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Sam Kaplan
Fortune Magazine


Cover by Christopher Griffith
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Cover by Jon Han
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Public Eye: Why Photographers Are Dogs' Best Friends

Charles Schulz, the cartoonist and philosopher who created "Peanuts" and a popular beagle named Snoopy, knew that "happiness is a warm puppy." Judging from a number of stories trending on the web, photographers also understand the power of the canine to capture the human imagination and heart. From images of toddlers napping with pooches to beauty makeovers for shelter dogs, the media is filled with floppy ears and wet noses. In today's edition of Public Eye, our series looking back at recent news and ideas, we explore the unfathomable connection between man and beast, when man is an artist and the beast is his muse.

Tech News, 1: The Cameras Used For This Year's Tribeca Films

What’s the big news at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival? To be honest, we’re pretty excited about Robert De Niro’s first Vine video. But are other interesting things happening, and you can find out about them at Indiewire’s 2014 Tribeca Bible, a roundup of reviews, news, and interviews—including one with fest director Jane Rosenthal, who talks about the future of film and why story still matters. Indiewire has also reached out to the directors whose films are being screened at Tribeca this year to find out what cameras they used. The ARRI Alexa dominates the list, while the RED Epic and Canon C300 are also popular. A number of filmmakers used GoPro cams for at least some of their shots.

The DART Board: 04.22.2014

Art Fairs & Special Events April 21-27 The Guggenheim Museum presents: Carrie Mae Weems LIVE: Past Tense/Future Perfect | Public Programs. 1071 Fifth Avenue, at 89th Street, NY, NY. Information. April 25-27 Paris Photo L.A. Paramount Pictures Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Information. April 25-27 Photo Independent Art Fair. Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. Information. April 25-May 24 Parsons Festival. The...

Latin American Fotografia: Roberto Rosa

"To rebel and break out is all young people wanted at the beginning of the '70s," writes Brazilian photographer Roberto Rosa. Born in Sao Paulo, Rosa fell in love with photography in college, and moved around Brazil until he landed in Rio de Janeiro in 1977 and began his professional career. But the wanderlust never left his soul. It was while vacationing in Venice, Italy, that he made a lustrous black-and-white photo at the Piazza San Marco that became a winner of the Latin American Fotografia 2 competition.