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Screening Room: The San Diego Highwayman Pays It Forward

Vimeo   Tuesday June 28, 2016

When he was 16, Thomas Weller drove his car into a ditch. A man came along and rescued him, asking only that Weller do the same for someone someday. Weller has spent 48 years doing just that, coming to the aid of thousands of stranded motorists and handing them a card asking them to pay his kindness forward. Weller is the subject of a short documentary called The San Diego Highwayman  by Canadian filmmaker Brent Foster, who explains at Vimeo how the self-funded film is paying it forward: In 2011, Weller’s famous rescue car “Beulah” was totaled during a rescue; the doc has helped raise $12,000 for its repair.   Read the full Story >>

Distribution News, 1: Shakeup At Vimeo Prompts Questions About Its Future

Indiewire   Tuesday June 28, 2016

Earlier this month,  Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor announced he was stepping down as the leader of the streaming service. During his four years leading the company, Vimeo grew from 40 to  200 employees. But notes Indiewire, it has not yet found a way to successfully transition from being a video-sharing site to a platform where customers pay for content. Bottom line: Without YouTube-style advertising, Vimeo has not been able to monetize the mountain of high-quality filmmaking it features.   Read the full Story >>

Distribution News, 2: BitTorrent Service Boosts Creators' Cut

nofilmschool   Tuesday June 28, 2016

In 2014, BitTorrent introduced Bundle, a pay-gate service for content creators on the platform. This month, notes NoFilmSchool, the company has launched BitTorrent Now, an ad-supported streaming service that provides an additional revenue option for creators. Participants in the pilot program, which will later be rolled out to all subscribers, will receive 70 percent of all the ad revenue their work generates. The service, available across streaming apps like Apple TV, already reaches a global audience of 200 million.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Ramper Pro 3 Is a Compact Time-Lapse Controller

CINEMA 5D   Tuesday June 28, 2016

An update of the popular Ramper Pro by Elysia Visuals, the new Ramper Pro 3 makes it easier to capture changing light during the transition from day to night, or vice versa, says Cinema 5D. The device connects to up to two cameras; after each picture is snapped, it analyzes the brightness of the image as well as a readout from its own light sensor. Then it adjusts the camera’s exposure settings for the next frame. Price: about $480.   Read the full Story >>

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