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Entrants receive the following benefits upon making their submission.



When you enter, your work is seen by our editors and a jury made up exclusively of top creative professionals who assign and utilize photography and illustration, including art directors, designers, photo editors, art buyers, curators, editors and publishers. 


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AI-AP Entrants receive a 53% discount off the book when making their submission. Advance book orders are $35 plus S&H, a savings of $40 off the regular cover price of $75. This discount is only offered to entrants through the Call For Entries when making their submission.



AI-AP Entrants and Winners receive an invitation with a discount ticket to attend The Party, our annual November launch event in New York City to celebrate the winners, the new AI-AP books, along with the Latin American and Motion Art shows. 


Selected winners receive the following exposure and promotion. 


The winning images will be presented in a preliminary slide show announcement to our 50,000 subscribers in November 2016.


The winning projects will be posted permanently on THE ARCHIVE in November 2016 with artist’s contact info, complete captions and creative credits. 

Selected winners are presented in the oversized, hardcover annual book, luxuriously printed one image per page. The award-winning AP and AI books are designed by a different designer each year giving them a distinctive and well-curated quality that hiring art directors appreciate. Known for their cutting-edge excellence and range, the AI-AP books present work by established and emerging artists and are objects of desire and debate. 


Winners can submit projects, announcements and press releases too our popular newsletters Motion Arts ProDART: Design Arts DailyPro Photo Daily Our editors will also reach out to winners with requests for Q&As and interviews. The newsletters are published daily to our subscriber list of over 25,000 creatives.


Selected winning entrants and artists receive discount ticket to The Party, our launch event that celebrates the winners and new books along with the Latin American and Motion Arts show. 


As part of our commitment to promoting the winners, each year a number of extra books are produced by the printer (run-ons) that we send to a select group of art directors, editors and art buyers from recommendations made BY YOU, a winner. Send the name, company, address, telephone and email of a creative professional who’s in a position to hire you to and we’ll include them on our list to receive an available copy of the AP or AI books for free.

AI-AP also provides consultancy service to art departments, publishers and ad agencies. All AI-AP winning photographers and illustrators are introduced to clients for stories, campaigns and projects. We then connect you directly to the client to discuss the assignment, fees and all details at no charge.


AI-AP is happy to provide letters of recommendation to winning international artists seeking visas and green cards for permanent residency in the U.S.



 American Photography is all about the serious mojo. For 20 years now, I’ve studied it, made assignments from it, stolen from it, designed two of ‘em, and always marveled when we got something in. American Photography represents those precious times when everything goes right, and the really good stuff makes it all the way to the printed page.

– Fred Woodward, Design Director, GQ

When you consider the breadth and quality of the photographers featured in American Photography, it's unrivaled.

– Simon Barnett, Director of Photography, Newsweek

First as an art director and now as a photographer, I find American Photography invaluable. The quality of the judging, the design — and most importantly, of the work — sets and meets the highest of standards. When my work is selected, I'm elated; when it’s not, I work harder.

– Lloyd Ziff, Photographer

Interesting, amusing, and often downright creepy, the American Photography 
annuals illustrate best what contemporary photography seeks to achieve: a split-second of truth.

– David Harris, Design Director, Vanity Fair

American Photography
has been an important source of interesting current photography for the past 20 years.  I've been a fan for 18 years, so making the cover in 2002 has been one of the highlights of my career.

– Catherine Ledner, Photographer

American Photography
is the best photography annual published in America.

– Stefan Sagmeister, Sagmeister, Inc.


American Illustration has always taken a refreshingly oblique view of its subject, but the passage of time has indicated that the most innovative work of the last 25 years has appeared in its pages.

– Milton Glaser, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

In 1982, it was my feeling that there was an interesting group of younger, more experimental illustrators not getting the attention they deserved. Hence the launch of American Illustration, which has made experimental illustration and personal work part of the mainstream of all annuals.

– Marshall Arisman, Illustrator, Chair, MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Department, SVA

American Illustration
represents the challenge of my lifetime. American art directors and illustrators broke the “fine art” mold and let the peculiarities of the human mind out of its cage. Thank you American Illustration for being the vibrant custodian of the artist’s outpourings.

– Ralph Steadman, Illustrator

The historical importance of American Illustration is its commitment to presenting unpublished work. By the time most artwork makes its last choking gasp onto the printed page, it has been gummed over by various juggernaut media corporations and their editors, intent on prmotiong their financial interest over the truth. Unpublished work has not met this fate, and offers a needed breath of fresh air.

– Sue Coe, Illustrator, Fine Artist

American Illustration
is about freshness and innovation, featuring work that is strikingly original – both intellectually and stylistically. When I need to make an assignment, it’s the first book I go to, every time. Just as important, it stands on its own as an art book – stimulating in content and beautiful to look at.

– Arthur Hochstein, Art Director, TIME

American Illustration
is more than just a directory of illustration talent, it’s an inspired, well-curated event. It’s a meal and a snack!

– Christine Curry, Illustration Editor, The New Yorker

American Illustration
stands alone in its dedication to and presentation of excellence in illustration. It’s the best of the best, period.

– Michael Carabatta, Design Director, Chronicle Books

The illustrations featured here are like the pop rocks of eye candy, tasty and explosive. American Illustration is a fabulous resource for my design projects and I can’t wait to collaborate with the artists inside.

– Stephanie Power, Art Director, Reactor Art & Design

An art director leaving one magazine for another once asked me, ‘Do you think I can take the American Illustrations with me?’ It’s the one source book worth stealing.

– Nicholas Blechman, Art Director, The New York Times Book Review

American Illustration
is the easiest way I know to get a client inspired, and open to the possibilities of what illustration can be. It’s the best of the best, and a great tool for getting my favorite artists approved by clients.

– Drew Hodges, President, Spotco

Every year I get the new American Illustration annual (and keep the old ones). AI totally succeeds, year after year, at its stated goal: it is the one gathering place for all the work that’s hip, arresting, and intriguing by the top people in the field and the talented ones on the verge of getting there.

– Francoise Mouly, Art Editor, The New Yorker