Note where subcategories are required for sumbissions in Editorial, Books, and Unpublshded categories.


Individual images or stories on any subject for magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals in both print and digital media. Including assigned outtakes.

SUBCATEGORIES required: Photojournalism/News; Portraiture; Fashion/Design; Food; Travel/Lifestyle; Sports; Conceptual; Animals; Still Life; and Other.


Covers, individual images and sequential series from trade books, limited editions, children’s books, graphic novels, comic books and self-published editions. NOTE: since the jury is considering only the arwork, we recommend submitting only the images, out of contex to the page layout, design or packaging.

SUBCATEGORIES required: Children’s Books; Monographs; Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction; Graphic Novels/Comics; and Other.



Ads in consumer and trade magazines, newspapers, websites and all other media. Entire campaigns or individual images accepted from print and digital media.



Images and all forms of designed material for brochures, annual reports, catalogs, direct mail, announcement cards, CD covers, calendars, posters, labels and packaging, websites, point-of-sale or merchandising and self-promotion pieces from print and digital media. Includes large-scale murals and 2D installations.



Designed promotional, political, music and theater posters for commercial or not-for-profit clients and self-generated projects.


• 3-D

3-D vinyl and plush toys, products and installations for either not-for-profit or commercial purpose.



Still shots from live action and animation for feature films, television commercials, documentaries, websites, games, Apps and music videos. Includes any image or design that moves. Up to 6 still images accepted per project.



Self-generated personal, experimental and fine art work.

SUBCATEGORIES required: Personal Work; Fine Art; Nudes, and Other.



Any work by full- or part-time undergrad and graduate students completed in class, not for commercial use. Students may submit individually or as part of a department or class.