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What We Learned This Week: McCurry's Troubles and Summer's Start

By David Schonauer   Friday May 27, 2016

The photo news dominating internet buzz in the past week centered on two stories: The controversy surrounding Photoshopped images by photographer Steve McCurry and a legal case in France that had a photojournalist facing criminal charges over a picture she took following the terrorist attacks in Paris last November. McCurry's doctored images gave rise to an interesting conversation that, it seemed, the photo ...   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Stick-On Lenses Turn Your Phone Into a Microscope

THE VERGE   Friday May 27, 2016

Your phone just got more powerful: The Verge spotlights Blips — a set of thin, stick-on lenses that turn your cell phone into a portable, digital microscope. Currently being very successfully Kickstarted, Blips are the thinnest lenses available for mobile phones, notes the manufacturer. They stick on with reusable adhesive and are slim enough (between 0.5 millimeters and 1.2 millimeters thick) to fit into your wallet. With the right digital zoom it's possible to magnify images up to 100 times.   Read the full Story >>

Art News: How Diane Arbus Became "Arbus"

The New York Times   Friday May 27, 2016

This summer New York’s Met Breuer museum will feature a much-anticipated exhibition called “Diane Arbus: In the Beginning.” In a prelude, Arthur Lubow, author of Diane Arbus: Portrait of a Photographer, offers an essay in the New York Times that details how Arbus broke away from her fashion-photography business to explore new artistic territory. “Diane needed, temperamentally and philosophically, to poke through pretensions and masks to expose the hidden truth,” writes Lubow.   Read the full Story >>

See It Now: The First Photographs of Lightning

HYPERALLERGIC   Friday May 27, 2016

There is still time to see “Sight Reading: Photography and the Legible World” at the Morgan Library & Museum in Manhattan; the exhibition, which features the first photographs of lightning, runs through May 30. In the 1880s, William Nicholson Jennings set out to prove the diversity and unpredictability of lightning’s path, capturing bolts with his plate camera, notes Hyperallergic. Though Jennings is credited as being the first to photograph lightning, there are other contenders for the title.   Read the full Story >>

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