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Adrian Mangel


Designed by: Caleb Bennett and Ben Grandgenett


Designed by: Matt Dorfman, Cover by: Benjamin Marra

What We're Reading: The Photographs Khadija Saye Left Behind

It is difficult to see Khadija Saye's spiritual last images as anything but prescient. So notes Nigerian writer Emmanuel Iduma in a tribute to Save at Hyperallergic. The artist died in the Grenfell Tower fire in west London on June 14, and as a memorial to her and all the victims of the disaster the Tate Britain museum is displaying a print from Saye's final series, "Dwelling: in this space we breathe." Her work has also been on view at the Diaspora Pavilion of this year's Venice Biennale. Along with Iduma's memorial, a number of artists and curators recently remembered Save for The Art Newspaper.

Spotlight: A Romp Inside The Puzzling World of Skittles

Before you can taste the rainbow, you have to solve the rainbow: That, more or less, is the premise behind a spec commercial for Skittles created by Brooklyn-based director, editor, and special-effects artist Eren Gulfidan. The ad, which features Lloyd Kaufman - founder of Troma, the independent film production company responsible for cult-favorite horror films including "The Toxic Avenger" and "Class of Nuke 'Em High" - turns a Rubik's Cube competition into surreal candy encounter. "I've always loved Skittles commercials for their bizarre humor," says Gulfidan, a past winner of the International Motion Art Awards.

The DART Board: 07.19.2017

Talks / Book Events / Protestb / Screenings / and Beyond Wednesday, July 19-Sunday, July 23 Comic-Com International San Diego. San Diego Convention Center, CA Info Wednesday, July 19 Exhibition as Image | Art Through the Camera’s Eye, 7 pm. Mini/Goethe-Institut Curatorial, 38 Ludlow Street, NY, NY Info Christian Marclay and Okkyung Lee | Small Sphere and Heavy Sphere, 8 pm. Whitney Museum of American Art, 99 Gansevoort Street, NY, NY Info Additional performences, July 20, 21. © ...

Mexican Horsemen by Anja Bruehling

The sport is a living history, notes Anja Bruehling: "During the Charreada -- contemporary Mexican rodeo -- contending teams show off ranching skills," she says. "Horses are agile, well-tempered and execute the commands of their charros, who wear traditional riding suite and wide-brimmed sombreros as part of the cultural iconography like bronco riding and roping." Bruehling, a documentary photographer based in Chicago, has worked in more than 70 countries, documenting diverse cultures. Her images of Mexican horsemen earned her a spot among the winners of the Latin American Fotografia 5 competition. We feature the series today.

Illustrator Profile - Dan Bejar: "Believe in your work and trust what your voice is trying to say"

Dan Bejar is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and artist. His illustrations are primarily monotypes on paper, and his smart, conceptual editorial work appears consistently in numerous publications. Bejar says that "illustration is about communication with images," and to that end he has also created vibrant artwork in a variety of mediums, whose purpose is "to critique and question the roles that history, place and identity play in the construction of systemic power." This work has been included in a wide array of group and solo exhibits.

The SONY a9: What the Pros Have to Say

"Eventually you knew it had to happen. Sooner or later cameras would get so good at what they did that basically your job as a photographer would be to look for interesting things to shoot and then try not to get in the camera's way as it did it's thing capturing them. I mean, imagine if a camera had pretty much flawless exposure capability, flawless focusing and could fire and focus so fast it never missed a frame?" So writes Jeff Wignall in todays Street Test of the Sony a9 full-frame mirrorless camera. Sony Artisans of Imagery Katrin Eisman, Andy Katz, and Pat Murphy-Racey join in with their takes on the 24.2-megapixel camera that has caused an uproar in the photo industry.