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Embry Rucker


Cover by David Butow
Design by Robert Newman


Cover by Daehyun Kim
Design by Len Small and Esther Wu

Resources: Online Portfolio Reviews From Nat. Geo Photogs

Would you like to have a portfolio-review session with a National Geographic photographer? You can with the Image Review, a new online portfolio-review service from the Photo Society, the website and online community launched two years ago by a consortium of contributing National Geographic photographers. The new platform makes use of video conferencing technology to enable one-on-one portfolio review sessions—you can choose a photographer and select from differently priced packages: a single 70-minute review ($250) or a mentorship package ($690) that includes three review sessions for follow-up advice and guidance.

International Motion Art Awards: Richard Borge in IMAA 3

Those who were on hand at the annual AI-AP Big Talk symposium this month to see the winners of the third annual International Motion Art Awards also heard an interesting panel discussion about transitioning to motion work from still photography and illustration. One of the panelists was Brooklyn-based motion-design artist Richard Borge, a past IMAA winner and a winner of IMAA 3 for two separate animated pieces. Today we begin spotlighting the winners of the latest competition, starting with Borge's 40-second piece featuring a robot-like contraption and a narrative about knowledge and nourishing the artistic soul. The story is given a haunting resonance with a score from musician Maxwell Vann.

Finding a Story: Jacobia Dahm

How do you photograph something that has no physical form? This is the question that began to preoccupy Jacobia Dahm during her year of study at the International Center of Photography. As a portrait photographer whose clients were mainly families and children, Jacobia wanted to expand her horizons. After being accepted into the MFA program at ICP, however, she had doubts about pursuing photography as an art form. On a visit to her home in Germany, she enrolled in a&n...

DFLA Spotlight: Luis Esteban Marin Documents Chile's Railways

“In May 20, 1913, the last section of the southern railroad system was completed, uniting Osorno to Puerto Montt. With this advancement, Chile realized a long anticipated desire: having a railroad system that would join the country from Iquique in the north to Puerto Montt in the south.” So writes Chilean photographer (and DFLA reader) Luis Esteban Marín, who spent five months earlier this year documenting the more than 200 kilometers of the country's railway. This summer, the work was been exhibited in cities all along the route, a reminder of another time. “The railway seems out of step with today’s reality,” he notes. “It is like something you would like to forget, but it has not been possible to do so.”