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Spotlight: Eric Ogden's "Nocturne" of Fear

By David Schonauer   Monday May 15, 2017

Photographer and filmmaker Eric Ogden was named a winner of the International Motion Art Awards for his comic short "The Call," in which actress Anna Kendrick improvises her way through four minutes as a loveably bored receptionist. Ogden, who we Profiled last year, went on to create another short, and it couldn't be more different from his earlier film: Called "Nocturne," it is ...   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Zacuto's Ultra-Adjustable Zgrip Trigger

nofilmschool   Thursday May 18, 2017

Zacuto’s new Zgrip Trigger  can achieve single-handed 360-degree rotation with the simple press of a trigger, notes NoFilmSchool, which calls the device the most adjustable grip on the market. “Its design allows you to flip it down for a low, rock-solid handgrip or raise it up for a more Aaton-style position. You can also quickly flip it all the way up to set your camera flat on the ground or for storing in a case,” adds the blog. Zacuto has designed Zgrip Triggers for the Canon C-Series, Sony FS7 and FS7 II, rosette-based grips, and a standard grip.    Read the full Story >>

On View: A Surfing Photographer Balances Work and Family

Vimeo   Thursday May 18, 2017

“The dream was to go on a surf trip. We all wanted to go travel. Once you get a taste of it, you can’t get enough of it,” says renowned surfing photographer D.J. Struntz in the short documentary Fighting Water, from director Evan Vetter and Brooklyn-based cinematographer Matt Batchelor. Struntz lived his dream as a staff photographer for Surfing magazine for almost 15 years, traveling the world to shoot the world’s best surfers. He later came to realize his dream was a “selfish pursuit.”   Read the full Story >>

How To: Stabilize Your Camera Without the Right Gear

Aputure   Thursday May 18, 2017

Over the past few years the video market has been flooded with camera stabilizers, and for a good reason — they can drastically they can improve the quality of your footage. But what happens when you find yourself without a stabilizer at hand? In a new Aputure tutorial Ted Sim shows you six hacks for stabilizing you camera without the right gear, including the “pseudo-slider” (you’ll need a GorillaPod and a slider) and the “twine tripod” (a shoelace will do). See DIY Photography  for more.   Read the full Story >>

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