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MAP Spotlight: A BTS Video of a Still-Life Photo Shoot

Teri Studios   Tuesday September 16, 2014

Still images are … still. And still-life stills are very still. But to show the complexity and creativity it takes to create them, nothing works like motion. As we’ve noted previously, behind-the-scenes promo videos have become SOP for filmmakers, and photographers too. For instance, when Cincinnati-based commercial photographer (and MAP reader) Teri Campbell of Teri Studios recently shot an image featuring an iconic Bacardi rum bottle, he produced an accompanying BTS video, which is now on view at his website. Both flashy and splashy, the video even manages to capture the excitement of post-production! Is the BTS a new motion genre unto itself? Share yours with MAP.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News, 1: Sony Focuses on Filmmakers with Full-Frame Lens

PDNPULSE   Tuesday September 16, 2014

Camera and imaging companies are unveiling their new gear this week at the Photokina show in Cologne, Germany. Sony, for instance is debuting its FE PZ 28-135mm F G OSS, the first full-frame lens with a power zoom for smoother focusing. The new E-mount lens, notes PDN Pulse, is part of Sony’s effort to boost its line of full-frame cameras among filmmakers by tackling three issues that bedevil still-photo lenses during video shoots: changes in angle of view during focusing, focus shifts during zoom and the movement of the optical axis during zooming.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News, 2: Canon Debuts 7D Mark II

CINEMA 5D   Tuesday September 16, 2014

Speaking of Photokina unveilings: Canon has officially replaced its five-year-old 7D with the much-anticipated 20.2-megapixel 7D Mark II: Cinema 5D notes that the new addition to the Canon DSLR family delivers 1080p at 60 fps, a capability that used to be found only on the flagship EOS 1DC. The Dual Pixel CMOS cam allows AF in Video mode. Time-lapse creators take note: The EOS 7D Mark II’s interval timer takes from one to 99 shots at pre-selected intervals. What it doesn’t do, video-wise: capture 4K.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News, 3: Action-Cam Products Unveiled at Photokina

Photokina   Tuesday September 16, 2014

Of course there are other gear introductions this week at Photokina—the 2014 edition features over 1,000 suppliers in seven giant convention halls; some 180,000 people are expected to attend the show. A couple of noteworthy debuts of interest to filmmakers: The C&A Marketing Group will present the Polaroid Cube, a new lifestyle action video camera, while GoPro features its new 3D System designed for the HERO3+ Black, which lets users record synchronized 2D videos and convert 3D files.   Read the full Story >>

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