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The New Yorker


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Passings: Elvis Photographer Alfred Wertheimer Dies at 84

Alfred Wertheimer, the photographer who captured Elvis Presley on the precipice of life-changing fame in a series of remarkably intimate black-and-white photos, died on Sunday at the age of 84, notes Vanity Fair. It was in 1956 that Wertheimer, then 26, got a call from an RCA publicist asking if he would photograph an up-and-coming singer from Memphis. Wertheimer went on to take 3,800 photographs of Elvis over the course of seven days in March, June, and July of that year. Most of Wertheimer's photos offered rare, off-stage glimpses into Presley's life before press access to him was tightly controlled, adds the Los Angeles Times.

Motion Arts Pro Master Series: Giulio Sciorio and Hybrid Photography

Even though the two technologies exist side-by-side in virtually all digital cameras, most of us tend to think of still photos and video as separate mediums. Photographer Giulio Sciorio, however, is among a few pioneering photographers who have found an innovative and intensely creative way to blend these two formats into an entirely new medium known as hybrid photography--pictures that are simultaneously still photos and moving images. Hybrid photography is so new that even many professional photographers have never seen the images before. Today, in the latest of MAP's Master Series sponsored by Panasonic, Sciorio explains how he creates his hybrid images and talks about where this new kind of art might lead.

To a T, Gothic Style

T: The New York Times Style Magazine celebrated its tenth anniversary with these cover lines: Voice / Passion / Taste / Identity / Style / Creativity / Influence. The magazine was launched in August 2004. It is published 15 times a year and distributed within the Sunday edition of the New York Times newspaper. Stefano Tonchi was editor until 2010; his replacement was Sally Singer. Singer left in 2012 and was replaced by Deborah Needleman. The new editor quickly made he...

Latin American Ilustracion: Elena Wen

Elena Wen was born in Taiwan and was two years old when her parents moved to Costa Rica, where she grew up. At 19, she moved to New York City to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts and then worked for several years in the motion graphics industry. Two years ago, she moved back to Costa Rica with her boyfriend, Luis Imbach, whose experimental novel, titled "Hamburguesa," she began to illustrate. Her playful work was named one of the winners of the Latin American Ilustracion 2 competition.