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Art News: German Photo Biennial Cancelled After Curator's Posts Are Called 'Antisemitic'

ARTnews   Thursday November 30, 2023

The Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie, a Germany-based exhibition of contemporary photography, has been cancelled after one of the curators posted content to social media that the German cities of Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg, where the event was set to take place, described it as “antisemitic.” The event was set to open March 2024, notes Art News. Bangladeshi photojournalist and event co-curator Shahidul Alam posted “content that can be read as antisemitic and antisemitic content,” according to officials, including posts compared Israel’s assault on Northern Gaza to the Holocaust.   Read the full Story >>

Social News: Instagram Delivers 'Toxic' Video to Adults Who Follow Children

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL   Thursday November 30, 2023

An investigation by The Wall Street Journal has found that Instagram’s algorithm pushes video with risqué footage of kids and overtly sexual adult videos to adult users who follow only children. The publication tested Instagram's algorithm by creating accounts that followed "young gymnasts, cheerleaders, and other teen and preteen influencers" — content involving children and which was devoid of any sexual connotation, notes Mashable. The Journal found that Meta's TikTok competitor subsequently recommended sexual content to its test accounts.   Read the full Story >>

Industry News: PopPhoto is Dead, Again

PetaPixel   Thursday November 30, 2023

After shuttering in 2017 and reviving in 2021 as an online-only magazine, Popular Photography — colloquially known as PopPhoto — has let go its last staff members and is effectively dead once again, notes PetaPixel. After shutting down in 2017, PopPhoto was revived in December 2021 by Recurrent Ventures, a digital media company that operates online publications such as Futurism, Popular Science, Dwell, and The Drive. Former DPReview editor Dan Bracaglia left the then Amazon-owned publication to lead the revival. He left after one year as Recurrent began to rein in its investment.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: He Photographs the Secret Kingdom of the Soil

CNN   Thursday November 30, 2023

More than half of all species live in the soil, making it the most species-rich habitat on Earth, according to one source. It’s that largely unseen kingdom that UK-based photographer Andy Murray explores in his work. To Murray, microscopic soil animals are as fascinating as the lions and zebras you might see on safari – just far more accessible, if you know where to look, notes CNN. “They live in this tiny world; it works like our world, it’s just on a really small scale,” Murray says. You can see his work on his website, The Chaos of Delight.   Read the full Story >>

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