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Agenda, 1: Discussing "Everyday Everywhere" at Big Talk

AI-AP   Friday October 24, 2014

Set aside the afternoon of November 5 for the annual AI-AP Big Talk symposium at the SVA Theater in New York City, which marks the official launch of the American Photography 30 and American Illustration 33 annuals. Also on the agenda is a panel discussion about  @Everyday Everywhere, the photo movement that is upending how the world sees itself. On the panel: Everyday Africa founder Austin Merrill; John Edwin Mason, a professor of African history and photo history; photo business and creative strategist Stephen Mayes; Michael Shaw, founder and editor of the BagNews Notes blog, and New Yorker DOP Whitney Johnson. We’ll also be revealing the winners of the International Motion Art Awards and the Latin American Ilustración 3 competitions.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Why You Need a 28-Foot Camera Stand

PetaPixel   Friday October 24, 2014

The answer to that question is this: Because sometimes you want to capture aerial-style photos without having to fly a drone. The MegaMast extends from 69-inches when collapsed to it full 28-foot height; it weighs a relatively light 16 pounds, notes PetaPixel, so you won’t kill your assistant when your take it out on location. Price: $600.   Read the full Story >>

Art News: Photos By Forgotten Victorian Woman Go On Sale

artdaily   Friday October 24, 2014

An archive of over 350 unpublished images by the Victorian amateur photographer Emma Francis Johnston is to be sold at Bonhams sale of Fine Books, Atlases, Manuscripts and Photographs in London on November 12, notes Art Daily. Johnston is one of the lost figures of 19th century photography: Very little is known about her, except that she came from a comfortable middleclass Hampstead family. Her work—unlike contemporaries such as Julia Margaret Cameron—provides an intimate view of life in her social circle, notes Bonhams.   Read the full Story >>

Honor Roll: 2014 Eddie Adams Workshop Winners Announced

PDNPULSE   Friday October 24, 2014

The 2014 edition of the four-day Eddie Adams Workshop ended recently, and PDN Pulse takes note of the students who won this year’s awards, including Palestinian photojournalist Eman Mohammed, who received the $2,500 Chris Hondros Fund Award; Zack Wittman, a junior at Central Michigan University, who received the Nikon Award including a Nikon D4S camera; and Jonas Wresch, a German photographer based in Colombia, who receives a $1,000 grant from National Geographic. Go here for more.   Read the full Story >>

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