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Raquel Aparicio


Designed by: Caleb Bennett and Ben Grandgenett


Designed by: Matt Dorfman, Cover by: Benjamin Marra

PPD Master Series: Film, Music and the Art of Storytelling with Charley Voorhis

"Life is full of fleeting moments that shape us and give us perspective on what it means to be alive," writes Wenatchee, Washington-based filmmaker Charley Voorhis, whose work includes videos on topics ranging from the wild nature of Yellowstone National Park to the migration of salmon in the Columbia River and craftspeople working at their trades. In today's Pro Photo Daily Masters Series Sponsored by Tamron, Voorhis talks about his career, which started with shooting weddings and promotional videos and now includes work for clients like Microsoft, PBS, and the Discovery Channel.

Spotlight: Eric Ogden's "Nocturne" of Fear

Photographer and filmmaker Eric Ogden was named a winner of the International Motion Art Awards for his comic short "The Call," in which actress Anna Kendrick improvises her way through four minutes as a loveably bored receptionist. Ogden, who we Profiled last year, went on to create another short, and it couldn't be more different from his earlier film: Called "Nocturne," it is a mysterious meditation on modern fears, from terrorist attacks to reality-TV presidential politics, constructed from archival Cold War-era film footage and radio recordings. We feature it today.

Design Omnibus: Roosevelt Island

Except for a couple of Saturdays in late April, when its rows of cherry trees are a draw for hoards of Japanese residents and tourists, Roosevelt Island seems like a sleepy suburb of the Upper East Side. Ten minutes by tram from East 59th Street, the 2-mile-long sliver of land in the East River is also home to a monument to our 32nd president.   Four Freedoms Park, which opened in 2012, is a hauntingly beautiful space shaped by colossal slabs of granite sculpted into a wedge-shaped mass t...

Dispatches from Latin America: Peru's Changing Landscapes

Peru’s modern geographical landscape is as complex as its politics, with a rapid economic expansion that has nonetheless left almost half the population in the bottom socioeconomic class, notes Times LightBox, which features photographer Eduardo Hirose's images of a country in the throes of transformation. Hirose has spent the last three years documenting everything from from Lima’s skyscrapers to the maze of mines in Pasco and Cajamarca. 

Illustrator Profile - David Cowles: "I've always preferred drawing people instead of objects"

David Cowles is a Rochester, New York-based illustrator, master caricaturist, animator, and teacher. His distinctive, colorful, graphic portraits have graced the pages of countless consumer magazines and newspapers. A former newspaper art director, Cowles brings a consistently smart graphic and editorial focus to his work, whether it's his many caricatures or more conceptual illustrations. In addition to his print work, Cowles has created a large body of brilliant animated work, for clients such as They Might Be Giants and Sesame Street.