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Tech News, 1: The Kite Drone, the Mini Drone, and More

HDVideoPro   Friday July 31, 2015

As we noted recently at Pro Photo Daily, there are already so many drones in the sky that companies are starting to develop anti-drone technologies, while civil aviation authorities write new drone regulations. On the other hand, notes DIY Photography, the new Fotokite Phi drone sort of skirts regulations. Rather than being radio controlled, it’s tethered via cable. (DIYP also spotlights YouTuber QueDecree, who mounts his GoPros on kites.) Meanwhile, the crowded drone market keeps getting more crowded: PetaPixel features the new Micro Drone 3, which is tiny, cheap and sophisticated. HDVideo Pro has a comprehensive drone overview.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News, 2: Canon ME20F-SH, With a 4-Million ISO

CINEMA 5D   Friday July 31, 2015

Canon has unveiled its new ME20F-SH, a multipurpose full-frame 35mm camera that can shoot at an astounding 4,000,000 ISO, notes Cinema 5D. Translated, that means it can see in the dark. The 1080p camera is aimed at a number of different markets, including nighttime surveillance/security, cinema, reality TV, and nature/wildlife documentaries, adds NoFilmSchool, and it comes with a positive-locking EF mount and features Canon Log and Wide DR for maximum recorded dynamic range.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: A Technological Future in "The Chamber"

Vimeo   Friday July 31, 2015

The latest effort from San Francisco-based designer, director and self-described “Galactic Crusader” GMUNK  is a sobering looking into mankind’s place in the age of connectedness. In fact, the short film, called The Chamber, was made as part of Samsung’s The Connected branded-content series. GMUNK’s narrative film focuses on  a man who enters a device known as the chamber, which presents him with multiple projections of himself. Go here  for a detailed BTS breakdown.   Read the full Story >>

Insight, 1: How They Crowdfunded a Doc About Crowdfunding

Indiewire   Friday July 31, 2015

Timon Birkhofer and Jørg Kundinger say that it was difficult to crowdfund their new documentary about … crowdfunding. In fact, they say the film, called CAPITAL C, “is the textbook example of the fact that people will not give money just because they like the idea of crowdfunding.” Rather, the filmmakers explain at Indiewire, people give money because they like what you have to offer.   Read the full Story >>

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