Ask an Artist: Steve Brodner

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday October 15, 2015

Marketing guru and uber-blogger Seth Godin has said that the best way to sell stuff is to “tell a story that resonates with people and make sure it’s a true story.”

As the presidential campaign rumbles on, very few memorable stories have emerged. At the first Democratic Presidential debate, for example, Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat Bernie Sanders for friendly crowd appeal. The best she could come up with is, “I think that we have an opportunity…to find out more than what we know today.” [link

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has rock solid beliefs (regarding climate change, for example, he believes that there will always be weather) and unwavering belief in himself. So the truth never gets in the way of his showing a strong presence, at a border town in Arizona or on stage with Stephen Colbert.

So what the Trump? DART asks Steve Brodner, who lives and breathes, All Day, All Night, Donald Trump [link]: 

That's what I do for magazines,

Donald Trump.

Face like rat

And mouth like dump.


One more,

Donald Trump.


For Time. A near cover. DW Pine wanted another Bulworth-type design. But by doing extra sketching, I found you can avoid ripping yourself off![AD: D.W. Pine]



For my GQ series, "Dumbest Quotes". So many. This one made me even feel sorry for the insect Charles Krauthammer. One day I will draw a kraut-hammer. Just not today.See the animated version here.  [AD: Martin Salazar]



For Mother Jones, social media noodges. Including, of course, Donald Trump. [AD: Ivylise Simones and Carolyn Perot]

For the LA Times[AD: Wes Bausmith]



And here, Steve opens the debate, in the Washington Post Outlook,  “Is there a metaphor that can’t be used to describe the Republican front-runner?"[link] [AD: Chris Barber] 

Steve Brodner is a satirical artist and commentator whose work has appeared in most US publications since the 1970’s.  His work encompasses editorial illustration, journalism, authored sequential art and video. He has been a regular contributor to Rolling Stone, Esquire, Harper's, Mother Jones, The NY Times, Sports Illustrated, Slate, PBS, etc. At The New Yorker he has contributed over 200 assignments, many written by himself, including over 30 short films in the Naked Campaign series. He is currently a regular contributor to The Nation, GQ, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Tablet, Politico, The Boston Globe. His work was collected in Freedom Fries, published by Fantagraphics Books in 2004 and a one-man retrospective, "Raw Nerve", at the Norman Rockwell Museum in 2008. In addition to a full plate of illustration work he is working on a book on the presidents of the United States and teaches Senior Illustration, Principles of Illustration and an evening open course at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

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