News from the Home Office 02.02.2024

By Peggy Roalf   Friday February 2, 2024


The AP40 Call For Entries is extended through February 9th! As the team has been shipping the current annual, AP39 (below), designed by Emily Crawford, with cover photograph by Devin Yalkin, they’ve taking a look into the archive of covers over the past forty years. Showcasing each year’s best editorial, photojournalism, advertising, books and personal work since 1985, the American Photography Archive is a who’s who of talent.

Starting in 1985 with the first decade of books, (top), the collection highlights the creative partnerships for these deluxe objects of beauty (and debate) that have showcased the who’s who of photography at the beginning, the middle, and at the height of their careers. Some made it “here” before they made it “anywhere.”The journey attests to the power of the juried collections, the photographers and their collaborators behind the work.

It always starts with the cover.

See all the AP39 winning images with photographer’s contact, creative credits and complete captions online now in The ARCHIVE. Limited discount copies at 40% off are still available here. Complete captions for all the works shown here can be seen in The ARCHIVE.


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