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What We Learned This Week: Politics Takes Center Stage

By David Schonauer   Friday July 22, 2016

This week America watched Donald Trump take the stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Meanwhile, PPD exercised its right to look at the art of politics, not as practiced by politicians, but by photographers. We learned from a New York Times photo editor what makes a good political photograph, and we discovered that visual journalists heading to Cleveland were gearing up as ...   Read the full Story >>

See It Now: Fujifilm's Wonder Photo Store in NYC

Digital Trends   Friday July 22, 2016

Fujifilm is bringing its retail concept to the US with today's opening of the Wonder Photo Shop  in NYC. Located on Fifth Avenue and 22nd Street, comfortably within the city’s photo district, the store features Fujifilm’s latest gear and will serve as a hub for photographic education and inspiration, notes Digital Trends. The goals for the store are fairly simple: Fujifilm wants the space to generate a “photo renaissance.” Don't miss: the DIY lounge, which provides training from in-house experts and guest presenters.   Read the full Story >>

Art News,1: Highlights from Arles 2016

LensCulture   Friday July 22, 2016

The 47th edition of the Les Rencontres d’Arles  in France got off to its start earlier this month, and LensCulture has put together a highlight reel. “As ever,” notes the website, “the festival attempts to be all things for all people: iconic names like Don McCullin and Garry Winogrand receive top billing, with the still regal McCullin given center stage during the first week’s closing presentations. At the same time, the festival puts forward unexpected.” Among the later: a show called "New Forms for Contemporary Image Production."   Read the full Story >>

Art News, 2: Legal Wrangle for Avedon "American West" Prints

The New York Times   Friday July 22, 2016

“The eyes were always critical for Dick,” says Ruedi Hofmann, the master printer for Richard Avedon’s landmark project “In the American West.” Hofmann worked long hours on the series and understood that his payment would be a set of signed prints. Today he has the rare prints — 126 of them. But, notes the NY Times, they were never signed by the photographer, who died in 2004, and the Richard Avedon Foundation has refused to authenticate them, leaving the artwork in a legal limbo.   Read the full Story >>

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