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How To: Fix Your 'Trash' Instagram Feed

The Washington Post   Friday July 29, 2022

Instagram user Melissa Henderson’s IG feed once felt tailored to her interests—makeup, cosplay and other art content they liked. Now the feed seems “almost completely randomized,” according to the 23-year-old. Henderson is one of many Instagram users annoyed by what they see as the platform’s ongoing move away from friends and photo-sharing and toward video and algorithmically promoted content, notes The Post, which has strategies for combat Instagram’s unkind acts of randomness.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Toward a New Understanding of Motherhood

British Journal of Photography   Friday July 29, 2022

Australian photographer Amy Woodward’s intimate, subtly political images advocate for wider visibility and understanding of new motherhood, declares the British Journal of Photography. “Woodward makes work which aims to address the imbalance, capturing the messy, difficult, overwhelming, and beautiful experiences of young families and, especially, new mothers. She shoots commissioned portraits which sometimes morph into extended documentary projects," notes DJP. Her project “Milk Teeth” explores her journey into having a second child.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: LumaFusion Adds Color Editing Tools and More

DP Review   Friday July 29, 2022

LumaTouch has announced an update for LumaFusion, the company’s multi-track mobile video editing app. The update,  LumaFusion 3.1 for iOS and iPad OS, adds professional color editing tools, including real-time scopes, notes DP Review: Users can instantly see color adjustments during video playback. All scopes are compatible with HDR and SDR color spaces. The update also adds the ability to reorder audio effects, automatically backup projects, options for importing and restoring projects from backups.   Read the full Story >>

Honor Roll: Winners of Getty Images/Dove #ShowUs Grants

Getty Images   Friday July 29, 2022

Getty Images and partner Dove have announced the winners of their #ShowUs grants, which aim to honor “the full spectrum of diverse experiences – showing that beauty has no age limit.”  Two photographers receive $5,000 grants: London- and Madrid-based filmmaker and photographer Irene Baqué, whose work explores issues around identity, gender, and youth culture; and New York City-based fashion, beauty and fine-art photographer Virginia Kluiters, whose work, notes Getty, celebrates “a diverse range of femininity.”   Read the full Story >>

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