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American Illustration 32

ai32 440
Illustration, as a vital tool of communication and visual delight, continues to defy long-held and exaggerated reports of its own demise with artists taking bold risks and forging new markets with self-generated projects, all the while maintaining a healthy amount of traditional assignment work from publishers and advertising agencies. The creative and enterprising persistence is clear in this year’s robust collection of 369 winning images as selected by a jury from 8,742 entries submitted to the annual competition. Illustration Lives.
American Illustration 32, the latest is a series of celebrated hard-cover, large-format volumes, features an original cover created by artist Jon Han with an impressionistic take on the human figure. Under the creative direction of Richard Turley with his design team from Bloomberg Businessweek, including Emily Anton, Jennifer Daniel, Tracy Ma and Lisa Rost-Charlotte, AI32, at 384 pages, generously presents the winning images one-image-per page in alphabetical order by artist, and includes die-cut thumb tabs. An image index includes the artist’s contact information, captions and creative credits listing the publications, schools, agencies and clients who commissioned and utilized the winning work.
As an added bonus, the book’s designers took the competition data and reimagined the facts and figures in six whimsical, yet informative charts. These “graphical extrapolations of truth” include data on the global locations of the winning artists; gender breakdown; predominant colors and subjects; number of winning images per publication and school; and pinpoint the location of the contenders who entered the competition, but were not selected by the jury for inclusion (this year).

The AI32 LIVE Cover Project. This year's boook was produced in a second, small edition with a blank cover. We asked 45 artists and designers to create original covers in a week-end, studio marathon. These one-of-a-kind books were sent randomly to those who placed their book order in advacne. The studio event was captured LIVE, IN LIVING COVER - and is availalbe in a video on our Vimeo channel. All 280 orignal objects of art and the artists are presented on our Tumblr page.
This year’s jury included: Jordan Awan, The New Yorker; Sergio Baradat, United Nations Postal Administration; Chad W. Beckerman, Abrams; Joele Cuyler, Real Simple; Jennifer Daniel, Bloomberg Businessweek; Grace Lee, Priest + Grace; and Alexandra Zsigmond, The New York Times.

Cover by Christopher Griffith
Design by Robert Festino

Cover by Jon Han
Design by Richard Turley