Robert Newman

Illustrator Profile - Wesley Bedrosian: "Draw in your sketchbooks to find your visual voice"

By Robert Newman   Thursday October 26, 2017

Wesley Bedrosian is a Massachusetts-based illustrator (he lives about 30 miles west of Boston). He works in two very distinct styles: traditional pen and ink work (now done digitally), and a 3D sculptural style, which has been featured on a notable series of Newsweek covers. Bedrosian is also one of many in the illustration community who has done a stint as art director at …   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Cristina Spano: "I always focus on the message I need to communicate"

By Robert Newman   Thursday October 12, 2017

Cristina Spano is an editorial and book illustrator based in Barcelona. Like many of the illustrators in the Profiles series, she has a background as a graphic designer. Her illustrations are bold, crisp, and colorful, very modern stylistically but with an old-school flavor.   Read the full Story >>