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Screening Room: Leaving Home to Join ISIS

The New York Times   Friday February 27, 2015

With no notice, Islam Yaken slipped away from his middle-class home in Egypt to join the Islamic State in Syria, and his family and close friends have not seen him since, except in propaganda and training videos. New York Times video journalist Mona El-Naggar’s short film Three Friends, One Jihadi explores Yaken’s story by talking with people who knew him in Egypt. The film offers insights on why ISIS has been able to lure  young people to its fight. “It is a phenomenon that is as much a threat to Muslim nations as to the West, if not more so, as thousands of young men volunteer as foot soldiers, ready to kill and willing to die,” writes El-Naggar.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Why Sony's 28-135mm F/4 Zoom Is the Cine Lens You Need

CINEMA 5D   Friday February 27, 2015

Is the Sony 28-135mm F/4 zoom  the cine lens that filmmakers have been waiting for? Until now, filmmakers were left to choose between affordable photo lenses that lacked pro video features and expensive cine lenses, notes Cinema 5D, which has tested the new Sony lens against the Canon 24-105mm F/4 and come to this conclusion: The new Sony lens is the best of both worlds.   Read the full Story >>

Animation: Retro Gaming Graphics Explain Life Lessons

YouTube   Friday February 27, 2015

It’s all about storytelling: The video We Go Forward has the pixillated look of a retro game but in two-and-a-half minutes tells a moving generational story of human advancement. Based on a web comic by Owl Turd Comix, it was created by Brazilian illustrator and games artist Matheus Muniz  in collaboration with Youtube channel PipocaVFX and musician Julian Alvarez Chaia. “This beautiful yet simple animation brought a tear to my eye,” notes Creative Boom’s Katy Cowan.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: Hypnotic Short Based on Avant-Garde Novel

Salon   Friday February 27, 2015

The acclaimed avant-garde novelist Tom McCarthy has collaborated with filmmaker Johan Grimonprez  on a video inspired by his new book Satin Island, and the results are hypnotic, notes Salon. The novel follows a “corporate anthropologist” who, while compiling a sprawling ethnographic document, becomes fascinated by the story of a fatal parachuting accident. In an interview, McCarthy says he didn’t want to simply make a trailer for the book, but to adapt a short passage from it.   Read the full Story >>

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