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International Motion Art Awards: Thornberg & Forester 2

By David Schonauer   Thursday August 21, 2014

Launched in 2000, the New York City-based Vilcek Foundation raises public awareness of the contributions of immigrants to science, art, and culture in the United States through grants and other programs. In 2013, the foundation decided to create a branding identity for a series of films it produces, and it turned to the Thornberg & Forester production company. The result was 30 seconds of motion ...   Read the full Story >>

Insight: What I Learned After Doing 40 Interviews For My Documentary

nofilmschool   Friday August 29, 2014

What happens when the main character in your documentary is a dud at giving an interview? “Getting a person’s story on camera is an elusive process, and since I just spent over five years working on a short and a feature in which I conducted over 40 interviews, I thought I’d share a list of things that I picked up along the way that might help you,” writes Oakley Anderson-Moore at NoFilmSchool. Step one: Decide whether you’re the best person to do the interview, and then decide what you want to get out of the interview.   Read the full Story >>

Time-Lapse Showcase: Beautiful Portugal, With Tricky Transitions

Vimeo   Friday August 29, 2014

Time-lapse travelogs are commonplace these days, but those created by Ukrainian photographer Kirill Neiezhmakov are not. Ironically, Neiezhmakov made his latest Vimeo Staff Pick, Portugal Hyperlapse/Timelapse, while in Lisbon to accept a Best Timelapse award for a previous video. He shot it with a Canon 60D, a Canon 550D, and a GoPro, various lenses and Konova K5 motorized slider, but, notes DIY Photography, it’s his skills in post—you’ll be amazed at his transitions—that really set his work apart.   Read the full Story >>

Friday Focus: David Lynch's Ice-Bucket Challenge Is the Only One You Need to See

Indiewire   Friday August 29, 2014

Of course director David Lynch’s ALS ice-bucket challenge would be weirdly wonderful. In fact, notes Indiewire, it’s the only one you need to see. Lynch offers twin peaks of interest, first by making this an iced-coffee bucket challenge (as per actress Laura Dern), as he mixes in a double-shot of espresso … and then by playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on a trumpet. Sort of. Have a nice Labor Day weekend.   Read the full Story >>

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