The DART Board: 03.18.2021

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday March 18, 2021

Saturday, March 20, Noon-5:00 pm

Reception for Susan Wides | and something happens to the light”, a solo exhibition of her recent work at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, 37 Popham Road, Scarsdale, NY  Info

The title of Susan Wides’ new photographs and something happens to the light is a line from a poem Robert Kelly wrote in response to her work: 

Sometimes in the forest you just don’t know / you walk right through a flower and something happens to the light / you broke the color and it spread ….
you think that way because of what you’ve done, walked right through the real / into the true. 

Wides made these photographs close to home in the Kaaterskill Clove of the Catskills—the luminous mountain landscape favored by 19th c Hudson River School painter, Thomas Cole. Both artists’ works reflect on the spirit and experience of this place and its imperiled nature—today more severely than ever.



Friday, March 19-May 23 | the bomb at Pioneer Works
Pioneer Works is presenting the hourlong documentary the bomb in an installation inspired by the design of nuclear weapon command and control centers. The film, directed by Kevin Ford, Smriti Keshari, and Eric Schlosser, sketches out the full history of atomic weaponry and international brinksmanship, from the first atom bomb tests in the Nevada desert in the 1940s through the Cold War into the modern day.

As a public health precaution, visits to Pioneer Works can be arranged by appointment only. The suggested donation to purchase a ticket is $10. Pioneer Works (159 Pioneer Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY Info Above: from the bomb (image courtesy Pioneer Works)



Thursday, March 18 |L.E.S. Open Late
70 neighborhood galleries will stay open late tonight for Third Thursdays, a monthly event from the LES Business Improvement District showcasing the Lower East Side’s flourishing arts scene.  Galleries will be open until 9pm and the New Museum is offering free evening admission. interactive gallery map. Following is a sampling of art on view.  Above: Untitled, by Eli Durst, from The Community, at Foley Gallery. Info

Cordy Ryman | Constellations, through April 4 at Freight & Volume, 97 Allen Street, New York NY (Broome & Delancey) Maximum of 10 people allowed in the gallery at a time. Masks are required for entry.

Eli Durst, The Community, through April 4th at Foley Gallery, 59 Orchard Street, NY, NY Info Take a look at the interactive gallery map.

Premonitory Terrains | featuring Noriko Ambe, Nancy Baker, and Etty Yaniv through March 27th at Equity Gallery, 245 Broome Street, NY, NY. Info

Dawson. Matter of Fact | Opening reception, from 4-8pm 
Frosch&Co, 34 East Broadway, NY, NY Info
Register here | Walk-ins are welcome. We ask to please follow proper social distancing protocols and wear a face mask



Thursday, March 25: Julie Mehretu at the Whitney Museum of American Art

On view starting March 25, this mid-career survey reflects the breadth of Mehretu’s multilayered practice, featuring more than twenty years of painting, drawing, and printmaking. Immerse yourself in the details of these stunning, monumental works or experience the exhibition from the comfort of home during a special Zoom “tour” on March 30.

Advance tickets are required. Review our up-to-date visitor policies to make your visit as safe and stress-free as possible. Become a member and enjoy early access to Julie Mehretu and Madeline Hollander: Flatwing during five days of previews from Thursday to Monday, March 18–22. Info Above: "Stadia II" (2004) is ink and acrylic on canvas measuring 108 × 144 inches. (Courtesy of the Carnegie Museum of Art)


News from the Home Office

American Photography Open | Celebrating the best pictures by Photo Enthusiasts taken with ANY DEVICE! Enter here
A new year. New prizes. New judges. The American Photography Open 2021 competition is now accepting entries, and this year’s edition of the contest looks to be the biggest yet. American Photography is known around the world for its juried competition for professional photographers, but in 2018 we launched the AP Open competition for photography enthusiasts at all levels shooting with any type of device. Above, photo by 2018 winner Zay Yar Lin of Sanchaung township, Yangon, Myanmar. Go here to see the 2020 finalists and winning image. The deadline is August 31, 2021 Enter here.
The entire 2021 Open short list collection will be featured in a book that will be available to download for free or purchase as a hard copy. You can download the 2020 book here. Read the entire story here



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