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Photographer Profile - Lyle Owerko: "Mongolia is sort of the last frontier"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday February 14, 2017

On his first trip to Mongolia in 2013, photographer Lyle Owerko and an assistant traveled for two and a half days to end up standing by a remote airfield where, he says, "a bunch of guys dressed in Russian military coats were standing around." It was just where he wanted to be: Owerko, who famously photographed the 9/11 terror attack as well as ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Ulla Puggaard: "Nature has always inspired my work"

By Robert Newman   Thursday February 9, 2017

Ulla Puggaard is an illustrator, art director and calligrapher who grew up in Denmark but currently lives and works in London. She does a mix of editorial and commercial work, and recently completed 31 hand-drawn book covers for Penguin Books, which featured her distinctive lettering. Much of Puggaard's illustration and design work reflects her interest in the environment and sustainability.   Read the full Story >>

Photographer Profile - Sarah C. Butler: "I would use the only tool I had, my camera"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday February 7, 2017

There is untidiness in photographer Sarah C. Butler's new book "Frozen In Time." Clutter,, raveled emotion and disarranged lives fill its pages. Her images are a tangle of unsparing observation and gentleness, dysphoria and quietude. Many of her pictures capture a serene beauty. "But," she says, "a lot is going on there that isn't pretty." The book is about Butler and her ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Nigel Buchanan: "Aim for a timeless appeal to your work"

By Robert Newman   Thursday February 2, 2017

Nigel Buchanan is a New Zealand-based illustrator who recently moved back to that country after living and working in Sydney, Australia for over 30 years. He began his career as an airbrush artist, but transitioned to Photoshop "as soon as Macs were user-friendly." Buchanan's bold, colorful, graphic portraits have been a mainstay of 8by8, the quarterly soccer magazine edited and designed by Priest ...   Read the full Story >>

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