platforms,WIRED
Phoebe Flynn Rich
Design Director,Rachael Ray Everyday

Designed by Na Kim

AP34 Jury

Roxanne Behr
Senior Photo Editor,New York Magazine
Siobhan Bohnacker
Senior Photo Editor,The New Yorker
Todd Heughens
Creative Director/SVP Print Design,FX Networks
Andrew Katz
Deputy Director Multimedia,TIME
Chelsea Matiash
Senior Photo Editor,The Intercept
Krista Prestek
Visuals Director,GQ and GQ Style
Matt Willey
Art Director,The New York Times Magazine

Designed by Matt Willey
Cover photos by Steven Voss and Marcus Yam

AI36 Jury

Deanna Donegan
Art Director,The New Yorker
Kayla E.
Editor-in-Chief, Designer,Nat. Brut
Francesco Izzo
Graphic Designer, Assoc. Art Director,Nautilus
Nathan Huang
Art Director,The New York Times
Jaya Miceli
Art Director, Graphic Designer,Simon and Schuster/Scribner
Matt Vee
Jing Wei
Illustration Director,Etsy

Designed by: Matt Vee
Interiors by: Merijn Hos

AP33 Jury

Kate Bubacz
Senior Photo Editor,BuzzFeed News
Jeff Campagna
Photo Editor,Smithsonian Magazine
Bailey Franklin
Director of Photography,Variety
Amy Kellner
Associate Photo Editor,The New York Times Magazine
Christopher Martinez
Digital Creative Director, VP,Barneys New York
MIchele Outland
Co-Founder, Creative Director,Gather Journal
Patrick Witty
Deputy Director of Photography,National Geographic

Designed by: Michele Outland
Cover by: Will Mebane

AI35 Jury

SooJin Buzelli
Creative Director,Asset International
Ken Delago
Creative Director,Golf Digest
David Sleight
Design Director,ProPublica
Matt Dorfman
Art Director,The New York Times Book Review
Lisa Kelsey
Design Director,Family Circle
Alissa Levin
Principal,Point Five Design
Marlene Szczesny
Art Director,The Wall Street Journal

Designed by: Matt Dorfman, Cover by: Benjamin Marra

AP32 Jury

Anna Alexander
Director of Photography ,WIRED
Florence Nash
Associate Photo Editor,People
Jennifer Miller
Photo Director,Condé Nast Traveler
Kelli Grant
Photo Editor,Yahoo News
Genevieve Fussell
Senior Photo Editor,The New Yorker
Sarah Filippi
Director of Photography ,Fast Company
Emily Shornick
Associate Photo Art Director,Tory Burch

Designed by: Caleb Bennett and Ben Grandgenett

AI34 Jury

Lindsay Ballant
Creative Director,Foreign Policy
Sarah Garcea
Art Director,Inc. Magazine
Walter Green
Art Director,Lucky Peach
Anne Ishii
Wyatt Mitchell
Creative Director,The New Yorker
Oliver Munday
Graphic Designer,Knopf/Pantheon Books
Eric Skillman
Graphic Designer,Criterion Collection

Designed by Eric Skillman
Cover Art by Ranee Henderson

AP31 Jury

Amy Pereira
Director of Photography,MSNBC
Jennifer Pastore
Photography Director,WSJ. Magazine
Marvin Orellana
Photo Editor,New York Magazine
Clinton Cargill
Director of Photography,Bloomberg Businessweek
Jacqueline Bates
Photography Director,California Sunday Magazine

Designed by Leo Jung

AI33 Jury

Steve Byram
Art Director,Screw Gun Records
Alex Spiro
Creative Director,Nobrow
Len Small
Art Director,Nautilus
Peter Morance
Art Director,The New York Times
Amy Hausmann
Deputy Director,MTA Arts for Transit & Urban Design
Marti Golon
Art Director,Reader's Digest
Chris Dixon
Creative Director,Vanity Fair

