Happy Birthday, Apple!

By Peggy Roalf   Friday April 1, 2016

Today Apple turns 40—a moment to celebrate the tech and design innovations launched by Steve Jobs and his team that have changed the way we work and live. Apple invented key concepts that we now take for granted, even if some of the acronyms are part of history: user-friendly; discoverability; UGI; WSYWYG; OS. But few who are aware of the “1984” hammer throw commercial that introduced the Macintosh computer will deny the freedom to think different brought about by the “Mac in a box.” Above: Steve Jobs (r) and John Sculley, photo courtesy of Clement Mok.

To mark the occasion—and to honor the designers who made the Mac a different experience—ArtCenter College of Design has produced a video featuring some of the wildly talented ArtCenter designers whose impact has shaped Apple’s aesthetic identity and inspired the broader technology community to think differently about design’s role in every product. 


Watch how Clement Mok, Tom Suiter, Paul Pruneau and Liz Sutton (and the more than 200 other ArtCenter alumni) have instilled a commitment to prioritizing the user experience through all aspects of the company’s creative services. And marvel at how their pioneering approach has since inspired the broader technology community to think differently about design's central role in every product, app and experience. 

Thanks to ArtCenter College of Design / Office of Media Relations for sharing this videoPhoto above, courtesy ArtCenter / Dot


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