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Skip Sterling


Cover by Christopher Griffith
Design by Robert Festino


Cover by Jon Han
Design by Richard Turley

Passings: Renowned Magnum Photographer Rene Burri Dies at 81

Magnum photographer Rene Burri, celebrated for his images of Che Guevara and Pablo Picasso, has died at age 81. Burri's long career began at the age of 13 when he photographed then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on a visit to Switzerland, notes the BBC. Magnum Photos president Martin Parr said in a statement, "Not only was he one of the great post-war photographers, he was also one of the most generous people I have had the privilege to meet." In addition to his work in Latin America, Burri, who lived and worked between Zurich and Paris, traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East during his lengthy career, adds the British Journal of Photography. See also: this video on Burri.

Trending: Will Video Kill Photography's Stars?

Will cameras that shoot 4K video—and even higher resolutions—eliminate the need for still photography? In an essay at PetaPixel, William Shipton, the editor of the new Australian pro photography website ProCounter, notes that modern sensors are capable of capturing single frames of eight megapixels and higher—stills that can be printed at up to A4 size at 300dpi, which is standard printing resolution for most magazines. At Photokina, the RED cinema camera company made a push into the photo market by showing off its RED Epic Dragon model, a 6K camera capable of capturing 19-megapixel frames at 100fps.

To a T, Gothic Style

T: The New York Times Style Magazine celebrated its tenth anniversary with these cover lines: Voice / Passion / Taste / Identity / Style / Creativity / Influence. The magazine was launched in August 2004. It is published 15 times a year and distributed within the Sunday edition of the New York Times newspaper. Stefano Tonchi was editor until 2010; his replacement was Sally Singer. Singer left in 2012 and was replaced by Deborah Needleman. The new editor quickly made he...

Latin American Ilustracion: Elena Wen

Elena Wen was born in Taiwan and was two years old when her parents moved to Costa Rica, where she grew up. At 19, she moved to New York City to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts and then worked for several years in the motion graphics industry. Two years ago, she moved back to Costa Rica with her boyfriend, Luis Imbach, whose experimental novel, titled "Hamburguesa," she began to illustrate. Her playful work was named one of the winners of the Latin American Ilustracion 2 competition.