Call For Entries

American Photography and American Illustration, the books of record, still produced in all their defiant, large-format, luxurious, hardcover glory, offer high visibility and well-deserved recognition where it matters most. Submit your best work to be presented in the books, one image per page, and online in The Archive and in an eBook for all the world to see. The celebrated AI-AP annuals are the first and foremost go-to resources for art directors, designers, photo editors and art buyers who insist on assigning only the best original, thoughtful and compelling pictures.

American Photography 31

American Photography 31 Call For Entries OPEN.

Deadline January 23, 2015.

AP30 launches November 5-6th at BIG TALK and The Party.

American Illustration 34

American Illustration 34 Call For Entries OPEN.

Deadline February 2015.

AI33 launches November 5-6th at BIG TALK and The Party.