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The Archive

Sarah Anne Ward


Cover by David Butow
Design by Robert Newman


Cover by Daehyun Kim
Design by Len Small and Esther Wu

What We Learned This Week: Drones, Dogs, and 100 Naked Women

The dog days of summer are supposed to be a time when the news slows down. Nonetheless, we've spotlighted several interesting developments and photo stories over the past week. For instance, we noted that there was a scary spate of near collisions between drones and airplanes this month. The news comes as drone anxiety reaches new levels. On the other hand, a number of important photo grants were awarded this week. We also spotlighted photographer Nadia Lee Cohen's series "100 Naken Women" and documentary photographer Robin Hammond's stories of LGBT love and discrimination. We even looked at some dog stories.

Insight: Sound Advice About Sound, From Basics to High Tech

Audio is a key component for filmmaking, but it’s often overlooked, until, that is, you hear bad audio. Then you realize how much is at stake — audiences will accept poor visuals but reject poor sound — and how tricky it can be to record sound. The Basic Filmmaker has a tutorial that provides a solid foundation in understand audio. The most basic of basics, notes NoFilmSchool, is limiting the amount of garbage you record. Meanwhile, MovieMaker  has tutorial on how to record the sound you’ll need for post-production. and HDVideo Pro  looks at new gear like the Q8 Handy Video Recorder, which features sophisticated audio recording.

If You Love Art Books...

Well readers, you are probably tapping at your iCal distractedly, with September—and piles of things to schedule—just around the corner. But it’s still summer, at least for another ten days. So I invite you to submit, Where in France Am I?  Correctly identify my exact location and get into the drawing for the last DART Book Prize Contest of Summer 2015. Hint  The more information you include, such as historical details, interest...

Latin American Ilustracion: Donough O'Malley

Based in the UK, freelance illustrator Donough O'Malley has worked for a long list of international clients, including the BBC, Jameson's Whiskey, Random House, Runner's World magazine and Sony. And for the past four years he has been creating covers for Wine Republic magazine in Argentina, which focuses on tourism in the country's wine-making regions. One of those covers -- about wine tours of all kinds -- was named a winner of the Latin American Ilustracion 3 contest.

Illustrator Profile - Gerard DuBois: "The most important things are working with passion and having fun"

Grard DuBois is a smart, elegant artist whose painted illustrations have appeared in countless magazines both in the US and around the world, including a weekly column in the Sunday New York Times. Dubois has illustrated close to 20 books for children and adults, and is a favorite among art directors for his ability to tackle complex issues with simple power and grace. The Montreal-based illustrator (and former graphic designer) also recently created a set of posters for the National Theatre in Lyon, and as as-yet-to-debut series of postage stamps. DuBois works in a variety of styles, including a striking collection of collages, and his work is consistently a remarkable blend of beauty, passion, and intelligence.