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Social News: ByteDance-Owned Photo App Lemon8 Hits the US App Store's Top 10

TechCrunch   Friday March 31, 2023

As U.S. lawmakers move forward with their plans for a TikTok ban or forced sale, the app’s Chinese parent company ByteDance is driving another of its social platforms into the Top Charts of the U.S. App Store, notes TechCrunch: The ByteDance-owned app Lemon8, an Instagram rival that describes itself as a “lifestyle community,” jumped into the U.S. App Store’s Top Charts, becoming the No. 10 Overall app across both apps and games. The sudden rise  implies a “significant” and “recent” user acquisition push on the app publisher’s part, adds TC. It appears that ByteDance may be trying to keep a lower profile with Lemon8, notes PetaPixel.   Read the full Story >>

What We Learned This Week: Twitter Will Show Verified Accounts Only On Its 'For You' Page

By David Schonauer   Friday March 31, 2023

Getting yourself heard on Twitter is getting more complicated: This week we learned that users of the app will need a "verified account" to get recommended on the platform's For You page starting on April 15th. In other words, noted one observer, you'll have to be a company, government entity, or Twitter Blue subscriber if you want to pop into the feeds of people …   Read the full Story >>

Legal Brief: Wedding Photographer Accused of Withholding Pay Is Charged with Theft

KDVR   Thursday March 30, 2023

Colorado photographer Suzanne Nevill of Suzanne Nevill Photography has been charged with theft following a lengthy investigation stemming from complaints made in 2021, notes KDVR. Nevill was accused of booking weddings and then backing out at the last minute with dramatic excuses as to why. Fellow photographers and associates would step up and help Nevill but then never receive their payments. “She told me the photographer she hired ‘broke her leg’ so she needed to hire someone immediately and it was an emergency,” said Rekira Luketic, an Ohio wedding photographer.   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: A DALL-E Enabled Exhibition at Gagosian

ARTnews   Thursday March 30, 2023

The art world is diving head-first into the uncanny valley of AI-generated art: Mega-gallery Gagosian has opened an exhibition of works by text-to-image AI generator DALL-E, notes Art News. The exhibition is produced by Oscar-nominated film director Bennett Miller, who over the past several years has been making a documentary about AI. For his film, he interviewed Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, the company behind DALL-E, who gave him beta access to the platform long before the rest of the public.   Read the full Story >>

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