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The Archive

Sarah Ferone


Designed by: Caleb Bennett and Ben Grandgenett


Designed by: Matt Dorfman, Cover by: Benjamin Marra

Media Watch: When Will Google and Facebook Act Like Media Companies?

It's time for Google to start acting like a media company. So says Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, the world's biggest advertising holding company. Sorrell stated his opinion is the wake of a recent advertising boycott of YouTube by a number of brands - including The Guardian, L'Oreal, and UK government-funded organizations such as the Home Office, BBC, and Royal Navy - after their ads were found appearing next to inappropriate, and in some cases extremist content. The boycott may be having an effect. Meanwhile, a photographer found herself banned from Facebook over pictures of naked mannequins.

State of the Art: 5 Virtual Reality Films You Should See Now

The grammar of virtual reality is still being written and debates over best practices can be heated, notes Time LightBox, which has begun a new series features VR work. The initial selections include five films, including Graham Sack’s Lincoln in the Bardo  and Bashir’s Dream  from Huffington Post/Ryot. One big question facing filmmakers as VR goes mainstream: What is VR? “[T]here’s no consensus over what qualifies as virtual reality,” adds Time. “For some, it’s any 360 degrees world that you can enter via a headset. Others argue that the audience needs to have more agency than merely looking around.”

The Q&A: Nancy Liang

Q: Originally from Sydney, Australia, what are some of your favorite things about living and working in your current locale? A: Some of my favorite things in Sydney includes the architecture and culture. It does not have a particular style, rather being a mix of old and new. As such, this makes it very interesting as you explore the city. In regards to my current location, I live far west from the city in a sleepy suburbia nestled between hills and bushland. Life is slow and quiet around me, as...

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Photographer Profile - Joan Allen: "I think it's time to get back to work"

Last May 13, Los Angeles-based photographer Joan Allen's mother passed away at age 81. Since 2009, Allen had been both helping to care for her mother, who had Alzheimer's Disease, while putting her photography career on hold. But she never stopped taking pictures. Throughout those years, Allen was also creating a photographic record of her mother and their days together - work was featured in the American Photography 32 annual. Now she is looking forward to a new phase in her photographic life.

The Pentax K1: Fantastic Feature-Filled Full Frame

In which we send photographer Jeff Wignall into the land off full-frame files and solid ergonomic features with the Ricoh Pentax K1. Find out why this flagship camera adds lots of innovation (and value) to the legendary Pentax camera line.