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What We Learned This Week: Photographers Vs. Social Media

Are we reaching a social media tipping point? This week we spotlighted a blog post by Justin Mott, a photographer based in Thailand and Vietnam, detailing why he's tired of being a slave to social media. "At 40 years old, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I can be slightly guilty of spending too much time on my phone. However, in the past few years, I'm more apt to reading a book rather than aimlessly browsing my phone and it feels damn good," Mott wrote. Following social media photo trends, he added, could ruin your own art. Apparently, Mott isn't alone in his growing ambivalence toward Instagram, et al.

How To: Create Better Gimbal Shots, Zhoosh Up Food, Motivate Your Camera ... and More

Does your food need zhooshing up? That is, could you do with a few tips on styling stylish eats for a food shoot? If so, you're in luck, because that's one of the motion art tutorials we have gathered today. You'll also learn four ideas for making your gimbal shots more creative, what you absolutely need to buy if you're a beginner filmmaker, what you need to know before you start shooting under water, and how to keep Instagram from ruining your videos, You'll also find an entire collection of DIY projects and five filmmaking projects that will improve your work.

Preview: The Art Show, The Armory Show, and Beyond

Just a week away, the first of the spring art fairs will turn New York City into a destination for globe-trekking art lovers. Starting with The Art Dealers Association of America’s [ADDA] Art Show, now in its 31st edition, once again takes over the Park Avenue Armory’s massive Drill. Among the public events are an Upper East Side Gallery Walk on Saturday, March 3, from noon to 3pm; an opportunity to meet some of the artists whose work is on view; and a screening of the film Rackstr...

Spotlight: Alfredo Esparza Examines Lands Once "Conquered" by Humans

Alfredo Esparza's photography career is tied to pecan trees. Esparza, who is based in Torreon, Mexico, is a teacher and curator, as well as a professional photographer. But, he notes, the one job that gives him "economic tranquility" is pruning pecan trees. "During the pruning season, we move through vast territories of my country," he says. While traveling, he began paying attention to areas once "conquered" by humans, used and then abandoned due to overexploitation of resources. The result is his series "Terra Nullius," a winner of the Latin American Fotografia 7 competition.

American Photography Open 2018: Meet the Winner, Zay Yar Lin

Meet the winner of the American Photography Open 2018 contest: Zay Yar Lin of Sanchaung township, Yangon, Myanmar. Zay Yar's winning image was "Mending Fishing Nets," a beautifully composed photograph shot in a fishing village in Xiapu County, Fujian Province, China. "I was shocked," said Zay Yar when he was told he had won the first-ever American Photography Open competition - a contest open to any photographer at any level using any type of gear.

The SONY a9: What the Pros Have to Say

"Eventually you knew it had to happen. Sooner or later cameras would get so good at what they did that basically your job as a photographer would be to look for interesting things to shoot and then try not to get in the camera's way as it did it's thing capturing them. I mean, imagine if a camera had pretty much flawless exposure capability, flawless focusing and could fire and focus so fast it never missed a frame?" So writes Jeff Wignall in todays Street Test of the Sony a9 full-frame mirrorless camera. Sony Artisans of Imagery Katrin Eisman, Andy Katz, and Pat Murphy-Racey join in with their takes on the 24.2-megapixel camera that has caused an uproar in the photo industry.