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Agenda, 1: Moving Into Motion at AI-AP's Big Talk Symposium

AI-AP   Friday October 24, 2014

Set aside the afternoon of November 5 for the annual AI-AP Big Talk symposium at the SVA Theater in New York City, where winning videos from the International Motion Art Awards 3 competition will be screened. Also on the agenda this year is a panel discussion featuring artists who have migrated to filmmaking from other mediums: photographer Stephen Mallon, a pioneer of time-lapse video who specializes in documenting the infrastructure of New York City, and illustrator Richard Borge, whose charming animated shorts often depict crazy Rube Goldberg-type mechanisms. We’ll also be introducing the American Photography 30 and American Illustration 33 annuals and celebrating the winners of the Latin American Fotografía 3 and Latin American Ilustración 3 competitions. See you there!   Read the full Story >>

Agenda, 2: Explore Video in Mag Publishing With SPD

Society of Publication Designers   Friday October 24, 2014

Meanwhile, on the evening of October 29 you can go to the SVA Theater for a panel discussion with some of today's top photo directors and web producers about the ever-increasing role of video in magazine brands. On the panel: Esquire photo editor Mike Norseng; Vanity Fair video producer Gilly Barnes; the team from Glamour that created the Emmy Award-winning series Screw You Cancer; and moderator Kira Pollack, director of photography at Time.   Read the full Story >>

Time-Lapse Showcase: The Isle of Skye, in Black and White

Vimeo   Friday October 24, 2014

Time lapses of beautiful places tend to be saturated with color, but what makes the video Skíð : Cloud Island stand out is its monochromatic beauty. Made by Fourth Dimension, a production company based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, the time lapse depicts Scotland’s Isle of Skye, in all its misty glory. The film was produced in collaboration with the Pathgate Institute for use in an upcoming remake of the Buddhist film Life Story of Guru Rinpoche. The project is ongoing, note the filmmakers at Vimeo.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: A Stop-Mo Tribute to Classic Films, With Legos

The Huffington Post   Friday October 24, 2014

Meanwhile, Scottish teen Morgan Spence used a set of Legos to create his stop-motion video Brick Flicks, a tribute to classic movies. Perhaps what’s most amazing about his feat is that he did the whole thing in a mere three weeks, notes the Huffington Post. Spence replicated 15 classic film scenes with the plastic blocks to promote Brick City, a new book from Lego master builder Warren Elsmore that includes film sets and posters from 60 iconic films—all built entirely from Legos, of course.   Read the full Story >>

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