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Trending, 1: Portraits of the New Family of Man

The Huffington Post   Wednesday July 30, 2014

The family of man comes in all shapes: The Census Bureau has predicted that by 2043, no single racial group will make up a majority in the US, while the number of people who self-identify with multiple races is rising significantly, notes the Huffington Post. This demographic trend is the subject of “Mixed Blood,” a series from photographer CYJO (born Cindy Hwang), who identifies as an American of Korean ethnicity. Her portraits of mixed-race families in New York City and Bejing explore the multiculturalism that has shaped her life and is shaping the world’s future. “[W]hat I find intriguing about these families is that they defy the border and racial conflicts that we read about or may have experienced,” she says.   Read the full Story >>

Trending, 2: Capturing an Adopted Nephew's First Days in His New Home

The Huffington Post   Wednesday July 30, 2014

Family is also the topic of Atlanta-based photographer Kate T. Parker’s series “Blended.” When her sister and brother-in-law adopted her five-month-old nephew, Sam, in February, Parker, who specializes in family portraiture, tenderly captured his first moments in his new home. The work, notes the Huffington Post, documents what Parker calls "the power of love.” Because Sam is black and his new mother and father are white, the images also explore “what it means to be a biracial family," says Parker.   Read the full Story >>

Trending, 3: Re-Building a Father-Daughter Relationship, in Pictures

Lens Culture   Wednesday July 30, 2014

Growing up, Diana Markosian had few memories of her father. When she was seven, her parents separated; her father remained in Moscow while her mother moved to California. Fifteen years later, Markosian, a recipient of Burn magazine’s Emerging Photographer Fund grant, flew to the former Soviet republic of Armenia to reconnect with her father and began her series “My Father, the Stranger.” The pictures, she notes at Lens Culture, “are my attempt to piece together an image of a familiar stranger.”   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Dos and Don'ts for Finding a Commercial Photo Agent

A Photo Editor   Wednesday July 30, 2014

Are you an aspiring photographer looking for representation? Rep Mark Winer from the Gren Group has some dos and don’ts for you at the company’s blog (and re-posted by A Photo Editor). Among his dos: “Personalize your message to the rep you’re reaching out to and reference something worthwhile and specific. Find some common ground.” One thing you shouldn’t do: be lazy. “Success in this business requires a ton of ambition, passion, and a positive outlook,” Winer writes. “Enthusiasm is contagious—clients and reps can feed off your energy.”   Read the full Story >>

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