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Andrew DeGraff


Designed by Leo Jung


Designed by Eric Skillman
Cover Art by Ranee Henderson

What We Learned This Week: McCurry's Troubles and Summer's Start

The photo news dominating internet buzz in the past week centered on two stories: The controversy surrounding Photoshopped images by photographer Steve McCurry and a legal case in France that had a photojournalist facing criminal charges over a picture she took following the terrorist attacks in Paris last November. McCurry's doctored images gave rise to an interesting conversation that, it seemed, the photo world would rather not be having. And while the charges against the French photographer were dropped, her case showed how privacy laws and press freedom don't mix. On the other hand, summer's here.

Trending: "Game of Thrones" Theme, But with Mold

The motion art making news right now — besides that viral Chewbacca mom — is a recreation of the Game of Thrones  title sequence, made with video of slime mold. Created by YouTuber Transcend Rules, the remix makes use of video shot by photographer Nick Lariontsev with his "Burbulyator LT BBR-2010,” a rig for macro photography (go here  to see it in action). Fstoppers  reports that the original video was shot with a Nikon D70s. DIY Photography  discusses the rules of remixing. Gizmodo  tells you all about slime mold. All MAP can add is that brilliant isn’t a good enough word to describe Games of Molds.

Boetti and Melotti, Uptown

Works by Alighiero Boettie (1940-1994), the Italian conceptual artist whose opus came to a wider view in New York through MoMA’s 2012 retrospective, Game Plan can now be seen in a small show at Gladstone Gallery, uptown.  Originating in the Arte Povera ethic that emerged in Europe during the 1960s, he became part of a group of experimental artists that included Michangelo Pistoletto and Fausto Melotti. Complications a...

Latin American Fotografia: Renata Duarte

Ushuaia, a resort town on Argentina's Tierra del Fuego archipelago, at the southernmost tip of South America, has been nicknamed the "End of the World." It is a windy place, surrounded by the Martial Mountains and the Beagle Channel, and the embarkation point for Antarctic cruise ships. It was in this region that Sao Paulo, Brazil-based photographer Renate Duarte shot her Latin American Fotografia winning photo of water in all its forms to underscore the threats posed by climate change.

Illustrator Profile - Rachel Idzerda: "Keep yourself invested in your work"

Rachel Idzerda is a Montreal-based illustrator who creates editorial and portrait illustrations and lettering with skill and grace. Her smart graphic novel-like portraits appear weekly in the Globe & Mail newspaper, and she has branched out to do advertising and commercial work as well. Idzerda originally created in ink, pencil and paint, but her work now is primarily digital. Her advice to up-and-coming illustrators: "Be nice and meet your deadlines!"