Artists Take Aim and Draw

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday January 3, 2018

The Nation, founded by abolitionists in 1865, continues to chronicle the breadth and depth of American political and cultural life since the telegraph brought news to Americans at lightning speed. With the rise of social media, new steps have been taken to continue a spirited discourse on issues of importance to the progressive community. Recently launched, the OppArt blog, curated by Andrea Arroyo, and longtime DART contributors Peter Kuper and Steve Brodner, brings spirited dispatches from the front lines of resistance. DART welcomes a new year of speaking truth, as OppArt contributors take aim and draw. Info


Melanie Oliva, Smash the Patriarchy, January 1, 2018


Edel Rodriguez, Ring In the Dangerous, December 26, 2017


 Steve Brodner, White Christmas, December 25, 2017


Eric Drooker, The Trump Who Stole, December 22, 2017



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