Robert Newman

Illustrator Profile - Monika Aichele: "Keep your mind free and inspired"

By Robert Newman   Thursday July 20, 2017

Monika Aichele is a Munich, Germany-based illustrator and designer. She has lived and worked in New York, Barcelona, and Berlin, and currently spends time in Mainz teaching illustration at the University of Applied Sciences. Aichele works in a variety of styles, including ink and acrylic as well as screen printing. An illustrator for publications in Europe and the United States, she recently completed work ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Dan Bejar: "Believe in your work and trust what your voice is trying to say"

By Robert Newman   Thursday July 6, 2017

Dan Bejar is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and artist. His illustrations are primarily monotypes on paper, and his smart, conceptual editorial work appears consistently in numerous publications. Bejar says that "illustration is about communication with images," and to that end he has also created vibrant artwork in a variety of mediums, whose purpose is "to critique and question the roles that history, place and identity ...   Read the full Story >>