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Year In Review: Top Photos of 2022, and Their Stories

The Guardian   Friday December 30, 2022

After a year dominated by the war in Ukraine, the plight of migrants and the climate crisis, The Guardian looks back at its top photos of 2022. Unlike most other year-in-review photo features, this one has the photographers behind the photos recalling how they were made. Among the most memorable images: Dmytro Kozatskyi’s photo of a soldier inside the besieged Azovstal steelworks in Ukraine. “The suffering inflicted on the city’s residents became one of the defining stories of the war,” Kozatskyi says.   Read the full Story >>

Trending, 1: The Future Vision of NFTs Is ... Boring?

ARTnews   Friday December 30, 2022

A year ago, crypto and NFTs seemed unstoppable. (Remember when FTX aired a blockbuster ad starring comedian Larry David during Super Bowl LVI?) Today, the crypto world has collapsed, and so has the grand vision of an alternate digital art market, notes Art News: The promise of NFTs was that the technology could create a fairer economy for digital creators. As it turns out, however,  there’s not actually that many people who are ready to buy digital assets that they’re used to getting for free.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: Creating Landscape Photos from Multiple Images

Adam Gibbs   Friday December 30, 2022

YouTuber Adam Gibbs wants you to harness the power of compositing to perfect your landscape photography. In a new video, he demonstrates how to combining multiple layers from various exposures in Photoshop to create a single dynamic photograph. This sort of technique is especially useful for images with moving elements, like water or clouds, where you will get a range of interesting and generally unrepeatable moments, notes Fstoppers.   Read the full Story >>

Trending, 2: The Tech that Died in 2022

Mashable   Friday December 30, 2022

Saying goodbye to tech can be hard for some. Losing the iPod and the BlackBerry, however brief in human years, was a lifetime in tech years, causing millennials to reminisce like grandparents, while the passing of others like Meta Portal and FTX felt more like a cautionary tale, notes Mashable, which looks at the tech that died in 2022. Will you miss Internet Explorer or the iPhone Mini? Will you look back fondly on the way Twitter was before Elon Musk took it over? And do you think Musk’s Twitter will be around in 2024?   Read the full Story >>

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