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Maurice Vellekoop


Cover by Christopher Griffith
Design by Robert Festino


Cover by Jon Han
Design by Richard Turley

Insight: Why Brands Will Define Pro Photography in the Future

“There is a massive subterranean shift (no, not paradigm) happening right now in pro photography and it will define photography for at least the next 10 years.” So writes photo-industry veteran Paul Melcher at his provocative blog Thoughts of a Bohemian. What is this shift? Once, he notes, brands used to look at editorial photography as a trend indicator and inspiration for advertising work. Now companies are looking to social media for ideas, while online and print publications are increasingly looking into what works for brands and applying it to their spreads. “After all, if that type of photography can sell products, it can also attract [a] large amount of viewers,” he says.

On View: Capturing California's Drought, in Stills, Video, and GIF

California’s Central Valley, writes Dana Goodyear in the New Yorker, is “the country’s fruit basket, salad bowl, and dairy case.” But since 2012, when the state began suffering through a historically severe drought, the farmers of the valley have been facing a crisis—one that may come to haunt supermarket shoppers everywhere. Recently, photographer Matt Black, who grew up in the valley and is exhibiting a photo series about the region at New York’s Anastasia Gallery, collaborated with VII photographer and filmmaker Ed Kashi on a documentary project about the drought; it’s on view now at the New Yorker’s Photo Booth blog. See also: This series of GIFs showing the severity of the drought.

Tom Geismar at SVA Theater

Among the pioneers of graphic design, Tom Geismer, in his partnership with Ivan Chermayeff, has been at the forefront of corporate branding since the formation of Chermeyeff & Geismar, in 1957. At the time, graphic design was a new discipline, and branding was called corporate identity design. Yet the firm is noted, said designer Rudy de Harak, for starting “a craze for abstract corporate symbols, with the one they designed for the Chase Manhattan Ba...

DFLA Spotlight: Ellen Silverman's "Roots" In Cuba

Ellen Silverman is a veteran commercial food photographer with a taste for Cuba: Recently she collaborated with writer Ana Sofia Pelaez on the book The Cuban Table: A Celebration of Food, Flavors, and History. But Silverman, a DFLA reader, has also made a mid-career adjustment by going back to school at NYC’s School of Visual Arts for an MFA in Photo, Video, and Related Media. She is completing her degree this fall but has already finished her thesis project, a documentary called My Roots Lie Here, about four elderly people who have lived in their homes in Cuba all of their lives. “The theme is how we are all connected to our homes and how our homes reflect who we are,” says Silverman. “These four people describe so much about everyone’s lives.” You can see the trailer for the film now a Vimeo.