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Namsa Leuba
Dear Dave, 14 / WAD Magazine


Cover by David Butow
Design by Robert Newman


Cover by Daehyun Kim
Design by Len Small and Esther Wu

Trending: Actress Launches Artful NSFW Website to Empower Women

Australian actress Caitlin Stasey, who stars as Lady Kenna on the CW series Reign, hopes to empower women with, a new website that, notes eonline, features long-form interviews “with ladies of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, accompanied by images of their naked bodies.” As you might expect, site has been drawing a good deal of attention: Upworthy calls it the most important NSFW website on the Internet, for instance, while the Daily Mail takes note of the artful black-and-white photographs on the site, all shot by Toronto-based photographer Jennifer Toole … whose work, notes Complex, runs the gamut between fetish, fashion, event photography, nudes and portraiture.

MAP Spotlight: Michael Turek's Moody Moors

London-based photographer, filmmaker and MAP reader Michael Turek grew up in Virginia but spent family trips in England, which, he notes at his website, is where his interest in photographer emerged. “I fell in love with putting the world in a rectangle and clicking,” he writes. His new personal motion project, Holiday & Home, focuses on his parents and their relationship with the Yorkshire landscape of northern England. “The video is effectively an atmosphere piece, an audio/visual poem about my parents and the landscape where I first began making images,” he says. He notes that his commercial photography clients have increasingly been asking for video, and he has used this project, as moody as the moors, to show them the visual aesthetic he brings to motion work.

The DART Board: 01.27.2015

Note: Please check websites re: weather closings this week Art Fairs January 29-February 1 The Outsider Art Fair, Center 548, 548 West 22nd Street, NY, NY. Information. Special Events Tuesday, January 27 Film screening and discussion, 7-9 pm: Tracy Snelling, The Stranger. The Battery, 717 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA. Thursday, January 29-Wednesday, February 4 The $100 Larry Clark Photograph Sale. Ooga Booga, 943 N Broadway, Suite 204, Lo...

Latin American Fotografia: Santiago Sabogal

One night a couple of years ago, Santiago Sabogal was on a date, and after seeing a movie he and his girlfriend strolled along the marina in Coconut Grove, FL, where they sat and enjoyed the evening. "It was a typical romantic-comedy scene," he says. But for Sabogal, a budding photographer who always carried his Canon Rebel XS with him, there was another attraction--the harbor vista before him. "My mind was screaming at me, "TAKE THE PICTURE BEFORE YOU GO," Sabogal recalls. The picture he shot became a Latin American Fotografia winner.

Anastasia Taylor-Lind: When Failure Leads to Success

Anastasia Taylor-Lind has never publicly shown the images she made in Libya in 2011. "I never even talk about them," says the acclaimed documentary photographer. She looks back at the time she spent trying to photograph the Arab Spring uprising as a creative failure. But it wasn't time wasted. In 2014, while shooting in Kiev, Ukraine, she used the ideas she'd hatched in Libya to create an astonishing portrait project. She also used an iPhone to tell the world about it.