The DART Op Ed Art Contest

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday September 20, 2012

As the presidential campaign amps up, with slurs and previously undisclosed videos rising to top, it’s time for DART subscriber artists to show their stuff.

The theme of the first ever DART Op Ed Book Prize Contest is:
Hair on Fire | Pants on Fire.

Interpret this idea and send your art, along with a brief statement about your inspiration and intent.

Send your art as a 1MB jpeg in reply to this email.

Change the subject line to: I love the truth. All others are disqualified.

State your preference for receiving a copy of AI-31 or AP-29 and include your mailing address.

Deadline: Midnight Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Winners will be announced the following week.

I asked Steve Brodner to contribute some inspiration (below) from his coverage of the presidential conventions for The Nation. Thanks, Steve!




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