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What We're Reading: 5 Unintended Consequences of Photography

Saturday Evening Post   Wednesday August 31, 2022

“Photographs were more than just pictures. While the inventors never intended more than to capture an image, the medium turned into a social force with far-reaching effects.” So notes The Saturday Evening Post in an article looking back at five of those consequences—from the effects that photography had on political elections to its impact on how people thought of their own appearance. It’s a fascinating read.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Adding Renaissance Class to Equine Photography

Horsetalk   Wednesday August 31, 2022

Photographer Ifat Zohar “is fast making a name for herself as a leading equine portraitist” by adding a touch of renaissance class to her portraits, notes Horsetalk magazine. “Known for her stunning work with both domestic and fantastic fauna, Zohar combines themes of old-world indulgence, elegant theatrics, and a closeness to nature to create her visual masterpieces, adds Horsetalk. “I was looking for a better way to tell my clients’ stories with their pets, a more artistic way to timelessly capture their relationships,” Zohar says.   Read the full Story >>

Social News: TikTok Browser Can Track Users' Keystrokes, According to Research

The New York Times   Wednesday August 31, 2022

The web browser used within the TikTok app can track every keystroke made by its users, reports The New York Times, citing new research from Felix Krause, a privacy researcher and former Google engineer. The research did not show how TikTok used the capability. But Krause said the development was concerning because it showed TikTok had built in functionality to track users’ online habits if it chose to do so. The news comes as U.S. lawmakers’ grapple with concerns over the Chinese-owned app’s data practices.   Read the full Story >>

Books: The Untold Stories of Nuclear Weapons

British Journal of Photography   Wednesday August 31, 2022

Edinburgh-based artist Crystal Bennes first heard of Klara von Neumann during her PhD studies. The wife of mathematician John von Neumann and an early computer programmer, von Neumann would later became the central figure for Bennes’s new photo book Klara and the Bomb, which traces the connecting histories between the invention of modern computers and the development of nuclear weapons, notes the British Journal of Photography.   Read the full Story >>

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