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M. Scott Mahaskey


Designed by Matt Willey
Cover photos by Steven Voss and Marcus Yam


Designed by Na Kim

Exhibitions: Joel Sartore's Photo Ark, Now at the Annenberg Space for Photography

In 2007, National Geographic photographer and Fellow Joel Sartore photographed the last remaining creature of her kind at the Oregon Zoo in Portland: "Bryn," a Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit. Her death in 2008 meant the end of her genetic line. That portrait, like thousands of others of animal species in human care from around the world, is part of Sartore's Photo Ark project, an ambitious, multi-year effort to shoot studio-quality portraits of every species living in the world's zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. The work is now on view at Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. See it before it's too late.

Screening Room: Human Stories From Central America

"Gentle and dreamlike, yet present and unflinching." That is how Short of the Week describes a new documentary called "Shelter: Human Stories from Central America." Director Matthew K. Firpo describes his his 14-minute film as "a quiet look at lives on the line." In it, he allows Central American migrants and asylum seekers searching for a better life in the north to tell their own stories, many of which are wrenching. Made with a crew of five with donated gear, the film attests "to a universal desire for simple things-family, safety, opportunity," adds SOTW. We spotlight it today.

The DART Board: 11.20.2018

This week I’m giving thanks for some extra time for breathing, seeing, and feeling the NYC vibe. So for this holiday week DART Board, join me on a tour of not to miss art shows. DOWNTOWN Bianca Beck | Body Double, through December 23. Rachel Uffner, 170 Suffolk Street, NY, NY Info Rachel Mica Weiss | Limits, through December 21.  LMAKGallery, 298 Grand Street, Ny, NY Info Rachel Mica Weiss, Installation view, courtyard gallery; continuing at LMAK Richard Bernstein | Fame, A re...

Spotlight: Sandra Cattaneo Adorno Captures a Stormy Day in Rio

It was not a typical day on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. "The sea was very rough and the undertow was very strong. The bathers were hesitating to get into the sea," recalls photographer Sandra Cattaneo Adorno. On the other hand, what wasn't good for swimmers was very good for the photographer. "A thick mist hung over the beach and was colored by the light of the sunset," she says of the photo she shot, which was named a winner of the Latin American Fotografia 6 competition. Another of Adorno's photos, a portrait shot in London's Sloan Square, was also named a winner.

American Photography Open 2018: Meet the Winner, Zay Yar Lin

Meet the winner of the American Photography Open 2018 contest: Zay Yar Lin of Sanchaung township, Yangon, Myanmar. Zay Yar's winning image was "Mending Fishing Nets," a beautifully composed photograph shot in a fishing village in Xiapu County, Fujian Province, China. "I was shocked," said Zay Yar when he was told he had won the first-ever American Photography Open competition - a contest open to any photographer at any level using any type of gear.

The SONY a9: What the Pros Have to Say

"Eventually you knew it had to happen. Sooner or later cameras would get so good at what they did that basically your job as a photographer would be to look for interesting things to shoot and then try not to get in the camera's way as it did it's thing capturing them. I mean, imagine if a camera had pretty much flawless exposure capability, flawless focusing and could fire and focus so fast it never missed a frame?" So writes Jeff Wignall in todays Street Test of the Sony a9 full-frame mirrorless camera. Sony Artisans of Imagery Katrin Eisman, Andy Katz, and Pat Murphy-Racey join in with their takes on the 24.2-megapixel camera that has caused an uproar in the photo industry.