Honor Roll: World Press Photo Announces Latest 6X6 Talent Program Winners

By David Schonauer   Thursday September 12, 2019

Today, a spotlight on new talent:

The World Press Photo Foundation has announced the six photographers chosen for the second round of its 6X6 Talent Program in South America. Launched in 2017, the program spotlights under-recognized visual storytellers from six different regions around the world — Southeast Asia and Oceania; South America; Europe; Africa; North and Central America; and Asia.

Each full cycle of the 6x6 program focuses on one region at a time over the course of two years. For each region, an international community of nominators puts forward visual storytellers that deserve larger recognition for their work. From the nominees’ submitted portfolios, a selection committee picks six. The selection committee includes Lars Boering, managing director of the World Press Photo Foundation; Veronica Cordeiro, curator and writer (Brazil); Joana Toro, photographer (Colombia); Francois Laso, photographer, researcher and lecturer (Ecuador); and Ros Boisier, researcher, editor (Chile).

(Go here to find out more about the nomination and selection process.)

“The 6x6 program is not a contest, but a way to highlight talent around the world. There are no categories, and the six individuals from each region are not ranked or awarded individual prizes. Instead, their work is recognized, published and shared with World Press Photo’s global audience," notes the organization.

You can go here to see the photographers selected from all six region during the first cycle of the program. The second cycle will be completed in 2021. Below are the six talents from South American chosen in this round:

1. Johanna Andrea Alarcón Alvarez (Ecuador)

A photojournalist and graphic designer, her work focuses on social, cultural, human rights and gender issues. She is a member of Fluxus Foto, Native Agency, Woman Photograph, and the Photographic Humanity Museum. Her series “Cimarrona” explores the African spirituality alive in Ecuador by portraying and documenting the women who preserve these ancestral practices.

2. Andrés Cardona Cruz (Colombia)

His work, which includes documenting illegal groups in the Amazon rainforest and the life of refugees and people displaced from the conflict, aims to help build and rebuild the historical memory of the inhabitants and conflict survivors in Latin America. His series “Wreck Family” is a personal interpretation of the effects of the armed conflict in his own family.

3. Felipe Jácome (Ecuador)

After finishing his studies at the London School of Economics, Jácome has focused his photography work on human mobility and human rights issues, particularly in his series “Caminantes: The Venezuelan Exodus.”

4. Prin Rodriguez (Peru)

Based in Lima, Peru, Prin Rodriguez is a photographer and co-founder of the Pariacaca Collective. Her interest in photography is linked to the representation of identity and family legacy. Rodriguez is part of the VII Mentor Program and was also a finalist of V Salón de Fotografía of Peru.

5. Liz Tasa Palomino (Peru)

Liz Tasa Palomino has worked as a photojournalist in different media in Peru, including Diario El Comercio and Correo. She has developed several documentary projects that revolve around social exclusion, racism, and human rights issues. She says her series "Kápar" seeks to "narrate visually, through analogies between the earth and the wounds, the physical and psychological consequences of the victims of forced sterilization” that occurred in Peru under former president Alberto Fujimori.

6. Marcos Zegers (Chile)

Marcos Zegers’ documentary focuses on geopolitical and territorial conflicts. His long-term work on the Atacama Desert was awarded in the environmental category of Picture of The Year (POY) Latam in 2019.
At top (top row, from left): Andrés Cardona Cruz; Prin Rodriguez; Felipe Jacome; (bottom row, from left): Liz Tasa Palomino; Johanna Andrea Alarcón Alvarez; Marcos Zegers


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