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Photographer Profile - Richard Sandler: "I was a street kid - that world was my world"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday January 17, 2017

Richard Sandler's book Eyes of the City came as a revelation when it was released late last year. Time magazine, for instance, called Sandler the "unsung street photographer of 1980s New York" whose pictures captured "a visceral cross section of fabulous wealth and terrible misfortune, often found in the same frame." Back when he was making the images, nobody was interested in his ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Laurie Rosenwald: "I love to work"

By Robert Newman   Thursday January 12, 2017

Laurie Rosenwald is a New York City-based illustrator, artist, designer, and book creator. In addition to her many editorial illustrations for a wide variety of publications, Rosenwald has created animation, product design, and leads an ongoing workshop, "How to Make Mistakes on Purpose." You can see a cool video interview with Rosenwald here, where she talks about art, design, illustration, and her approach to ...   Read the full Story >>

Photographer Profile - David Yarrow: "People respond to the stories behind the pictures"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday January 10, 2017

David Yarrow is one of the superstars of photography right now. One photo website has called him the UK's "number-one fine-art photographer," while the Daily Mail identifies him as Europe's best-selling wildlife photographer. His black-and-white prints of lions, snow monkeys and Dinka herdsmen can sell for a reported GBP50,000 at auction. In 2015 he became a Nikon Ambassador, while also making ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - R. Kikuo Johnson: "You'll never regret making the work you want to make"

By Robert Newman   Thursday January 5, 2017

R. Kikuo Johnson is an illustrator, teacher and graphic novelist based in Brooklyn who also spends time in Hawaii and Providence. His bold, graphic, comic-styled illustrations have appeared on multiple covers of The New Yorker, book covers, graphic novels, and The Shark King, a children's book published by Toon Books. His work appears regularly in a wide array of editorial publications. Johnson also ...   Read the full Story >>

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