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Trending: Diving Photo Site Scores with Whale Poop

DivePhotoGuide   Wednesday January 28, 2015

DivePhotoGuide, an underwater photo website, has a number of interesting articles to peruse, including gear reviews and photographer profiles. But it recently took the Internet by storm with its story about Canadian underwater photographer Keri Wilk, who was swimming with sperm whales off the coast of Dominica in March 2014 when he documented a full-on whale "poopnado." One of the whales, it seems, signaled a degree of displeasure at being photographed by creating a what Wilk calls a “poop cloud” over 100 feet in diameter. Wilk adds that he was following government regulations and not stressing the animal. DPG wonders if anyone has ever recorded this kind of defecation behavior before.   Read the full Story >>

Legal Brief: Photog Sues Nike Over Iconic Air Jordan Logo

The Oregonian   Wednesday January 28, 2015

Famed photographer Jacobus Rentmeester (aka Co Rentmeester) has filed suit against Nike in Portland federal court, claiming the company ripped off a photo of Michael Jordan he shot in 1984 to create the iconic “Jumpman” logo for its Air Jordan line. According to the Oregonian, the suit claims that Nike paid Rentmeester $150 in August 1984 for temporary use of two 35mm transparencies of Jordan he shot for Life magazine. But in February 1985, the lawsuit says, Nike had a photograph taken of a soaring Jordan that recreated key elements of Rentmeester’s photo. DIY Photography explains why this matters to photographers.
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Exhibitions: Gordon Parks's Unseen Photos of 1950s Segregation

Slate   Wednesday January 28, 2015

Growing up in heavily-segregated Fort Scott, Kansas, Gordon Parks attended an all-black grade school, then went on to  break barriers by becoming the first black man to work as a staff photographer for Life magazine. In 1950, 20 years after he had left Fort Scott, he returned to the city to find and photograph all 11 of his grade-school classmates as a way of measuring the impact of school segregation. Slate explains why the story never ran in the mag. Now, however, the images are on view at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.   Read the full Story >>

Wedding Photo, 1: A Public Dispute Over Album Cover Charge

PetaPixel   Wednesday January 28, 2015

Contracts are important. That’s the takeaway from the story PetaPixel tells about Texas wedding photographer Andrea Polito and a dispute he’s having over an album cover charge. A pair of Dallas newlyweds went public with the disagreement after paying Polito $6,000 to shoot their October 2014 wedding. They expected to receive a 40-page storybook album with up to 80 images, as stated in a contract. But they balked when Politio charged an additional $150 to order a cover for the album. The devil is in the details.   Read the full Story >>

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