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Christopher Silas Neal
Smithsonian Magazine


Designed by: Caleb Bennett and Ben Grandgenett


Designed by: Matt Dorfman, Cover by: Benjamin Marra

What We Learned This Week: Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Gutted

In July, photographer Carol Highsmith filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Getty Images after discovering that Getty and its subsidiaries had been charging customers fees to license her images of Americana. Highsmith noted that she had donated the work to the Library of Congress so they could be used by the public for no charge, and that she had never granted Getty consent to sell the work. But this week we learned that a federal judge largely dismissed her suit and that Highsmith and Getty have ended their dispute with a settlement of the remaining claims.

Industry News: CNN Buys Casey Neistat's Beme Video App

Recently, Casey Neistat announced that he was ending his popular daily vlog, but didn’t say what he would be doing next. Now we know: Earlier this week CNN disclosed that it was acquiring Beme, a social-media app launched last year by Neistat. CNN reportedly paid $25 million for the app. Beme itself will be going away, but the team behind it, led by Neistat, will be launching a new video brand under the CNN umbrella, notes PetaPixel. “While the deal will bring the app’s video technology to CNN, it will also allow the news company to tap into Neistat’s large, young digital audience,” notes the Wall Street Journal.

The Q&A: Pat Kinsella

Q: Originally from New England, what are some of your favorite things about living and working in Brooklyn? A: I tend to say that I am from Philadelphia but in reality I was born in Connecticut, then lived almost equally in Texas, Philly, and now Brooklyn. There is a great art scene, galleries, and museums and all that, but meh… talking to friends in their studios or at the bar is what makes it great here.   Q: Do you keep a sketchbook? What is the balance between art you crea...

Latin American Fotografia: Martin Sigal

Argentina's national women's field hockey team, Las Leonas (The Lionesses) has appeared in five Hockey World Cup finals, including the first final in 1974, and won the championship in 2002 and 2010. The team has also won medals in four consecutive Summer Olympics. When Buenos Aires commercial photographer Martin Sigal shot the team for an Adidas print ad campaign, he wanted to create images as fierce as the Las Leonas athletes. His work was a named a winner of the Latin American Fotografia 4 competition.

Illustrator Profile - Drew Friedman: "Stick to your guns if you believe in your talent"

Drew Friedman is an illustrator and book author based in rural Eastern Pennsylvania who specializes in caricatures. His illustrations have appeared in countless publications, from the cover of The New Yorker to a regular gig on the front page of the New York Observer. Friedman has created a brilliant series of books; his most recent-just published-is More Heroes of the Comics, an essential collection of portraits of legendary (and not-so-legendary) comic book creators from the 50s-70s. (A special shout out to Jesse Marinoff Reyes, who designed the striking book cover.) Friedman is also the subject of a planned documentary, Vermeer of the Borscht Belt, a tribute to his illustrated affinity for "forgotten Hollywood stars, old Jewish comedians and liver-spotted elevator operators." A Kickstarter campaign is currently raising funds to finance the documentary.