Cover by Daehyun Kim
Design by Len Small and Esther Wu

AP30 Jury

Jaspal Riyait
Art Director,Martha Stewart Living
Ayanna Quint
Director of Photography,Modern Farmer
Cory Jacobs
Curator,Gallery at Hermes
Wyatt Gallery
Karen Frank
Director of Photography,ESPN The Magazine
Jeff Dryer
Creative Director,Wieden + Kennedy
Natalie Matutschovsky
Photo Editor,TIME International
David Carthas
Director of Photography,Bloomberg Businessweek

Cover by David Butow
Design by Robert Newman

AI32 Jury

Sergio Baradat
Art Director,United Nations Postal Administration
Chad W. Beckerman
Creative Director,Abrams
Joele Cuyler
Art Director,Real Simple
Jennifer Daniel
Graphics Director,Bloomberg Businessweek
Grace Lee
Partner,Priest + Grace
Jordan Awan
Art Director,The New Yorker
Alexandra Zsigmond
Assistant Art Director,The New York Times, OpEd & Sunday Review

Cover by Jon Han
Design by Richard Turley

AP29 Jury

Antonio de Luca
Art Director,Self Publish, Be Happy
Sam Barzilay
Creative Director,United Photo Industries; Founder Photoville
MaryAnne Golon
Assistant Managing Editor and Photography Director,The Washington Post
Whitney Johnson
Photography Director,The New Yorker
Jody Quon
Director of Photography,New York
Casey Tierney
Photography Director,Real Simple

Cover by Christopher Griffith
Design by Robert Festino

AI31 Jury

Paul Sahre
Founder,Office of Paul Sahre (O.O.P.S.)
Veronica Reo
Art Producer,Young & Rubicam
Aviva Michaelov
Art Director,The New York Times Op-Ed
John Gall
Vice President and Art Director,Vintage/Anchor Books
Robert Festino
Creative Director,Men’s Health
Steven Charny
Senior Art Director,Rolling Stone
Jen Bekman
Founder,Jen Bekman Gallery

Cover by Zachary Zezima
Design by Office of Paul Sahre

AP28 Jury

Joanna Milter
Deputy Photo Editor,The New York Times Magazine
Whitney Lawson
Photo Editor,Travel + Leisure
Bill Black
Director of Photography,Reader's Digest
Scott Hall
Director of Photography,Newsweek
Paul Moakley
Deputy Photo Editor,TIME
Zana Woods
Director of Photography,Wired
Nathalie Kirsheh
Design Director,Details

Cover by Erwin Olaf
Design by Nathalie Kirsheh

AI30 Jury

Nicholas Blechman
The New York Times
Rachael Cole
Schwartz & Wade Books
Michael Ian Kaye
Mother Design
Todd Oldham
Todd Oldham Studio
D.W. Pine
David Saylor
Dean Sebring

Cover art by Olimpia Zagnoli
Designed by Nicholas Blechman and Naomi Mizusaki

AP27 Jury

Florian Bachleda
Fast Company
Craig Cohen
powerhouse Books
Geraldine Hessler
Gail Marowitz
Roadrunner Records
Michele McNally
The New York Times
Jodi Peckman
Rolling Stone
Chris Dougherty

Cover photograph by Torkil Gudnason
Designed by Antonio de Luca

AI29 Jury

Rodrigo Corral
Principal,Rodrigo Corral Design
Irene Galloe
Tor, Forge, & Starscape Books
Rob Hewitt
Principal,Curious Outsider Design Studio
Kory Kennedy
Design Director,Runner's World
Gail Marowitz
Creative Director,Roadrunner Records
Siung Tjia
Creative Director,ESPN The Magazine
Jason Treat
Art Director,The Atlantic

Cover by Sam Weber
Design by Rodrigo Corral Design

AP26 Jury

Gail Buckland
Author, Lecturer, Curator and Authority on Photography,
Scott Dadich
Creative Director,Wired
Janet Froelich
Creative Director,Real Simple
Luke Hayman
Steven Kasher
Owner,Steven Kasher Gallery
Michael Norseng
Photo Director,Esquire Magazine
Kira Pollack
Director of Photography,TIME

