AI-AP Call For Entries

How do I contact American Illustration-American Photography?
Please email your question to or you can call us at 917-408-994 or 212-470-0302. 
Address: 225 West 36th Street, Room 602, New York, NY 10018

What's the deadline?

• AP33 FINAL deadline is January 31, 2017. Site will accept entries ALL NIGHT Tuesday, closing Wed morning at 10am EST. Winners will be notified by email in March.

• AI36 UPDATE: Due to the Amazon server outage, the final deadline is extended through Wednesday, closing first thing Thursday morning March 2nd at 10AM EST.

Is there a theme for the competition?

No, all images on any subject matter are eligible as long as they were shot or utilized within the past year 2016. See eligibility dates.

Do I keep all rights to my images when I enter?
Yes, AI-AP does not retain any rights to your work when you make your submission. Upon selection, permission is given only for use in the book, website and eBook and any promotion for American Photography and/or American Illustration. Proper artist credit is always given along with contact information and creative credits where applicable.

What’s the difference between Selected and Chosen images?

SELECTED images receive a majority vote and appear in the book and website.
CHOSEN images received at least two votes and appear only on the website.

What if I have a problem logging into my exisiting AI-AP account?
Check that you are using the correct USERNAME and PASSOWRD. You can request your PASSWORD from the home page if you've forgotten it. You may also need to reset your password. Do so at the following link and contact us if you continue to have any problems:, 917-408-9944, 212-470-0302.

What file size can I submit?
JPG files are required for submission. Upload files 72dpi, RGB, up to 1000 pixels on the LONGEST side, 5MB. Larger files are OK if concerned with showing detail. Use any unique file name, but do not include special characters or spaces in the file name. Save file as a .jpg.
What if my JPG files won’t upload?
Be sure the files are saved as .jpg at 72 dpi, RGB, 1000 pixels and no more than 5MB. Also, be sure the file name contains no special characters or spaces. Use only letters and numbers. Example: dog.jpg

Do I submit hi-res file?
No, for your entry we only need files at 72dpi, 1000 pixels on the LONGEST side, RGB. If Selected, we will request hi-res files at minimum 300 dpi, 20x13", CMYK for reproduction.

Can I submit diptychs or triptychs as singles?
Yes, be sure the images are composed in on jpg file.

Can I submit an image as a cover or spread with type and design?
Yes, however, we recommend you send the image only witout type or design and provide the article, book or campaign title and brief description of the usage.

Are there restrictions on images altered in Photoshop?
No, altered images are fine as long as the intended use is as an illustration for editorial, advertising or personal work not for journalistic reporting.

Is an Editorial single/series that was not published eligible for consideration, or must all entries have been published in print or digital media?

Yes, you can submit assigned work that was not published in any category. Just indicate that they are outtakes in the description. If selected you can credit them to the publication if you want.

Do I include creative credits with my entry?
No, for your entry we only need the name of the photogrpaher. If Selected, we will request photographer's contact info, caption information, title of image, article or campaign, publicaiton and all creative credits for those involved in the creation and utilization of the winning image.

Can I submit a disk for consideration?
No, you must upload individual JPG files as instructed for all single, series, book and video entries.
Can I submit a URL for consideration?
No. You must upload individual JPG files as instructed.
If I’m submitting a book, catalogue or video animation, what do I submit?
For books, you must upload up to 10 JPG files to represent the project. This can include cover or inside images or both. For video and animation, you must upload up to 10 JPG still frames.
Can I submit an actual book?
JPG submission is required online, but you may also send the book to accompany your online submission. Please mail to American Illustration -or- American Photography, 225 West 36th Street, Room 602, New York, NY 10018. Please include the entrant’s name and member ID number with the book or a copy of your entry email confirmation.
As an educator, can I submit various students in the same portfolio category?
Yes, if submitting multiple students in the same portfolio category of 10 images, use the school or department's name as the Artist First and Last name. Name the files you're uploading with the student's first and last name. Ex.: MarySmith.jpg

What should I do if I’m not sure which category my work fits into?

Choose the most appropriate category. Based on your brief description, we will place your work into a different category if necessary.
How many images can I submit in a series?
Up to 10 images that are related in terms of content or usage.
Can I also enter an image from a series as a single image?
Yes, but it’s not necessary. The judges, at their discretion, may select an individual image(s) from a series as a winning image.
Can I enter both AP and AI at the same time with one payment?
No, a separate entry and payment is required. However, if entering both competitions, once you’ve completed one submission, you can log back in to your account for quick access to enter the next show.
Can I edit my submission before I submit it and pay for it?
Yes, the site will guide you in the submission process and in STEP 6 will show you your entries. Before you submit and pay, you will be able to remove and resubmit images. Once you submit and pay however, it is not possible to remove or exchange images.
Can I edit text after I submitted it?
Yes, you can revise the title or description on the entry form by logging in to your account and click EDIT until the final deadline date.
Can I change an image after I’ve submitted it?
No, once you’ve paid and checked out you cannot replace an image. However, you will be given the opportunity to edit and upload a new image in Step 6 before you check out. Please contact us directly with any problems
What creative credits are needed for the submission.
We only need the name for the photographer or illustrator for the submission. If selected, you'll be contacted to submit all creative credits for those involved in the project.

Can I log back in and submit more work once I’ve checked out and paid?

Yes, log in as a RETURNING USER on the CFE home page with our email and password and hit submit. From there you can view your entries and add more from MY ACCOUNT.

Will I receive a notice that my online submission has been received?
Yes, once you’ve completed your submission, you will automatically receive an email confirmation that includes your member ID number with the amount paid by credit card or the amount due if paying by check. This will act as your receipt.

Can I pay by check?
Yes, click the box on the payment page and make checks payable to American Photography or American Illustration. Be sure to write your online registration ID number on the check.
Can I get an invoice in order to request a company check?
An invoice showing the amount due will be generated for you in Step 6 of the submission process.
What if my invoice total is not correct at checkout?
If you made revisions or have an older fee in your total, you can click this link to recover and adjust your total due. Please call with any problems: 917-408-9944.

Can I get a receipt for my entry fee?

If paying by credit card, a confirmation showing your submission and the final amount paid will be sent by email and serves as your receipt of payment. If paying by check, the email confirmation and cancelled check serves as your receipt.
What if I can’t register or submit my images online?
Please check that you do not have a firewall installed that is preventing access. You may also try to submit using a different computer from work or home. Contact with any other technical problems.
Can I get a Federal ID number in order to request a company check?
Our number is 13-3645820 under Amilus Inc. d/b/a American Photography and American Illustration
How can I find out the results of the competition?
Winning entrants will be notified individually in March-April by email with details on what is required for inclusion in the book and website. All entrants will be notified with the results and an announcement with a link presenting the winning images will be sent by email to everyone in June.
Can I pre order advance copies of AP and AI Books?
Yes, you will be prompted in Step 5 to order the books at the one-time-only pre-publication price of just $35+shipping. Regular price is $75. This discount will not be offered again. Subsequent offers will be at the discount of $45+shipping. A link to order the current volumes will be available on the confirmation page and can be ordered at

Can I register for your free online newletters? 
Yes, by entering the comptition you will automatically receive our four free online publications DART: Design Arts DailyPro Photo Daily, Motion Arts Pro and Dispatches From Latin America. You may quickly unsubscribe from any individual newsletter at anytime.

My question is not covered in this FAQ page. 
Please email your question to or you can call us at 917-408-9944 or 212-470-0302.