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Illustrator Profile - Benjamin Marra: "I feel as though my work has returned to my teenage years"

By Robert Newman   Thursday October 27, 2016

Benjamin Marra is a Toronto-based illustrator, comic book artist and visual designer. He has published his own comic, Night Business, as well as graphic novels for Fantagraphics. Marra also created, with art director Matt Dorfman, the cover for the latest edition of American Illustration, AI35. It's a brilliant, apocalyptic, nightmarishishly graphic scene; Marra says, "we wanted the cover illustration to feel like album ...   Read the full Story >>

Photographer Profile - Michael DeFilippo: "There's a difference between seeing and really noticing"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday October 25, 2016

St. Louis-based commercial photographer Michael DeFilippo was going through a slow stretch in his business earlier this year, and to fill up his down time he began a personal project - examining how the Interstate Highway System, which turns 60 this year, "blindsided" his city by bisecting and walling off neighborhoods. In doing so, he struck a national nerve, garnering media attention and bringing him ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Peter and Maria Hoey: "We're brother and sister illustrators"

By Robert Newman   Thursday October 20, 2016

Peter and Maria Hoey are a brother and sister illustration team. Peter lives in Northern California; Maria lives in Brooklyn. Together they have created a giant body of work for countless magazines and newspapers, including editorial illustrations, infographics, maps, portraits, and comics....and a lot of icons and spots, too. Their latest comic book, Coin-Op #6: The Last Great Time was published in May ...   Read the full Story >>

Photographer Profile - Robert Trachtenberg: "It came down to a group of guys not taking themselves too seriously"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday October 18, 2016

In interviews, LA-based celebrity photographer Robert Trachtenberg has called his new book "Red Blooded American Male" a "spiritual guide, a lifestyle guide, a DIY guide" for today's man. "I was being completely tongue in cheek," he says. Nonetheless, as he went about selecting images for the book he found an unexpected message in his pictures. "The idea of challenging or playing with conventional ...   Read the full Story >>

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