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Trending: In a First, a Photographer Develops Film with Weed

INTERESTING ENGINEERING   Tuesday April 30, 2024

Dmitri Tcherbadji, a photographer based in Vancouver, Canada, came up with a new way to celebrate 4/20 this year. Tcherbadji, who writes for the Analog Cafe website, conducted a photography experiment and created what he thinks is the world’s first film developer made from cannabis flowers, which he calls “Sativa Cannanol.” He points out that cannabis sativa strains are rich in phenols [chemicals that synergize], “making the plant an ideal candidate for film development.” Interesting Engineering tells his interesting story.   Read the full Story >>

Books: Going Wild on the Ibiza that Was

DAZED   Tuesday April 30, 2024

You may never have actually gone wild in the legendary, sun-drenched hedonism of Ibiza, but Spanish photographer Oriol Maspons’s images may make you wish you had. His portraits of Ibizan culture from the mid-50s until the end of the 80s—now collected in the book Oriol Maspons Ibiza—“will make you yearn like you’ve never yearned before,” promises Dazed. “It seems people enjoyed without fear of being prejudged, in a liberal environment, with freedom and without offending,” says the photographer’s son   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: Meta's Llama 3 Generates Images as Fast as You Can Type Prompts

Digital Camera World   Tuesday April 30, 2024

Meta's newly released large language model Llama 3 is being called the fastest AI image generator yet, notes Digital Camera World. How fast is that? The image generator updates pictures in real time while users type prompts. With Llama 3, Meta is “declaring war” on OpenAI and Google,” says Forbes. Unlike OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini, Llama 3 is freely available for almost anyone to use for research and commercial purposes: It’s available through Meta AI, the AI assistant built into Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.   Read the full Story >>

Exhibitions: Tim Hetherington, Storyteller

Imperial War Museum   Tuesday April 30, 2024

The exhibition “Storyteller”  at London’s Imperial War Museum marks the 13th anniversary of photojournalist Tim Hetherington’s death while covering the Libyan Civil War in 2011. The exhibition features photography and films from across his career and a selection of his cameras and diaries,  A much-honored photographer, Hetherington also earned an Oscar nomination for his Afghanistan war documentary  Restrepo. He was, notes Xan Brooks at The Gaurdian, a serious and idealistic, diligent and principled photographer.   Read the full Story >>

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