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Tech News: DaVinci Resolve's Massive Version 18.5 Update is Now Available

PetaPixel   Monday July 31, 2023

Blackmagic has released the DaVinci Resolve version 18.5 update, which adds more than 150 new features to the popular video editing platform. Among the updates aimed at speeding workflow: multiple timeline display and improvements, edit actions, and a reorganized toolbar) Blackmagic has also added support for Blackmagic Cloud Presentations and leveraged the DaVinci Neural Engine to create subtitles from audio, notes PetaPixel.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: He Captured the Famed Surfboard-Stealing Sea Otter

KTVU   Monday July 31, 2023

Sana Cruz, California-based photographer Mark Woodward was covering a Juneteenth celebration when he first noticed a fearless sea otter edging close to surfers and stealing their boards. A video of the encounter shared on Woodward's Twitter account, @NativeSantaCruz, went viral, and over the next few weeks he returned to take photos of the suddenly famous creature as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife attempted to capture her. "The media outpouring this time has blown me away," Woodward told KTVU.   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: Tech Firms Sign White House Pledge to Identify AI-Generated Images

The New York Times   Monday July 31, 2023

The White House recently announced that seven of the most influential companies building artificial intelligence have agreed to a voluntary pledge to mitigate the risks of the emerging technology. The companies — which include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta and Chat GPT-maker OpenAI — pledged to “watermark” images, video or text created by artificial intelligence and also vowed to allow independent security experts to test their systems before they are released to the public. The commitments mark the Biden White House’s most significant action to date to address the threat of AI, noted The New York Times.   Read the full Story >>

Art News: Melania Trump's NFT Drop Defies NASA Rules

Decrypt   Monday July 31, 2023

Former First Lady Melania Trump has doubled as a purveyor of digital products since her husband exited the White House in 2021, including NFTs highlighting “iconic moments from President Trump’s administration,” notes The Hill. But her latest offering—NFTs celebrating the Apollo 11 moon landings—has potentially sparked conflict with NASA by apparently violating the federal agency’s policy on image usage, notes Decrypt. The NFTs — being sold for $75 each — feature the famed images of astronaut Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon.   Read the full Story >>

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