Cover by Christian Schmidt
Design by Dirk Barnett

AI28 Jury

Luis Blanco
Creative Director,INTERspectacular
Max Bode
Art Director,The New Yorker
Ken DeLago
Design Director,Golf Digest
Kelly Doe
Art Director,The New York Times
Matthew Lenning
Design Director,Bon Appétit
Mitch Nash
Art Director,Blue Q
Tina Strasberg
Design Director,Nickelodeon Magazine
Michael Uman
Creative Director,INTERspectacular

Cover by John Hendrix
Designed by Matthew Lenning

AP25 Jury

Kathy Ryan
Director of Photography,The New York Times Magazine, Jury Chair
Stacey Baker
Director of Photography,More
Jen Bekman
Founder,Jen Bekman Gallery
David Carthas
Director of Photography,Blender
Gary Koepke
Robert Priest
Design Director,Portfolio
Fred Woodward
Design Director,GQ

Designed by Fred Woodward and Rob Hewitt

AI27 Jury

Paul Buckley
Vice President Executive Creative Director,Penguin Group (USA)
Stacey D. Clarkson
Art Director,Harper's
Antonio De Luca
Creative Director,The Walrus
Angie Myung and Ted Vadakan
Designer and Principals,Poketo
Brian Rea
Art Director,Op-Ed page, The New York Times

Cover by Ted McGrath
Creative Direction and Design byOpen, N.Y.

AP24 Jury

Kathy Ryan
Photo Editor,The New York Times Magazine, Jury Chair
Tim Barber
Simon Barnett
Director of Photography,Newsweek
Sarah Hasted
Partner,Hasted Hunt Gallery
Catriona Ni Aolain
Director of Photography,ESPN The Magazine
Dora Somosi
Director of Photography,GQ
Susan Zadeh
Artistic Director,EYEMAZING International Photography Magazine

Cover by Plamen Petkov
Creative Direction and Design by Scott Dadich and Christy Sheppard

AI26 Jury

J.J. Sedelmaier
President,J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Jury Chair
SooJin Buzelli
Creative Director,Asset International
John Colquhoun
Creative Director,The Kaplan Thaler Group
Arem Duplessis
Art Director,The New York Times Magazine
Edel Rodriguez
Art Director,TIME

Cover by Evah Fan
Designed by Arem Duplessis and Gail Bichler

AP23 Jury

Kathy Ryan
Photo Editor,The New York Times Magazine, Jury Chair
Stephen Frailey
Chair, Photography Department, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program,School of Visual Arts
David Harris
Design Director,Vanity Fair
Lesley A. Martin
Executive Editor,Aperture Foundation
Stephen Mayes
COO Image Source (Americas), Secretary,World Press Photo
Greg Pond
Photo Editor,Fortune

Designed by Florian Bachleda, Alice Alves, Grace Martinez
Cover by Yael Ben-Zion

AI25 Jury

Florian Bachleda
Principal,FB Design, Jury Chair
Debra Bishop
Design Director,Martha Stewart Omnimedia
Luke Hayman
Design Director,New York Magazine
George Karabotsos
Design Director,Men's Health
Helene Silverman
Principal,Hello Studio

Designed by TROOPER with Tracy Boychuk, Jen Roddie and Ian Allen
Cover by Yuko Shimizu

AP22 Jury

Kathy Ryan
Photo Editor,The New York Times Magazine, Jury Chair
Vince Aletti
Author, Critic and Curator,
Peter Buchanan-Smith
Partner,Picturebox/The Ganzfeld
James Danziger
Owner,Danziger Projects
Jason Fulford
Partner,J+L Books

Designed by Luke Hayman, Partner, Pentagram
Cover by Raymond Meier

AI24 Jury

Christine Curry
Illustration Editor,The New Yorker, Jury Chair
Jean Ferrell
Art Director,The American Lawyer
Joe Kimberling
Art Director,Los Angeles
Hannah McCaughey
Art Director,Outside
Richard Winkler
Principal,Curios Pictures

