The AI-AP juried award annuals, offering high visibility and well-derserved recognition where it matters most, are still published in all their large-format, luxurious, hardcover glory, staying true to their founding principles of celebrating great photographers and illustrators, lavishly showcasing commissioned and personal work that's ahead of its time, while also honoring the publications, creatives and agencies responsible for assigning and utilizing the winning images. Students and schools are also celebrated right along side established and emerging artists.

Founded in 1982 by a committe of esteemed illustrators and art directors, AI-AP was created as a direct alternative to other leading organizations and companies of the day who it was thought were not recognizing uncoventional, "cutting-edge" work that was being produced by unheralded artists who were pushing the boundries of commercial work. See history here.

The acclaimed AI-AP books, objects of beauty and debate, published annually in November, are the first and foremost go-to resourses for art directors, designers, photo editors and art buyers who insist on asigning only the best original, thoughtful and compelling pictures.


For over 40 years American Illustration and American Photography have done two things very well: Honor great work; and connect the winning Illustrators and photographers to assigning creatives. Our simple mission has been successful by inviting an impassioned jury of top art directors, photo editors, designers and art buyers to select the wining images and designing one-of-kind hardcover books that generously present the best work one image per page.

See list of current JURORS. The result are two well-curated, beautifully designed, large-format annuals, regarded as the books of record and exclusive resources for art, photo and design professionals who insist on assigning only the finest photographers and illustrators working today. See list of PAST JURORS, DESIGNERS and BOOKS.


View the current 2022 SELECTED and CHOSEN winners in our SLIDESHOWS here: AP38 and AI41

The winning collections are also presented with contact info and credits permanently in the AP ARCHIVE and AI ARCHIVE.


AI-AP also proudly produces The PARTY our highly-anticipated annual book launch event that brings the creative community together in November to celebrate the winners, along with BIG TALK symposium and NYC STUDIO VISITS. See pictures and video our EVENTS pages.


AI-AP has since expanded its mission through a series of popular, daily NEWSLETTERS distributed to over 25,000 subscribers that cover industry news and events: Pro Photo DailyDART: Design Arts Daily, Motion Arts Pro Dispatches from Latin America and PROFILES that feature winning photographers and illustrators from the competitions.

Editors:  Peggy Roalf and David Schonauer.