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American Photography 37


Presenting the year's best photography collection in hardcover that exemplifies the power, emotion, advocacy and action from 2020. Order your discount copy here.


Under the creative direction and design by Richard Baker, Inc. Magazine, American Photography 37 comes in a foil-debossed slipcase box. The front cover photo detail is by Mark Peterson, originally shot for New York Magazine. The back cover photo is by Mark Griffin Champion.


Showcasing the finest photographers who captured the pain, sacrifice, solace, beauty and outrage that was the relentless 2020 news cycle for top publications and agencies, AP37 is elegantly produced one image or story per page, with many full-bleed double trucks. 

See all the AP37 winning images in The ARCHIVE.


At 400 pages, AP37 includes 416 images selected by our jury of photo and design experts:

Arem Duplessis, Jury Chair, Group Creative Director, Apple Inc.  
Brian Bantog, Design Director, Nike  
Stella Blackmon, Photo Editor, New York Magazine  
Jane Clark, Photography Director, AARP Media;  
Vida Cornelious, Executive Creative Director, T Brand Studio/The New York Times  
Leslie dela Vega, Director of Visuals, OZY Media  
Natalia Jiménez, Picture Editor, The Washington Post  
Gianmaria Schonlieb, Creative Director, Lyft  
Philip Brian Tabuas, Photo Editor, Bloomberg News  
Ronda Thompson, Web Design Consultant, Bed Bath and Beyond


American Photography 37. To have and to hold. 

After our big, triumphant book launch in November, we expected to receive the quantity of books from the printer in Hong Kong in December. Arrival was then pushed to January, and then on the 14th we got a call from the freight forwarder and “our hearts kinda sank.” 

We were notified, in characteristically dull language, that the MADRID BRIDGE, the ship carrying our books, experienced a container collapse while crossing the North Atlantic and some 60 containers went overboard. Another 80 containers were damaged. 

[In another strange twist of fate, the same vessel was also carrying the AI40 books that had been printed in Singapore, go figure].

The damaged ship was rerouted from NY to Charleston for inspection and that's when the waiting game really took hold. Week after week the ETA in Port of NY was delayed and pushed back, with no word on the status of the cargo.

Fast forward to March 1st, our ship finally arrived, but still with no confirmation if our books were safe on board or lost at sea. We played along and followed routine customs clearance procedures, sent our trucking company to the warehouse in NJ to pick up, and voila, our books were there!

We’re happy to say we have received them and ready to finally fulfill your order. Now, please bear with us, as Amazon we ain’t. Mauricio and I alone with wrap, pack and ship as fast as we can, so we appreciate even more of your patience and understanding.

Thanks so much for holding on with us as we sorted through this bizarre maritime ordeal. There are certainly much more serious things happening in the world right now, but we are very relieved and excited to get the American Photography 37 book, showcasing the best work from 2020 out into the world and into your hands.


Designed by Pablo Delcan
Cover by Jamie Chung and Patrick Cox


Designed by Pablo Delcan
Cover by Nicole Rifkin