Protest Art, V.3

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday March 16, 2017

Jenny Goldstick:
This image is created by (top to bottom) Barbara Geoghegan, Alex Beguez, Jenny Goldstick, and Nadia DeLane. 
We are a group of female art makers who are diverse in so many ways and yet we unify under the common denominator of visual storytelling. We collaborated together on an exquisite corpse (completed in-person, then scanned and finished digitally). The resulting image is a group of resilient, unified protestors, driven by comics, illustration, information design, filmmaking and collage backgrounds. Rise up!

Barbara Geoghegan -
Alex Beguez -
Jenny Goldstick -
Nadia DeLane -

Lauren Simkin Berke:
Since the election I've created a bunch of political art, and I couldn't figure out what pieces made the most sense to send, so I've included a bit of everything. There's "Just Another Saturday," a comic I drew initially for Resist! that I ended up extending for my New Years mailer; there's post-it documentation of protest signs from the January 21st marches in DC and NYC; there are designs for postcards and buttons created for letter writing campaign I called "Valentines for Congress"; a first attempt at a single panel political cartoon; a protest sign I made on display in a local cafe; a handwritten "protest trans youth" image created for use on social media; and the latest is my menagerie of puppets with protest signs. [Ed. Note: I had to chose one image, sorry!]


Nick Levesque:
Combining found objects, I've created a presidential portrait as unhinged as the man himself.


NOTE: The Protest Art page in DART remains open. Submissions may be sent to Info There is no deadline; the page is usually posted on Fridays as art and ideas are received, and sometimes, as today,when there are events to include.
Please send jpegs, 1MB, include a brief paragraph about what prompted you to make the art and links to your website/social media. Info


Tonight the Teaching and Learning Center and the Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY presents a workshop,State in Time Workshop: The Crisis of Oppositional Politics Todayin The James Gallery at The Graduate Center, 6:30 pm

This workshop opens up a space to discuss the upsurge of mobilizations in response to Trump, Brexit and the rise of far-right nationalism across the globe by asking: What do oppositional politics and resistance mean and look like during a time when Trumpism and its European bedfellows are colonizing the notion of radical change and being anti-establishment, taking meaning to its very limit? How can and do we need to interrogate, rethink, and rejuvenate practices of “critique” and “resistance,” of being “radical,” “in opposition,” and “in solidarity”? What unexpected and complementary strategies and actions could be developed? Where might common cause be found between bitterly divided communities, insulated in geographical, political and cultural echo chambers, who are each convinced of “being right” and view one another with increasing suspicion and anger? How can a broader movement be created by determining not only what it is fighting against, but also what it stands for? What is the role of art and imagination in this process?

This public workshop is developed as part of the current James Gallery exhibition “NSK State Art: New York, The Impossible Return” and will bring together international “State in Time” citizen-artists, students and faculty from the Graduate Center, Guttman Community College and other CUNY colleges, as well as artists, community organizers, journalists, and activists, including Tanzeem Ajmiri, Vincent Crapanzano, Eda ufer, Suzanne Herrera,  Robin McGinty, and more. Speakers will start the conversation, which will then open to a collective discussion. Left: IRWIN, “State in Time,” poster, image courtesy James Gallery.
The James Gallery at The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY Info



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