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Addendum: Photographer Confesses that Guys In His 'Hot Priest' Calendar Weren't All Priests

Daily Mail   Wednesday January 31, 2024

The photographer behind Rome’s  ”Hot Priest” calendar—one of Italy's best-selling souvenirs—has confessed: The calendar rarely featured members of the clergy. Speaking to Italian newspaper Il Post, the photographer, Piero Pazzi, said: “It's true, they are not all priests, but the intention was to give a profile to priests as a symbol of Rome, which owes so much to the Vatican and the Catholic Church in general.” The calendar, officially known as Calendario Romano(Roman Calendar), costs around €8 and has been published since 2003, notes the Daily Mail.   Read the full Story >>

Books: Rose Marasco Meditates on 'Home'

artbook   Wednesday January 31, 2024

The new book Rose Marasco: At Home is “a memoir and meditation on the history of photography from one of New England’s most respected photographers,” notes publisher Osmos. The volume features personal writings on topics ranging from artist residencies and iPhone photography to the early death of Marasco's father and includes selections from several bodies of work across her long career, including her “Domestic Objects” series—carefully composed images of knives, forks and other objects. (See Hyperallergic.)   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: RED Launches World's First Large Format Global Shutter Cine Cameras

PetaPixel   Wednesday January 31, 2024

RED Digital Cinema wants to get on the global shutter train, reports PetaPixel: RED’s V-Raptor (X) and V-Raptor (X) XL video cameras feature a newly developed global shutter image sensor. The image sensor is 40.96 x 21.6 millimeters, providing a diagonal measurement of 46.31 millimeters. For reference, the 24.6-megapixel global shutter sensor in the groundbreaking  full-frame Sony a9 III mirrorless camera, which also has impressive video capabilities, is 36 x 24mm, adds PP.   Read the full Story >>

Discoveries: Secret Photos Show the Holocaust's Terror

The Guardian   Wednesday January 31, 2024

A remarkable series of photographs of Jewish families being rounded up by Nazis during the Second World War have been published for the first time, following a chance discovery. Taken secretly by an amateur photographer outside a restaurant in the Silesian city of Breslau, now Wrocaw in Poland, the images “are a striking new testament to the sudden upheaval and terror of the Holocaust,” notes The Guardian. The photos were released as part of the project #LastSeen to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day.   Read the full Story >>

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