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Trending: Julia Fullerton-Batten Shoots Eva Green for Campari

Bloomberg   Thursday December 18, 2014

The Internet is looking forward to 2015 … because of the new Campari calendar shot by noted fine-art photographer (and PPD reader) Julia Fullerton-Batten. Titled “Mytholody Mixology,” the calendar pays tribute to 12 cocktails made with Campari, but the main attraction is actress Eva Green (Casino Royale; Penny Dreadful), who, notes the Daily Mail, is “red hot,” in part because she’s dressed in red for each of the calendar’s 12 images. Fullerton-Batten is the first woman to shoot the calendar, which is now in its 16th edition. She brings her signature style—cinematic lighting, elaborate sets, and an underlying sense of narrative—to the project. Bloomberg features a BTS video about the making of the calendar.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Profoto Adds High-Speed Sync to the B1 Off-Camera Flash

PetaPixel   Thursday December 18, 2014

Profoto is adding High-Speed Sync (HSS) to the company’s popular B1 off-camera flash through a simple firmware update, reports PetaPixel. The company says the new HSS manages to deliver consistent and even output without sacrificing speed or power through a patent-pending technology that uses an “extremely fast series of flash pulses.” Once you have the firmware update, you’ll be able to shoot with the B1 at shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 of a second.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Mark Laita's Personal Project About Mexican Wrestlers

A Photo Editor   Thursday December 18, 2014

As part of its series focusing on the personal projects of commercial photographers, A Photo Editor talks with Mark Laita about his portraits of Mexican Wrestlers.  “I love the cultural uniqueness of Mexican wrestling. I can’t say I love the wrestling itself, but documenting these large, masked Mexican men in tights and capes can’t be beat,” says Laita, who began his career shooting rock bands touring through Chicago in the 1980s. “When I feel I’m finished I’ll show it to publishers,” he says of the wrestler series.   Read the full Story >>

People On the Move: Julien Frydman Quits Paris Photo

artnet news   Thursday December 18, 2014

Julien Frydman, head of the French and Los Angeles-based art fair Paris Photo for the past four years, has announced that he will leave his post as director late next month, reports Artnet News. The announcement comes just a month after the 18th edition of Paris Photo, and five months before the third edition of Paris Photo Los Angeles. Frydman says he is leaving to take another job; he did not reveal what he will be doing, saying only that he will not be working for an art fair. He is credited with opening Paris Photo to a wider art audience.     Read the full Story >>

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