Designed by Hannah McCaughey
Cover by David Hughes

AP21 Jury

Kathy Ryan
Photo Editor,The New York Times Magazine, Jury Chair
Kelly Doe
Principal,Kelly Doe Studio
Noel Hann
Creative Director,Leo Burnett
WM Hunt
Director of Photography,Ricco Maresca Gallery
Fiona McDonagh
Director of Photography,Entertainment Weekly
George Pitts
Director of Photography,LIFE
Jody Quon
Director of Photography,New York

Designed by Michael J. Walsh
Cover by Alessandra Petlin

AI23 Jury

Mark Murphy
Chairman, Principal,Murphy Design
Dirk Barnett
Design Director,Popular Science
Peter Buchanan-Smith
Partner,Picturebox/The Ganzfeld
Joe Dizney
Design Director,The Wall Street Journal
James Hughes
Editor,The Broken Wrist Project
Linda Simensky
Senior Director of Children's Programming,PBS
DJ Stout

Designed by Peter Buchanan-Smith
Cover by David Sandlin

AP20 Jury

Kathy Ryan
Chairman, Photo Editor,The New York Times Magazine
Dennis Freedman
Creative Director,W Magazine
Nancy Jo Iacoi
Director of Photography,Esquire Magazine
Daniel Power
Publisher,powerHouse Books
Jay Colton
Photo Editor,TIME Magazine
Todd Waterbury
Creative Director,Wieden & Kennedy

Designed by Kelly Doe
Cover by Paolo Ventura

AI22 Jury

Fred Woodward
Chairman, Design Director,GQ
Agnethe Glatved
Art Director,Town and Country
Steven Guarnaccia
Art Director,The New York Times Op-Ed page
Mark Murphy
Principal,Murphy Design
J.J. Sedelmaier
President,J.J. Sedelmaier Productions
Minh Uong
Art Director,The VIllage Voice

Covers by Esther Watson and Mark Todd
Designed by Mark Murphy

AP19 Jury

Kathy Ryan
Chairman, Photo Editor,The New York Times Magazine
Gregory Crewdson
Graduate Photo Deptartment,Yale University
David Friend
Editor Creative Development,Vanity Fair
John Fulbrook III
Art Director,Scribner Publishing
Melissa Harris
Editor-in-Chief,Aperture Magazine
Laurie Kratochvil
Director of Photography,InStyle Magazine

Designed by Office of Paul Sahre
Cover by Anthony Gordon

AI21 Jury

Fred Woodward
Chairman, Design Director,GQ
Mark Kingsley
Principal,Greenberg Kingsley
Louise Kollenbaum
Creative Director,
Deanna Lowe
Art Director,Worth Magazine
Sharon Okamoto
Art Director,On Magazine
Owen Phillips
Illustration Editor,The New Yorker

Designed by Gail Anderson and Gary Montalvo, Spot Co.
Cover by Robert Risko

AP18 Jury

Gary Koepke
Chariman, Principal,Modernista!
Chris Dougherty
Photo Editor,New York Magazine
Arturo Gigante
Art Director,Ogilvy & Mather
Sarah Harbutt
Director of Photography,Newsweek Magazine
Nik Kleinberg
Director of Photography,ESPN The Magazine
Michelle McNally
Photo Editor,Fortune Magazine

Designed by John Korpics, Design Director, Esquire magazine Cover by Catherine Ledner

AI20 Jury

Fred Woodward
Chairman,Rolling Stone
Matthew Duntemann
Creative Director,Noggin
Drew Hodges
Creative Director,Spot Design/Spot Co.
Frank Tagariello
Art Director,Bloomberg Personal Finance
Michael J. Walsh
Creative Director,Harry N. Abrams. Inc.

Designed by Robert Priest and Peter B. Cury, Priest Media Cover by Christoph Niemann

AP17 Jury

Gary Koepke
Chariman, Principal,Modernista!
Marvin Scott Jarrett
Founding Editor,Nylon Magazine
Charles Melcher
Publisher,Melcher Media
Alison Morley
Photo Editor,Jam Pictures
Tracy Boychuk
Creative Director,RCA Records

Designed by Stefan G. Bucher, 344 Design, LLC
Cover by Craig Cutler