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The Brodner View

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday November 8, 2016

As I sat down to post this page, it was just 10 hours until the polls would open here in OFC. And it’s funny how my barely contained revulsion about politics this year has turned into a kind of mild feeling of regret that’s almost-but-not-quite nostalgic. So I'll plan to hit the polling place early enough to get my authentic “I Voted” sticker. But …   Read the full Story >>

Ask an Artist: Steve Brodner

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday December 30, 2014

The oncoming new year offers—besides champagne and fireworks—a chance to reflect on the last 364 days and, if possible, consider how we might, as a human race, make the world a better place. Not that this is in our power. After all, we’re merely human. An on-air pundit recently had the effrontery to speak truth to power when he stated that politics today [unlike in earlier times, …   Read the full Story >>

Steve Brodner's Paradise

By Steve Brodner   Monday August 27, 2012

Editor's note: Steve Brodner, a National Treasure and a great friend of DART, has offered his coverage of the national conventions, starting today. (I've often wondered how Steve gets through the intervening years...)--PR I’ve covered many political conventions over the years. They are hard to forget, but sometimes I think it would be a good idea.      Today, conventions seem to be …   Read the full Story >>

Day Three of the RNC

By Steve Brodner   Friday August 31, 2012

  Coda. For a man who almost nobody likes, whose dad may have unliked him tonight. From a letter by George Romney, words to contemplate.   The presidential and vice presidential nominees… and Romney and Ryan.   Romney Olympics 2012: The Abortion Flip.   Sarah Palin, Fox News: “If the Republican Party is racist, why have we elected so many minorities? Why did we elect Susana Martinez?… Why do we …   Read the full Story >>

Saturday Night With Steve Brodner

By Peggy Roalf   Friday June 6, 2008

When Steve Brodner emailed to let me know that the Norman Rockwell Museum was giving him "the full Monte," as he put it, I marveled at the timing. The exhibition of over 100 of his political illustrations, as well as his recent animated videos, opens in Stockbridge, Massachusetts this weekend, just a few days after Barack Obama claimed the Democratic party's nomination for the …   Read the full Story >>

Ask an Artist: Steve Brodner

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday December 3, 2014

When the news about possible Republican candidates for the presidency is so grim that even NPR’s Morning Edition spends much of its energy covering the always effusive governor of New Jersey, it’s time for a closer look. So I asked Steve Brodner to share his thoughts on Chris Christie. This is what he wrote: Not satisfied with being an obnoxious bore in New Jersey, Chris Christie is now …   Read the full Story >>

Artists Take Aim and Draw

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday January 3, 2018

The Nation, founded by abolitionists in 1865, continues to chronicle the breadth and depth of American political and cultural life since the telegraph brought news to Americans at lightning speed. With the rise of social media, new steps have been taken to continue a spirited discourse on issues of importance to the progressive community. Recently launched, the OppArt blog, curated by Andrea Arroyo, …   Read the full Story >>

I Dream of Hillary

By Steve Brodner   Thursday April 16, 2015

As we greet the return of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the political stage, it cannot be denied that she is unique in many ways. One of these is an almost unheard-of political longevity.  Players in politics seldom hold onto front-runner status after 23 years in the public eye. In spite of great controversies (and one very big loss) Hillary, most definitely, still does. Of …   Read the full Story >>

The DART Op Ed Art Contest

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday September 20, 2012

As the presidential campaign amps up, with slurs and previously undisclosed videos rising to top, it’s time for DART subscriber artists to show their stuff. The theme of the first ever DART Op Ed Book Prize Contest is:Hair on Fire | Pants on Fire. Interpret this idea and send your art, along with a brief statement about your inspiration and intent. Send …   Read the full Story >>

Steve Brodner on Trump

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday July 20, 2016

Satirical artist and commentator Steve Brodner, whose beat is politics, has probably heard or read every statement by the many candidates in this presidential election. This week he gives the lowdown on the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. Q: Last week, columnist and former speechwriter Michael A. Cohen said that Trump’s speeches are peppered with statements that reflect ideas that exist only in his head. …   Read the full Story >>

