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What We Learned This Week: The Short-Lived Effect of Powerful News Photos

By David Schonauer   Friday November 27, 2015

This week we learned about the nature of news and the the relative power of photography. We reported on a study by a European media institute that assessed the impact of several powerful photos showing a three-year-old Syrian boy who drowned as his family fled to Greece to escape war. Though the image brought about cries for better treatment for refugees, its effect was ...   Read the full Story >>

Photojournalism: World Press Photo's New Ethics Guidelines

PDNPULSE   Friday November 27, 2015

The 2016 World Press Photo contest will be carried out with new rules, guidelines and procedures, notes PDN Pulse. The changes include a new code of ethics, backed by more specific rules against photo manipulation. The new code of ethics reflects the World Press Photo Foundation’s efforts at reform taken in the wake of a photo-manipulation scandal last year. Photographers eligible for the final round of judging will now have to provide a digital RAW file, or the original unprocessed JPEG file along with the three frames before and after the contest entry, adds the New York Times.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Photographing Camera-Shy Yakuza

VICE   Friday November 27, 2015

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Yakuza aren’t welcoming to strangers — especially non-Japanese strangers with cameras. But, notes Vice, members of the notorious Japanese gang let Australian photographer Jesse Lizotte photograph them, and the result is his “Born Too Late” series. “They struggle to get their head around the idea that it's cool to show off your tattoos and be a gangster. The Yakuza are real straight forward though,” says Lizotte, who has also photographed lowrider gangs in Chicago and LA.   Read the full Story >>

Industry News: Canon Sues Gray-Market Dealers

PetaPixel   Friday November 27, 2015

Canon USA has filed lawsuits against a number of camera-gear retailers in an attempt to stop the sale of gray-market camera gear, notes PetaPixel. Such dealers import and sell unauthorized gear that was intended for another country’s camera market. The cheaper gear is not counterfeit, but it’s unauthorized and usually isn’t covered by Canon’s warranty. Among the companies named in the suit: Get It Digital, All New Shop, F&E Trading.   Read the full Story >>

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