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Lynn Pauley


Designed by: Caleb Bennett and Ben Grandgenett


Designed by: Matt Dorfman, Cover by: Benjamin Marra

What We Learned This Week: Magnum's Outside Investor and Pay-to-Play Travel Photos

How can a venerable photo agency grow in the modern world? This week we learned that for the first time in its 70-year history, Magnum Photos is taking on an outside investor. The capital injection comes from Nicole Junkermann and Jorg Mohaupt, who have previously financed technology ventures. The pair will join the board of what will be named Magnum Global Ventures in a deal designed to help Magnum grow in an ever-changing digital landscape. Meanwhile, we also learned that pro photographers will have to get a license to shoot iconic sites in India. And everyone will have to pay to shoot in Lauguna Beach, CA.

Spotlight: "Farm Time" In Rhode Island, by David Wells

Life isn't necessarily easy for farmers Catherine Mardosa and Matt Tracy of Red Planet Vegetables in Johnston, Rhode Island. But as Providence-based filmmaker and photographer (and PPD Reader) David Wells shows in his short documentary "Farm Time (A Year on the Farm with Red Planet Vegetables)," the work is rewarding beyond measure. Created over the course of four seasons and finished in March 2016, the video was shot initially for the Edible Rhody magazine but later expanded and was chosen as an Official Selection for the 2017 NHdocs festival. We feature the piece today along with Wells's account of making it. .

Lisa Brown's Sketchbooks

Today DART launches the 2017 Summer Invitational: Pimp Your Sketchbook, in which artists show their personal work and open a window onto their creative process. We begin with Lisa Brown, who lives and works in San Francisco and just can’t stop drawing. My resolution for 2014 was to jumpstart my art practice. My rules were as follows: post one drawing, in any degree of completion, on my Tumblr page for every single day of the year. (I didn’t need to draw the piece on the day o...

In Focus: Winners of the Latin American Pictures of the Year Contest

Photojournalism is thriving in Latin America. That's the takeaway from the biannual Latin American Pictures of the Year competition, which recently announced the winners of its 2017 edition. Portuguese photographer Daniel Rodrigues was named Ibero-American Photographer of the Year for his a series about mistreatment of albinos in Mozambique and other work. Federico Rios's project on FARC guerrillas in Colombia took first place for News Series. Latin American Fotografia winner Peter Bauza's series on squatters in Rio de Janeiro won first place in the Daily Life Series category.

Illustrator Profile - Federica Del Proposto: "Look for your own vision of the world"

Federica Del Proposto is an illustrator and artist based in Milan and Paris. Her delightfully charming illustrations have appeared in publications in Europe and the U.S., as well as in corporate and advertising projects. Del Proposto works simply; she says, "My favorite mediums are pencils and fine-liners-I love them." In addition to travel guides and annual reports, she created the poster for New York City's River to River Festival.