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Photographer Profile - Ben Franke: "With parkour, the whole city becomes your playground"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday May 31, 2016

In 2010, a New York University photography student named Ben Franke began watching parkour videos on the Internet and was mesmerized by the athletes he saw bouncing off walls, flying over stairways, and spinning around ledges. Today, Franke may be the world's best known parkour photographer, having devised a way to capture the movements of the athletes in still images by covering them ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Rachel Idzerda: "Keep yourself invested in your work"

By Robert Newman   Thursday May 26, 2016

Rachel Idzerda is a Montreal-based illustrator who creates editorial and portrait illustrations and lettering with skill and grace. Her smart graphic novel-like portraits appear weekly in the Globe & Mail newspaper, and she has branched out to do advertising and commercial work as well. Idzerda originally created in ink, pencil and paint, but her work now is primarily digital. Her advice to up-and-coming illustrators: "Be ...   Read the full Story >>

Photographer Profile - Hasnain Dattu: "Now when I work, I think, 'Okay, I'm not a machine'"

By David Schonauer   Tuesday May 24, 2016

Over the past 15 years, Toronto-based photographer Hasnain Dattu built up a thriving career shooting lifestyle and portraits for editorial and commercial clients. But about two years ago he decided he needed a break. "I was totally involved with my work, but I had lost sight of what my real goal was. So I decided to stop working," he says. Now, after spending his ...   Read the full Story >>

Illustrator Profile - Anthony Freda: "Put everything you have into your work"

By Robert Newman   Thursday May 19, 2016

Anthony Freda is a Long Island-based artist who is equal parts editorial illustrator and visual political activist. He worked for several years in his own corporate advertising agency before quitting to focus on editorial illustration. Freda explains, "I may have started my career pimping alcohol and cigarettes, but I have repented and now use my visual communication skills to sell ideas." Freda creates his ...   Read the full Story >>

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