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Trending: 5 Kinds of Dogs For the Dog Days of 2015

By David Schonauer   Thursday August 27, 2015

With the dog days of August upon us, we look at some of the recent stories we've been gathering about photographers and their best friends. First off, it's worth knowing why the dog days are called the dog days: Like PPD's editors, you may have wrongly assumed the term referred to the warmest weeks of summer when even the most rambunctious ...   Read the full Story >>

Update: Controversy Continues Over Detroit Tiger Shoot

The Huffington Post   Thursday August 27, 2015

In other animal news: Controversy continues in the wake of a viral story  about a photo shoot in an abandoned Detroit factory involving a tiger that was either on the loose, or not. UK-based photographer David Yarrow says the tiger was in fact never loose; as we noted last week, Yarrow apparently filed all the right permit forms with the city — failing, however, to mention that wild animals were being used. The Huffington Post finds two kinds of exploitation in the story — one of animals, as well as ruin porn. Fstoppers  has more.   Read the full Story >>

On View: Eric Meola's "Tornado Alley"

TIME LightBox   Thursday August 27, 2015

The dog days of summer may be good time to take it easy (see item one), but not for storm chasers looking to capture spectacular weather. Time LightBox spotlights one of them: famed photographer (and PPD contributor) Eric Meola. Known for his images of Bruce Springsteen and other work, Meola has spent three years traveling 25,000 miles for his project “Tornado Alley: The Sky Above the Land Below,” which will be on view at the Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery in NYC from Sept. 3 to 26.   Read the full Story >>

Industry News: FTC Guidelines for Paid Endorsements

PDNPULSE   Thursday August 27, 2015

The Federal Trade Commission has issued new guidelines  regarding paid endorsements that photographers should be aware of—especially if they’re promoting products on their Instagram feeds, notes PDN Pulse. The guidelines say that if you are being compensated to endorse a company, product or event, you should say so. There are no fines for violations of rules, but you could be required  to give up money you received. On Instagram, photographers often tag companies that sponsor them without disclosing the nature of that sponsorship, adds PDN.   Read the full Story >>

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