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Trending: Qualcomm VP Says Smartphones Will Soon Overtake DSLRs in Quality

ANDROID AUTHORITY   Friday September 30, 2022

Not long ago we noted that Sony president and CEO Terushi Shimizu predicted that smartphones would overtake DSLRs in image quality by 2024—which, we can state with authority, is just two years from now. In a recently interview with Android Authority, Qualcomm’s vice president of product management and cameras, Judd Heape, echoed Shimizu’s assertion, though he thinks it may take from three to five years for smartphones to become better than DSLRs.  “In terms of getting towards the image quality of a DSLR, yes. I think the image sensor is there,” he states.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Photographing France's Happy Campers

It’s Nice That   Friday September 30, 2022

Camping isn’t for everyone. But for some it’s a passion, and it’s those people that Paris-based photographer Francois Prost is interested in, notes It’s Nice That. Prost’s series “Van Life” focuses on people who find satisfaction traveling in campers. “It’s a bit like going to a music festival, but with a completely different community,” says the photographer, whose images convey the sense of proximity (and tiny space) in which his subjects live. He often frames them in the doorways to their homes on wheels.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Quicker Filmmaking with DJI's Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal

THE VERGE   Friday September 30, 2022

The newly announced Osmo Mobile 6 smartphone gimbal from DJI promises to get your filming quicker, declares The Verge. Like its five predecessors, the new gimbal is designed to stabilize videos and photos taken with phones, but it features a new wheel control to make zooming and focusing easier and a status panel to show the gimbal’s battery life at a glance. There’s also a a Quick Launch (for iPhones) that reduces preparation time and gets the device up and running three times faster than previous models, adds PetaPixel.   Read the full Story >>

Call for Submissions: The PHMuseum Women Photographers Grant

PHMuseum   Friday September 30, 2022

Now in its 6th edition, the PhMuseum Women Photographers Grant aims to empower the work and careers of female and non-binary professionals of all ages and from all countries working in diverse areas of photography. There are a number of prizes—including a $5,000 first prize and a $2,000 New Generation prize. Both winners will have work exhibited at the Photo Vogue Festival 2022 and be featured at other PHMuseum promotions. Deadline: Oct. 6. Go here for insight from judges.   Read the full Story >>

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