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Art News: Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Jurors Withdraw Over Bank Funding

PDN   Wednesday March 27, 2019

Four jurors for this year’s Magenta Foundation Flash Forward emerging-photographer competition have withdrawn in protest of the competition’s major sponsor, TD Bank Group, notes PDN. The bank is one of several financial institutions that have provided financing for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, the $3.8 billion oil pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois. Three photography organizations, Authority Collective, Natives Photograph and Women Photograph, also wrote an open letter to the organization asking it to reconsider its funding from TD Bank.   Read the full Story >>

Honor Roll: The 2018 Flash Forward Emerging Artist Competition

The Washington Post   Friday May 18, 2018

The Washington Post spotlights winners of the Magenta Foundation’s 2018 Flash Forward Emerging Artists Competition — including Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr, winner of the Racial Issues category with her images of a young woman taking part in the Young Miss Brazil Black Beauty. Amsterdam-based photographer Jan Hoek wins the LGBTQ category, which looks at the fashions of transgender sex workers in Cape Town, South Africa. This was the first year that areas of special interest were introduced.   Read the full Story >>

Closeup: How Jeremy Cowart Mixes Celebrity Photography, Humanitarian Work and More

By Phil Mistry   Monday August 14, 2017

Jeremy Cowart has done it all: celebrity photographer, photo teacher, photo book author, lecturer, humanitarian ... and, in the future, maybe a hotel owner enabling visitors to change the world while they sleep. Oh, and social media superstar. "I've always jumped on platforms super early, before everyone else," Cowart tells PPD contributor Phil Mistry in a wide-ranging interview. Cowart talks about everything from shooting ...   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: A Round-Up of Technology That Will Be Changing Photography

By David Schonauer   Thursday April 20, 2017

Photography today is not the same as photography a decade ago. And photography tomorrow will look different from how it does now: Technology begets technology, moving the state of the art forward at an ever-increasing rate. Today we round up a number of stories looking at where photography is headed, from an innovative design that turns an iPhone into a MacBook to an algorithm ...   Read the full Story >>

PPD Master Series: Robert Evans' Wonderful World of Wedding Photography

By Jeff Wignall   Wednesday March 23, 2016

While most wedding photographers get up on a Saturday morning and head across town to a local church or country club to ply their trade, Robert Evans is just as likely to get on a plane and head across the country or to Europe or to the Caribbean. He has also developed a reputation as the wedding photographer of choice among many A-list celebrities ...   Read the full Story >>

PPD Master Series: John Sterling Ruth Keeps Rolling Along

By Jeff Wignall   Wednesday March 2, 2016

Photographer John Sterling Ruth opened his first studio in October 1988 in a warehouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and in 1995 moved to a larger one in 1995 - a 200-year-old barn that he turned into a 4,000 square-foot work space. Like most commercial photographers Ruth has struggled through lean years and has had to build his client list one assignment at a time. In ...   Read the full Story >>

Books, 1: A Decade of Winners From the Flash Forward Festival

The Magenta Foundation   Tuesday August 12, 2014

A decade ago, the Magenta Foundation, a Canadian non-profit arts organization, launched the multi-city Flash Forward Festival to spotlight emerging photographic talent in Canada, the US, and the UK. This September, the group is publishinga boxed-set bookfeaturing winners from the fest’s first 10 years, including photographers who have gone on to wider success, such as Matt Eich, Adam Makarenko, Michal Chelbin, Peter Di Campo, Jessica Dimmock, Ilona Szwarc and Eamon Mac Mahon.   Read the full Story >>

Friday Future Photo: A New Anti-Paparazzi Device

theguardian   Friday June 7, 2013

The art of paparazzi-style photography is about to take a great leap forward as more and more people start wearing Google Glass. But a new device patented by a pair of Californians aims to thwart invasive celebrity snappers, whether they’re Glassholes or traditional photogs. The handheld device reportedly will rotate and emit “multiple deterrents” in the form of a focused beam of light, a strobe light and a flash,” explains PetaPixel, which features diagrams that show how it might work. The inventors think the thing might also be of use to the CIA, notes the Guardian.   Read the full Story >>

Call For Submissions: Be Part of "The Fence" at Photoville 2013

Photoville   Thursday March 21, 2013

We’re already looking forward to Photoville 2013 (which will take place in Brooklyn Bridge Park from September 19 though 29.) This year the producers of the event join forces with Flash Forward Festival to curate and produce THE FENCE 2013: The summer-long outdoor photo exhibition drew over one million visitors in Brooklyn last year, and this year the exhibit also travels to Boston! Photographers of all levels are invited to submit images that capture the essence of “community” in several categories. The deadline in April 15.   Read the full Story >>

Calendar: Flash Forward Festival Boston (June 7 to 12)   Wednesday May 23, 2012

Mark your calendars for the second annual Flash Forward Festival Boston, running from June 7 to 12. The festival is an extension of the Magenta Foundation’s successful Flash Forward Annual Competition for emerging photographers from Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. The event kicks off grandly with the Griffin Museum Focus Awardson June 6. There are exhibitions, panel discussions (American Photography 27 winner Tony Fouhse will be a featured speaker) and a mini book fair.   Read the full Story >>

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