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Media Watch: Chicago Public Media Will Acquire The Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times   Monday January 31, 2022

The board of Chicago Public Media, the nonprofit organization behind the noncommercial radio station WBEZ, has moved to acquire The Chicago Sun-Times. The deal, notes the newspaper, will create “one of the largest nonprofit news organizations in the country." The New York Times declares the move “is likely to shape how news is covered in Chicago for years to come.” The Sun-Times is currently owned by a patchwork group of unions, philanthropists and businesspeople. Is this a future—or the future—for local news?   Read the full Story >>

Books: Polaroids of Fashion's Famous Faces

AnOther   Monday January 31, 2022

In 1994, art director and graphic designer Ezra Petronio launched Self Service magazine, aiming to break down the boundaries of the cultural establishment by working with emerging talents in photography and fashion. Needing portraits of the people being celebrated in each issue, he approached photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who advised him to go the DIY route. Petronio did just that, notes AnOther, using a Big Shot Land camera to create Polaroid portraits. The images are now collected in the book Ezra Petronio: Stylistics  Read the full Story >>

Industry News: Canon Shuts Down its Zhuhai Factory in China

DP Review   Monday January 31, 2022

In recent days various reports have indicated that Canon would be closing “part’” of its production line in its Zhuhai factory in southern China, where it manufactures many of its compact cameras, notes DP Review; later reports suggested the entire factory would be shut down. Now DPR confirms that Canon is in the process of shutting down the Zhuhai plant in its entirety. The company says the move comes with increasing competition from smartphones, adds DIY Photography.   Read the full Story >>

Trending: 'The 30' Features Photographers to Watch in 2022

The 30   Monday January 31, 2022

When PDN magazine folded in early 2020, many wondered what would happen to the PDN 30—the publication’s popular look at new and emerging photographers. Now we know: PDN’s parent company, Emerald Expositions, has renamed the collection “The 30.” The 2022 edition of the project was recently released, “and as always, the nominating committee and jury did a spectacular job identifying and highlighting some of the industry’s most promising talent,” noted PhotoShelter blog.   Read the full Story >>

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