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MAP Spotlight: Minimalist Luxe In Forrest's "Palace" Music Video

Vimeo   Friday July 3, 2015

“Here, fashion meets strangeness, and the artist makes a cameo.” So says director (and MAP reader) Olivier Labonté LeMoyne, whose latest effort is the music video for the song “Palace,” by Montreal-based DJ and producer Forest in collaboration with Thailand's Sunju Hargun. The bone-shaker of a song is matched by the steely palette of the video, which, notes Vice magazine’s Thump blog, “is glazed in a minimalist-luxe that teeters into sinister territory. It's like watching the cast of a Pantene Pro V commercial tweak out on a cocktail of Veuve champagne and bath salts.”   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: ShotPro, a Power Pre-Visualization App, Now For OSX

nofilmschool   Friday July 3, 2015

ShotPro  made a splash when it was released for iOS earlier this year. Now, notes NoFilmSchool, the powerful pre-visulization software is back, this time with a full-featured desktop app. Like other pre-vis apps, ShotPro lets you plan out your film with detailed animations; but it’s only $30, which makes it great for low-budget and indie filmmakers.   Read the full Story >>

Documentary Showcase: The Man Who Hears Colors

Vimeo   Friday July 3, 2015

Yesterday we took note of a short documentary  about a man who has the odd ability to spell words backwards, all day long. Today there is New York-based director Greg Brunkalla’s five-minute doc Hearing Colors, part of a series on technology sponsored by Samsung that focuses on a man with achromatism, or total color blindness. He uses an implanted color-sensor technology that picks up light frequencies, which are then transmitted to his head as sound waves. Fittingly, the video is black and white.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Fixing the 6 Most Common Mistakes Made in After Effects

Surfaced Studio   Friday July 3, 2015

If you’re having problems with After Effects, a new video from Surfaced Studio may help. The video runs through the most common mistakes people make while using the software and explains how to fix them. Blend mode buttons missing? Layers gone missing? Masks not working? Glitches during preview? These are some of the problems you’ll learn to solve.   Read the full Story >>

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