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Dept of Ideas: Reshaping Landscapes With Electroluminescence

Vimeo   Friday October 21, 2016

German artists Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor, aka 3hund, say they share “the same passion for nature, adventure and dark melancholic images.” For their video project Lucid, a Vimeo Staff Pick, they used electroluminescent light shapes and wires “to create a surreal world based on simple geometric light shapes that seem misplaced, but somehow blend with its surrounding at the same time.” The small light sources, seen amid vast landscapes, tell stories “of magic and loneliness,” they note. Go here  for the project’s web page. Go here  to see a behind-the-scenes video showing how the work was created.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Stabilize Old GoPros with Snoppa Go

nofilmschool   Friday October 21, 2016

It’s frustrating when new tech makes old cameras obsolete — a case in point being the new GoPro Karma grip stabilizer, which works only with the GoPro Hero5, the Hero5 session, and the GoPro Hero4. But, notes NoFilmSchool, if all you want is stabilization without the drone features, Snoppa has a stabilizer that will work with just about any camera with a design similar to the GoPro — including older GoPros.    Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Encountering "The Last Mambabatok"

Vimeo   Friday October 21, 2016

The latest film in Brent Foster’s estimable While I’m Here: Legacy Project  series about “everyday humans with extraordinary stories” focuses on Apo Whang, a member of the Butbut tribe living in the remote mountains of the Luzon province in The Philippines. Now 99, she is the last Mambabatok — a hand-tap tattoo artist — from her generation and is now passing the tradition on to a new generation. The tattoos are considered a symbol of pride for warriors and beauty for women.   Read the full Story >>

Inspiration: How to Overcome Creative Self-Doubt

Stage 32   Friday October 21, 2016

“When enough time goes by without a significant milestone or recognition of your work, you begin to doubt yourself,” writes producer, writer and social entrepreneur Amanda Toye at Stage 32. Such self-doubt, she adds, affects your creative output, which in turn can lead to more self-doubt. If you find yourself in that place, the first thing to remember, Toye advises, is that you’re not alone. She has insights on learning to trust your instinct and abilities.   Read the full Story >>

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