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Trending: Man Orders a Sony Camera, Receives Bags of Mysterious White Powder

Fstoppers   Tuesday January 31, 2023

A photographer who spent $3,000 on a Sony camera was shocked to discover nothing but an empty box and bags of mysterious white powder when it was delivered. Jakub Sokolowski of Edinburgh ordered a Sony a7 IV from Jessops, a leading British photography gear retailer. The powder in the box was likely meant to weigh the package down to avoid arousing suspicion, notes Fstoppers. “I lost £1,000 of the upfront payment, but I still need to pay off the rest of it. If I don't, it will affect my credit score. It's outrageous,” Sokolowski said.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: This Calendar Supports Planned Parenthood

homme girls   Tuesday January 31, 2023

Photographers Catherine Opie and Lauren Greenfield are among the artists whose work appears in the “No Trespassing” 2023 calendar. One hundred percent of proceeds will support Planned Parenthood of Greater New York at a time when abortion rights have come under new attack in post-Roe America, note the calendar's producers. The 16” x 13” calendar is pro-choice in another way: It is split in two, with interchangeable month-to-image options. Other artists donating work: Fumiko Imano, Maggie Lee, Jenny Holzer and Marilyn Minter. Price: $45.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Sony is Raising the Price of Cameras in Japan by 14 Percent

PetaPixel   Tuesday January 31, 2023

A long list of Sony’s consumer products is getting a 14-percent price hike starting on February 1, the company has announced. The list includes the Alpha series of cameras and interchangeable lenses, notes PetaPixel. Citing a range of external factors, Sony says that it has to revise its pricing across a wide range of consumer products that are being sold in Japan, including digital single-lens cameras, lenses, digital video cameras, camcorders, and fixed-lens still cameras. Whether the price hikes will affect U.S. customers is unclear as yet, adds PP.   Read the full Story >>

On View: Unseen Photos of the Beatles by Paul McCartney

ARTnews   Tuesday January 31, 2023

Following a three-year refurbishment, London’s National Portrait Gallery is slated to reopen this June with an exhibition of previously unseen photographs taken by Paul McCartney at the height of Beatlemania. More than 200 candid photographs taken between December 1963 and February 1964 by McCartney of his bandmates, entourage, and others will be included in the exhibition, “Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm,” which opens on June 28. A book of the photographs will accompany the exhibition, notes Art News.   Read the full Story >>

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