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Emerging: Viewing Yale Grads' Final Work

TIME LightBox   Tuesday June 23, 2015

Directed by renowned photographer Gregory Crewdson, the Department of Photography at Yale University School of Art is reputed as one of the most influential photo programs in the U.S., notes Time LightBox, which features a look at the annual exhibition of work by grads of the program, up now at the James Danziger Gallery  in New York. “It runs from very traditional [photography] to very radical explorations of materials and subject matters,” says curator Pierson of the work.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Photo Editor Makes the Case for Self-Publishing

PDN   Tuesday June 23, 2015

Are self-publishing platforms for visual storytellers a good thing for photographers? That’s the question raised in a recent article at Photo District News, which looks into how pros are making use of sites like Storehouse, Vantage, Exposure, Stampsy, Maptia  and VSCO Journal. “It’s been great for self-promotion,” says photographer Tim Hussin, who last year self-published a story  about about miners in Potosí, Bolivia, on Storehouse. The article originally appeared in National Geographic’s Latin American Edition. Go here  for more insights on the benefits of self-publishing.   Read the full Story >>

PPD Spotlight: Irvin Rivera's "Amor Sui"

Irvin Rivera   Tuesday June 23, 2015

Los Angeles-based photographer (and PPD reader) Irvin Rivera says his series “Amor Sui” (“Self Love”) came about because of a conversation he had with friends. “We talked about what would happen if you could make out with yourself,” he says. Rivera, who shoots fashion and portraiture, began creating images of models doing just that in front of a 11.5-inch square Ikea mirror. “This has been an intimate learning experience for me,” he says. “We found that girls were much more comfortable doing this than guys.”   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Canon G3 X, a Compact with a 20mp 1-Inch Sensor

DP Review   Tuesday June 23, 2015

Canon has officially unveiled its new G3 X, a compact with a 20.2-megapixel, one-inch CMOS sensor. It comes with a f/2.8-5.6 24-600mm equivalent lens, giving it the most zoom power in the large-sensor superzoom class, notes DP Review. Canon says it’s the most rugged on its G-series cameras. Availability: July. Price: $999.   Read the full Story >>

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