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Trending: Will Video Kill Photography's Stars?

PetaPixel   Wednesday October 22, 2014

Will cameras that shoot 4K video—and even higher resolutions—eliminate the need for still photography? In an essay at PetaPixel, William Shipton, the editor of the new Australian pro photography website ProCounter, notes that modern sensors are capable of capturing single frames of eight megapixels and higher—stills that can be printed at up to A4 size at 300dpi, which is standard printing resolution for most magazines. At Photokina, the RED cinema camera company made a push into the photo market by showing off its RED Epic Dragon model, a 6K camera capable of capturing 19-megapixel frames at 100fps.   Read the full Story >>

Resources: The Digital Convergence Podcast

iTunes   Wednesday October 22, 2014

Speaking of which: Digital-media producer Don Olson’s Digital Convergence Podcast looks at how new cameras, software and other gear are changing the way visual artists and photographers work. Olson covers everything from DSLR video and photography to time-lapse motion, HDR video, motion graphics, audio and post-production as he interviews experts like Shane Hurlbut, Dave Dugdale and, most recently, Den Lennie of Lennie Motion and FStopAcademy.   Read the full Story >>

BTS: Alex Buono On Creating SNL's New Title Sequence

Alex Buono   Wednesday October 22, 2014

Live from New York, it’s a whole new look: At his blog, Saturday Night Live Director of Photography (and popular educator) Alex Buono reveals how he and his team created a new title sequence for the show’s 40th season. “We bandied about a lot of different ideas: What about hyperlapse—have you seen the incredible videos by Rob Whitworth? What about super slo-mo—have you seen what the new Phantom4K can do?” he writes. The solution appeared when director Rhys Thomas brought up the idea of light painting.   Read the full Story >>

DIY Film: Create Pro-Quality Video Previews for Instagram

nofilmschool   Wednesday October 22, 2014

More and more people are using Instagram to share videos, but it you want yours to have a pro-quality look, there are some tricks you should know, says NoFilmSchool, which features a tutorial video from Kraig Adams at Wedding Film School. Adams has a six-step plan for creating advanced Instagram video previews with text, images and motion—which may be just the thing your business needs.   Read the full Story >>

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