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In Focus: Winners of the Latin American Pictures of the Year Contest

By David Schonauer   Saturday June 17, 2017

Photojournalism is thriving in Latin America. That's the takeaway from the biannual Latin American Pictures of the Year competition, which recently announced the winners of its 2017 edition. Portuguese photographer Daniel Rodrigues was named Ibero-American Photographer of the Year for his a series about mistreatment of albinos in Mozambique and other work. Federico Rios's project on FARC guerrillas in Colombia took first ...   Read the full Story >>

Latin American Fotografia: Silvia Andrade's "The Oracle"

By David Schonauer   Monday June 12, 2017

Science and emotion mix in Silvia Andrade's series "The Oracle." She says the work, a winner of the Latin American Fotografia 5 competition, is based on the "I Ching," an ancient Chinese divination text. "I created the photographs for freedom from my demons, or to better my dreams," she says. "In 2005 I had some personal difficulties, and I need to return to ...   Read the full Story >>

Ze Barretta Captures Housing Occupations In Brazil

By David Schonauer   Thursday June 1, 2017

Photojournalist Ze Barretta's photos capture an upheaval in Brazil: In recent years, Barretta notes, social movements demanding decent housing have gained strength in the country. The issue came to the fore again with the downfall of Brazilian president Dilma Roussef - a development, Barretta says, that has put at risk social programs that gave hope to the poor in Brazil. Her photographs of housing ...   Read the full Story >>

Dispatches from Latin America: Peru's Changing Landscapes

TIME LightBox   Tuesday May 23, 2017

Peru’s modern geographical landscape is as complex as its politics, with a rapid economic expansion that has nonetheless left almost half the population in the bottom socioeconomic class, notes Times LightBox, which features photographer Eduardo Hirose's images of a country in the throes of transformation. Hirose has spent the last three years documenting everything from from Lima’s skyscrapers to the maze of mines in Pasco and Cajamarca.    Read the full Story >>

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