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State of the Art, 1: White House Tackles AI with New Executive Order

CNN   Tuesday October 31, 2023

The White House rolled out a sweeping executive order Monday that aims to monitor and regulate the risks of artificial intelligence while also harnessing its potential, notes CNN. The order will require developers of powerful AI systems to share results of their safety tests with the federal government before they are released to the public. It also aims to prevent AI-related fraud by directing the Commerce Department to develop guidance for watermarking AI-generated content and will spell out government use of AI, including standards for safety. Mashable  calls the move “thunderous.”   Read the full Story >>

Books: When It Came to Making Art, Saul Leiter Did Everything, All at Once

By David Schonauer   Tuesday October 31, 2023

"I used to be unknown, and that was restful and pleasurable," Saul Leiter once said. "Now I have become known, and people want to interview me." Leiter, who died in 2013 at age 89, became known for his evocative color photographs of New York City in the 1950s and 1960s, but the new book "Saul Leiter: The Centennial Retrospective" shows how painting informed his …   Read the full Story >>

Social News: The Latest Anti-Instagram Platform is Daylyy

TechCrunch   Monday October 30, 2023

If you’re sick of Instagram, you have another new option: TechCrunch spotlights Daylyy, a photo-sharing social app where you can only snap photos in real time, preventing you from uploading filtered and augmented photos from your camera roll. “Not only does this take the pressure off to post a perfectly crafted image and caption, but it also allows you to be your authentic self,” notes TC, adding that the social platform has no vanity metrics, filters or algorithm. What it does have is a name that will send your autofill into overdrive.   Read the full Story >>

Honor Roll: Winner of the Nikon Small World Competition

Nikon   Monday October 30, 2023

Nikon notes that its Small World competition is regarded as the leading forum for showcasing “the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope.” The winner of the 49th edition of the contest, Hassanain Qambari of the Lions Eye Institute (assisted by Jayden Dickson), has certainly captured both beauty and complexity with his image of a rodent optic nerve head. The image contributes to the study and of diabetic retinopathy, which affects one in five persons with diabetes worldwide, notes Nikon.   Read the full Story >>

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