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International Motion Art Awards: Scott Montgomery

By David Schonauer   Wednesday December 17, 2014

Los Angeles-based photographer Scott Montgomery built a career shooting people and lifestyle advertising images, but for the past several years he has also been collaborating with the LA band William Pilgrim on a unique body of video work, two examples of which were selected as winners in the International Motion Art Awards 3 competition. The project involves a documentary about the band's lead ...   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: News Shooter's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

News Shooter   Friday December 19, 2014

Are you still looking for filmmaking gift ideas? News Shooter has suggestions, most for under $150. For instance: an entry-level GoPro (having an extra one around is always useful); tiny Pelican 1060 cases, which are great for wireless mics, lavalieres, GoPros and chargers; the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder, which allows you to feed HD-SDI and HDMI signals from your camera directly into your Mac; and the Airbox, an inflatable soft box that creates a large diffused light source but also packs down in seconds.   Read the full Story >>

Annals of Advertising: A Mockumentary for Skittles

ADWEEK   Friday December 19, 2014

The best Skittles advertising has always been about anatomical oddities, says Adweek, citing spots featuring sheepboys, a guy with the living beard, a man whose touch turns everything to Skittles, and an angry piñata man. Now, BBDO Toronto and Cannes Lions award-winning director Conor Byrne add to the theme with a short mockumentary about a man who—thanks to a run-in with a rainbow—is completely made of Skittles. Stash adds that it’s a nice poke at the current flood of overly earnest doc profile films.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: Time Lapse Shows Puppy Becoming a Dog

YouTube   Friday December 19, 2014

We read somewhere that the idea of a dog year being equal to six human years is not entirely accurate. In any case, San Francisco-based art director Greg Coffin has captured his Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sophia, growing from two months to three years old in a mere 23 seconds. His viral time lapse then runs in reverse, showing the dog shrinking back to puppy size. Coffin photographed his pet every weekend, with the help of his wife, who got the dog to stand still, notes the Daily Mail.   Read the full Story >>

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