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MAP Spotlight: Luiz Maximiano's "Sky Over Your Shoulders"

Vimeo   Thursday August 27, 2015

Brazilian photographer Luiz Maximiano, a multi-time winner of the Latin American Fotografia  competition, has completed a short film called The Sky Over Your Shoulders, which premiered recently at the HollyShorts Film Festival  in Los Angeles. See the trailer now at Vimeo. The 15-minute narrative thriller, says Maximiano, is “about a guy who gets lost while driving his car through an isolated dirty road in the middle of nowhere.” The strange situations he runs into cause him to wonder if he is in an alternate universe. Shooting was done in the rural landscape of southern Brazil in March. The film’s director of photography was another LAF winner, Brazilian photographer Gabriel Rinaldi.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Create the Look of Classic Cinema with SmallHD LUT Files

News Shooter   Thursday August 27, 2015

Monitor manufacturer SmallHD has released a package of LUT files that enable you to recreate the look of big-budget films such as Apocalypse Now, Saving Private Ryan, The Matrix  and Moonrise Kingdom, notes News Shooter. You can apply the LUTs to your own footage both in post and on set—if you have a monitor that supports applying a LUT to a flat Log-style input. Not coincidentally, SmallHD’s own 501 and 502 monitors do so.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Creating a Skateboard Paradise in D.C.

Vimeo   Thursday August 27, 2015

What began as the DC Downhill Club has grown into DC Drain and Clean — a group of skateboarders from the Washington, D.C., area who have made it their mission to seek out backyard pools to drain and skate — making unique friendships along the way. The eight-minute doc DCDC  follows the skateboarders as they go about reclaiming cement treasures. Created by Run Riot, a collection of three filmmakers who met at National Geographic, the doc was shot primarily with a RED Epic and Leica R lenses.   Read the full Story >>

How To: 5 Easy Ways to Shoot Day For Night

Indiewire   Thursday August 27, 2015

With all the new cameras that can record video in extreme low-light conditions — including the Sony a7S and Canon C300 — is there any longer a need to know how to shoot day for night? Yes, says LA-based film filmmaker and editor Noam Kroll at Indiewire. “There are still some huge advantages to shooting day for night which can make it an ideal choice for many filmmakers,” says Kroll. He divulges five easy ways for shooting day for night in the digital age.   Read the full Story >>

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