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How To: Improve the Quality of Your Videos, Shoot Pro Timelapse With a Phone, Shoot Product Commercials, and More

By David Schonauer   Tuesday June 2, 2020

Shooting video can be daunting. Even for experienced photographers. Creating video requires careful control of a variety of elements, from lighting and exposure to editing and storytelling, creating video requires car. You can pick up some insights on improving the quality of your filmmaking in a new video from YouTubers Becki and Chris, one of the tutorials we feature in today's roundup. You ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Florian Ledoux's "I Am Vital" Sends a Message About Climate Change

By David Schonauer   Thursday May 21, 2020

Look around, and what do you see? Water, probably. "Around our planet, it appears in many forms, liquid, gas or solid," says filmmaker Florian Ledoux. Most of our planet's fresh water is the solid kind. "Almost 70 percent of the freshwater on our planet is held within glaciers and ice-sheets," Ledoux says. "We take water for granted, even though it is something we ...   Read the full Story >>

Trending: The First Great Zoom Music Video

By David Schonauer   Tuesday May 19, 2020

Maybe you've been using Zoom for virtual cocktail hours. The indie folk-rock band Thao & the Get Down Stay Down has gone much farther, using the video-conferencing app to create what The Washington Post recently called "the first great Zoom music video." With its tour paused and everyone stuck at home, the Oakland-based band decided to shoot a music video for its new ...   Read the full Story >>

Trending: How Filmmakers Capture the Empty Streets of Amsterdam, San Francisco, and NYC

By David Schonauer   Wednesday April 22, 2020

Can you make a dynamic film in a city lacking dynamism? The answer is yes. With the coronavirus outbreak, the streets of the world's major cities went empty. Once filled with the sight and sounds of chaotic, bustling life, they now are uncanny scenes -- devoid of people, abandoned stages waiting for the next act to begin. Still photographers, fittingly, have been documenting the ...   Read the full Story >>

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