Ask an Artist: Steve Brodner

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday October 15, 2015

Marketing guru and uber-blogger Seth Godin has said that the best way to sell stuff is to “tell a story that resonates with people and make sure it’s a true story.” As the presidential campaign rumbles on, very few memorable stories have emerged. At the first Democratic Presidential debate, for example, Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat Bernie Sanders for friendly crowd appeal. The best she could …   Read the full Story >>

Last Rays of Summer Book Prize

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday August 28, 2012

WHERE IN NEW YORK AM I?   Apologies all around - and chance #2 for you to get into the drawing! [I made a late-August error in the byline - yep, it's Peggy here...] Correctly identify the EXACT location of my New York City photo, above, and get into the drawing for this  special edition late-August AI-AP DART Book Prize! Hint: the more information you include, the …   Read the full Story >>

Steve Brodner on Hillary and the Dems

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday July 27, 2016

Q: Hillary Clinton is probably, like President Obama said, the most qualified presidential candidate—ever, or at least, “the most prepared.” Her accomplishments are hard to itemize and she continually fudges facts, even when questioned last week by her trusted friend, Charlie Rose. But she presents a rock solid image and a certainty about the future that verges on truthiness. Does this make her a …   Read the full Story >>

AI 25 Timeline Continues: 1997-2001

By Peggy Roalf   Monday November 6, 2006

American Illustration's 25th anniversary timeline features 25 illustrations by 25 of today's top artists. Bending time, space, and perspective, these artists push the boundaries of visual expression, creating an artistic Utopia that is diverse and subversive in both subject and execution. 1997: Hale-Bopp, The Great Comet, by Karen Barbour The great comet approached the earth on March 22nd, not to return until 4397.Karen …   Read the full Story >>

Steve Brodner: Living and Dying in America

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday September 21, 2022

Steve Brodner, the inimitable social satirist who regularly shoots truth at power through his biting caricatures, original reporting and trenchant commentary, has just published a new book: Living and Dying in America, a Daily Chronicle 2020-2022 (Fantagraphics). Through his six-decade career, his work has appeared in such publications as The AtlanticEsquire, GQ, Mother JonesThe New York Times …   Read the full Story >>

Steve Brodner: The Q&A

By Peggy Roalf   Monday November 4, 2013

Art Journalist, illustrator, caricaturist, film maker, and all around swell fellow, Steve Brodner has been a friend of DART since before there was a DART. In fact, he was my “celeb interview" for the single-issue precursor to this newsletter, back in 2005, when his book Freedom Fries was published. Steve presents Illustration Next, tomorrow at 7 pm, at the Third Floor Amphitheater at SVA, …   Read the full Story >>

The DART Interview: Steve Brodner

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday October 8, 2019

School of Visual Arts will honor prolific illustrator and faculty member Steve Brodner with the 31st annual Masters Series Award and Exhibition in 2019. “The Masters Series: Steve Brodner” will be a comprehensive retrospective of his celebrated career and include never-before-seen political art and illustration work set along a timeline covering the past five decades. “Brodner’s pen acts as a weapon to challenge the status quo …   Read the full Story >>

American Illustration in Buenos Aires

By    Thursday October 4, 2007

You can't go to school for illustration in Argentina, but you can go to Universidad de Palermo (UP) in Buenos Aires this month and check out the American Illustration 25th Anniversary Timeline Exhibition. I'm from Argentina, and I'm all too aware of how little access people there have to the world of illustrated magazines, ad campaigns, graphic design that exists here in North …   Read the full Story >>

Illustration Week 2015

By Peggy Roalf   Friday October 30, 2015

If you're wondering what to wear for Halloween, that means it's time to scuff up your kicks for The Big Talk, The Party, and Illustration Week. Here's the lineup, perfectly scaled to your iPhone.  Tuesday, November 3 Sketch Night at the Society 6:30 - 9:30 pm Society of illustrators, 128 East 63 Street Models will be nude with an occasional accessory. Live music featuring …   Read the full Story >>

AI25 Timeline Exhibit Opens in Toronto

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday February 7, 2008

American Illustration, the leading juried annual and advocate of contemporary illustration in North America and the world, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special edition and exhibition, which opens on Monday at the Ontario College of Art and Design. The book has a circular jacket illustrated by Yuko Shimizu and features an interpretive timeline of the last 25 years illustrated by 25 of …   Read the full Story >>

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