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Kevin Kunstadt


Designed by Leo Jung


Designed by Eric Skillman
Cover Art by Ranee Henderson

Books: Relive the LA Punk Rock Scene of the '70s

When you think of punk in the '70s, you think of New York or London. But there was a flourishing punk scene in Los Angeles as well, and Slash magazine documented it with abundant energy and strange charm. The book "Slash: A Punk Magazine From Los Angeles, 1977-80" is a tribute to the proto-fanzine that was co-founded in 1977 by Steve Samiof and Melanie Nissen - a single mom who was the magazine's main photographer for the first few years. "It was sex and art. What could be better?" she says of the publication, known for unflinching visuals and blistering anti-disco editorials.

Annals of Advertising: Fashion, Skateboarding and Intimidation for Miu Miu

Fashion advertising continues to strike out in sophisticated new filmmaking directions: We recently spotlighted filmmaker Spike Jonze’s much-acclaimed short  for Kenzo perfume, and now Short of the Week features a short film from director Crystal Moselle for Miu Miu that mixes fashion with skateboarding. Moselle is best known for her documentary The Wolfpack, which told the story of the Angulo brothers, who lived most of their childhood in a cramped Lower East Side apartment, learning about the world from movies. Her new short, part of Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales  series, focuses on a female skater and the intimidation she faces in NYC skate parks.

Mark Ulriksen's Dream Job

A couple of weeks ago, San Francisco-based artist and illustrator Mark Ulriksen sent a play-by-play account of a dream assignment he had over the summer. Here's an excerpt from what he wrote: Earlier this year I was asked to create the catalog cover for SFJAZZs 5th Anniversary season. Their newish building is clad floor to ceiling in windows, revealing both public and private spaces.  SFJAZZ founder and executive/artistic director Randall Kline asked me do a painting of their bu...

Latin American Fotografia: Lou Vest

Love took photographer Lou Vest to Cartagena, Colombia: "I am from Texas, but married a Cartagenera 40 years ago," he says. "We visit often and have family and friends in the city." There he explores, trying to find new ways to capture the life of the city, including the Getsemani barrio inside the historic district of Cartagena - a family-oriented neighborhood resisting change. His photograph of a street decorated for Christmas by local residents was named a winner of the Latin American Fotografia 4 contest.

Photographer Profile - Nick Laham: "I wanted to cover him in a way that was a little different"

As the 2014 baseball season drew to a close and New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter's career wound down, photographer Nick Laham began going to the Bronx as often as he could to photograph the team captain during his final home stands. Laham, who grew up in Sydney, Australia, and has built a career in New York as an editorial and commercial sports, action and portrait photographer, wanted to shoot Jeter in a unique way. "I like sports because the authenticity of an un-staged moment is great," he says.