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The Archive

Rick Sealock


Designed by: Caleb Bennett and Ben Grandgenett


Designed by: Matt Dorfman, Cover by: Benjamin Marra

Trending: Photographer Zaza Bertrand's Lustful Love Hotels

Lust. Desire. Hushed Fantasies. You've just checked into Belgian photographer Zaza Bertrand's world of Japanese love hotels. And you're not alone. Bertrand's images of Japan's love hotels, collected in her book "Japanese Whispers" (Art Paper Editions), have been getting a lot of love on the web. The It's Nice That blog, for instance, notes that while Japanese love hotels, or rabuhos, have become a popular topic for photographers visiting the country, Bertrand's images stand out by offering a different perspective, "placing the viewer in the persona of a voyeur in a series of compelling but often uncomfortable images."

Screening Room: "The Prostitutes and the Priest"

Every year, thousands of migrants move to the Namibian capital of Windhoek in search of a better life. But jobs are scarce, and sex work often becomes the only available employment for women, notes Swiss photographer and filmmaker Christian Bobst, whose multimedia project The Prostitutes and the Priest tells the story of a number of young women performing sex work in order to survive and a Catholic priest, Father Hermann Klein-Hipass, who has made it his personal mission to help them. See the film at Vimeo. Go to LensCulture  to learn more about Bobst’s project.

The Q&A: Laura Liedo

Q: Originally from the North of Spain, what are some of your favorite things about living and working in the South? A: Originally from Asturias, my favorite things about living and working in Barcelona are the huge amount of culture and artistic forms. I like meeting my colleagues for exhibitions, discovering art everywhere or going around town by bicycle, as if it were a village. Q: Do you keep a sketchbook? What is the balance between art you create on paper [or other analog medium] versus i...

Latin American Ilustracion: Peter Kuper

American illustrator and comics artist Peter Kuper is best known for his autobiographical, political and social observations, all of which were on display in his 2015 book "Ruins," a graphic novel about a married couple living in Mexico. The plot mirrors Kuper's own life - he lived in Oaxaca, Mexico, with his wife and daughter from 2006 to 2008. During that time, Kuper and his daughter observed migrating Monarch butterflies, which proved to be the inspiration for work named a winner of Latin American Ilustracion 5.

Illustrator Profile - Polly Becker: "Put something of yourself into your images"

Polly Becker is a Boston-based illustrator and artist who is known for her smart, elegant, and very imaginative assemblages. Her editorial illustrations have appeared in countless magazines and newspapers. In addition to her assemblages, Becker also works in a black and white, pen and ink style, with a strong vintage feel.

A Peek into the Future of Cameras with the Panasonic Lumix G85

What does the future hold for cameras? To see which way the wind blows, our prognosticating photographer Wiggy hits the streets (and the clubs) with the brand new mirrorless Pansonic Lumix G85 and the Lumix G Vario 12-60mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH lens!