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MAP Spotlight: At Home With Pulitzer Prize-Winning Composer Gunther Schuller

Vimeo   Wednesday May 4, 2016

Gunther Schuller, who died last June, was the American composer, conductor and teacher who coined the term Third Stream to describe music that drew from both classical and jazz; he was also a winner of a Pulitzer Prize in 1994 for his orchestral work “Of Reminiscences and Reflections.” California-based filmmakers and MAP readers Mary Trunk and Paul Sanchez  visited Schuller before his death, spending time with him at his home and recording his daily routines as he talked about his lifelong battle against conformity. Their 11-minute profile of the artist, The Past In the Present: At Home With Gunther Schuller, quietly reveal his creative process. Bravo!   Read the full Story >>

Media Watch, 1: The NY Times Is Sending Out More Google Cardboard

Poynter.   Wednesday May 4, 2016

Last November the New York Times took virtual reality to the masses by sending out Google Cardboard devices to subscribers so they could watch The Displaced, a documentary about three children uprooted by war and poverty. This month, reports Poynter, the Times will again be sending out Google Cardboard sets, this time to 300,000 digital-only subscribers. The move comes with the release of the film Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart, which allows viewers “to fly over Pluto, soaring above never-before-seen rugged mountains.” (See also: Item 3.)   Read the full Story >>

Media Watch, 2: Exploring the Journalistic Ethics of VR

Poynter.   Wednesday May 4, 2016

As more news organizations use virtual reality and 360 video, journalists have begun talking about the ethics of VR, adds Poynter, which outlines the pertinent issues. “Do the technical requirements of virtual reality conflict with the long-held journalistic standards preventing photojournalists from influencing the scenes they record? Does its visceral nature require new guidelines governing explicit and traumatic imagery? Do its immersive experiences interfere with efforts to craft balanced narratives?   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: SmallHD Goes Big with SmallHDR Production Monitors

CINEMA 5D   Wednesday May 4, 2016

SmallHD carved out a market niche with its 5- and 7-inch external monitors, but now the company is branching out with a line of rugged, full-sized displays that, notes Cinema 5D, are filled with pro features. The new SmallHDR monitors come in three sizes: 17 inches, 24 inches, and 32 inches. “[T]he 10-bit capabilities of the larger two models really make these the ideal choice for displaying HDR material, a technology that is emerging fast,” adds C5D.   Read the full Story >>

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