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Spotlight: Photographer Ami Vitale Teams With Dave Matthews to Save Elephants

By David Schonauer   Wednesday May 23, 2018

Rocker Dave Matthews wants to save elephants from poachers. So does photographer Ami Vitale. The two recently teamed to make a short film at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya, the first community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa. Filled with astonishing landscapes and images of orphaned young elephants being readied for release into the wild, the film is an uplifting look at an ...   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: How Blockchain Will Change Filmmaking

nofilmschool   Thursday May 24, 2018

Will blockchain  technology change filmmaking? As a part of the International Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival, the UK Film Centre  attempted to answer that question, reports NoFilmSchool. Blockchain, noted panelists including Dan Hyman, VP of Finance at SingularDTV, offers a way to store data in a decentralized fashion and could allow for a more transparent return of revenue and royalties.    Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Meet the Happiest Guy in the World

The New York Times   Thursday May 24, 2018

Vacation never ends for Mario Salcedo, subject of a short documentary at The New York Times’s OpDocs series. Salcedo has been living aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships for the past two decades; as filmmaker Lane Oppenheim notes, he’s part of cruising subculture who live permanently at sea. Short of the Week  calls the film “the perfect cross section of an interesting protagonist and impressive craft.”   Read the full Story >>

How To: Use Shutter Speed Creatively in Your Film Work

Cinecon   Thursday May 24, 2018

One way to get the “cinema” look in your film is to set your shutter speed at double the inverse of your frame rate (often 24fps), which produces a natural motion blur that most viewers are used to. But you can get more creative, notes Jordy Vandeput of Cinecon in a new tutorial. He shares five ways to experiment with shutter speed, including tips for shooting time lapse and slow motion.   Read the full Story >>

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