David Schonauer

See It Now: Space Walk Photos Reveal Our Dreams

By David Schonauer   Tuesday June 23, 2015

Fifty years ago this month, astronaut Edward H. White II became the first American to walk through outer space. It happened on June 3, 1965, when White, attached to a tether metaphorically called an umbilical cord, launched himself from the Gemini IV space capsule and floated outside for 23 minutes. In the years since, notes Wired, NASA astronauts have made more than 260 spacewalks ...   Read the full Story >>

Insight: the Power of the Magazine Cover in the Digital Age

The Huffington Post   Monday June 22, 2015

After Vanity Fair released its Internet-breaking cover of Caitlyn Jenner, we noted  that it underscored the power of print to set the cultural agenda in the digital age. The Huffington Post agrees: Catherine Taibi looks at the history of the magazine cover and its new symbiotic relationship to the Internet. “In the digital age, the magazine cover has become a separate entity, no longer necessarily attached to the rest of the magazine,” she writes. “Digital did for the magazine cover what it did for articles — it gave them a life of their own.”   Read the full Story >>

Photo Archeology: The Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle

GIZMODO   Monday June 22, 2015

Russian urban exploration photographer Ralph Mirebs  is making an impact on the web with images documenting the abandoned Soviet space shuttle program. Gizmodo notes that the program was in operation from 1974 to 1993 and was shut down with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Mirebs’s pictures were shot in a massive hanger at the Baikonur Cosmodrome; though the facility is still in use, the two shuttle craft Mirebs photographed appear to have been gathering dust for years, notes the Huffington Post.   Read the full Story >>

China, 2: Selling Clean Air With a Polluted Bat Signal

THE VERGE   Monday June 22, 2015

The polluted skies of China have become a canvas for eerie art in a novel merchandising scheme: According to the Verge, a Chinese firm named Xiao Zhu, which sells air purifiers, is highlighting the dangers of pollution by projecting images of crying children onto clouds of smoke emerging from factory towers. The frightening projections are part of anad campaign  titled “Breathe Again.”   Read the full Story >>

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