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PPD Spotlight: Dressing Up in the Outback to Make a Point

By David Schonauer   Tuesday May 3, 2016

"My friends and family know that I will go anywhere, but when I went snow camping for the first time, alone, I surprisingly got a lot of comments implying that I needed or should have a man with me," says Texas-based photographer and Pro Photo Daily reader Deleigh Hermes, adding, "I feel that women are expected to be independent in life, but society still ...   Read the full Story >>

Resources: Courses Come to Apple TV

Linked in   Tuesday May 3, 2016

Online tutorial platform  has tons of photography courses and has proven to be a great resource for pros and enthusiasts alike. Now it’s coming to Apple TV: You can stream and watch more than 4,500 expert-led courses in a variety of categories, including photography. (For example: Photo Attorney courses like Photography and the Law: Understanding Copyright and Photography. Hit the link to find out how to get connected.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Photographing the Human Behind the Term "Migrant"

It’s Nice That   Tuesday May 3, 2016

A year ago, designer Thomas Saxby and photographer Daniel Castro Garcia of UK-based John Radcliffe Studio traveled to Italy to document the European migrant crisis. They were certainly not the only people to do so, but they came away with a unique view of the refugees, notes It’s Nice That: The images that resulted from their trip focus on individuals rather than a generalized humanitarian crisis. They are now crowdfunding a book at Kickstarter  called Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015–16.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Lexar microSD Card Reader Makes Transferring Photos Easy

DIYPhotography   Tuesday May 3, 2016

MicroSD cards have become the go-to storage for action cams and compacts, but, notes DIY Photography, when it’s time to transfer images to a computer or mobile device, a converter is needed to turn the MicroSD card into a full-sized card. Lexar’s new microSD Reader lets you directly plug a MicroSD card into the Lightning connector of any comparable iOS device.   Read the full Story >>

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