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Kirsten Luce


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Designed by Eric Skillman
Cover Art by Ranee Henderson

What We Learned This Week: Sony World Photo Awards and Other Honors

The Spring 2016 photo-awards season is drawing to a close, with the recent announcement of the winners of this year's Sony World Photography Awards. The top prize went to Iranian photojournalist Asghar Khamseh for his series on victims of acid attacks. We also noted that the New York Times's virtual-reality documentary "The Displaced" - about three children uprooted from their homes by war and persecution - won the World Press Photo multimedia Innovative Storytelling award. And Toronto-based photographer Vincent Elkaim is the recipient of the $20,000 Alexia Foundation professional grant for a project about the effects of industrialization in the Amazon.

Screening Room: The Dream of a Job Shooting for National Geographic

“I prefer to be surrounded by big trees and little bugs and animals that are moving long distances,” says Joe Riis, an acclaimed National Geographic wildlife photographer and the subject of a short Nat Geo video called Joe, from filmmaker Andy Maser. See it now at Vimeo. This is a surprisingly complex profile that probes ideas about ambition, professionalism and artistry: Riis, notes Maser, has the kind of job that “every child in the world dreams of.” The film celebrates his love of the wilderness and curiosity about it, but also notes that even dream jobs come with personal struggles.

NYC Open Studios Weekend

Open Studios Weekend Pick a borough, pick a time, grab a map and go. This is the weekend to see art being made where it’s done. Manhattan | Friday, April 29-Saturday, April 30 LMCC Open Studios with Workspace Artists-in Residence. Starting 6 pm Friday, , LMCC presents 31 upe-and-coming artists who have been in the Workspace residency since September 2015. The event closes on Saturday with Open Texts, readings of short stories, novel excerpts and other writings t...

Latin American Fotografia: Adriana Loureiro

In February 2015, a 14-year-old boy was shot dead by police at an anti-government protest in the western Venezuelan city of San Cristobal, setting off weeks of chaos in the region. "Hundreds of students entrenched themselves in the University of Los Andes for nearly a month to demand justice," notes Venezuelan photographer Adriana Loureiro Fernndez. Loureiro traveled to San Cristobal from Caracas to document the days of rage. Her work was named a winner of the Latin American Fotografia 4 competition.

Illustrator Profile - Fernanda Cohen: "Focus on what you know and love best"

Fernanda Cohen is a Buenos Aires-based illustrator who has spent considerable time in New York City. Cohen came to the States to study at the School of Visual Arts, and although she returned to Buenos Aires 12 years later, she's a frequent visitor to NYC and her work appears in numerous American publications. Cohen uses pen, ink, and gauche to make vibrant, stylish artwork that is a potent mix of fashion drawings, cartooning, fine art, and contemporary editorial illustration. She has created artwork for advertising campaigns, T-shirt designs, window displays, murals, and exhibits her personal art at galleries in Buenos Aires.