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Insight: 9 Helpful Beginner Tips for Fall Drone Photography

Shutterstock Tutorials   Tuesday November 30, 2021

The vibrance of autumn landscapes is even more spectacular when seen from above. A new video from Shutterstock Tutorials comes with nine tips on capturing the beauty of the fall with drones. The advice applies to both stills and video.   Read the full Story >>

Talents to Watch: Corrina Day's Fashion Authenticity

NYLON   Tuesday November 30, 2021

With the rise of influencer culture, there’s a lot of pressure to overshare on social media — to reveal every part of yourself for the sake of “online authenticity,” notes Nylon, which spotlights Corrina Day — not a mere influencer, but “the ultimate cool-girl behind the lens” whose work has been featured in campaigns for 10011 Magazine, fashion label Saint Sintra, and cult-eyewear brand Lexxola. She’s known for her early-aughts aesthetic and images that feel “nostalgic yet relatable, with a very organic and playful twist,” notes the magazine.   Read the full Story >>

Piracy File: Someone Made a Pirate Bay for NFTs

VICE   Tuesday November 30, 2021

Australian artist and programmer Geoffrey Huntley created The NFT Bay—a new torrent site where anyone can download 15 terabytes of JPEGs from a single source. The site is designed to mimic the classic piracy site of yore, The Pirate Bay. NFTs, unique tokens on a blockchain that are linked to digital collectibles such as a JPEG, have ignited a culture war between NFT fans and “right-clickers”—people who mock NFT collectors by right-clicking on their JPEGs and saving them, notes Vice.   Read the full Story >>

Trending: McCurry's "Afghan Girl" Takes Refuge in Italy

The New York Times   Tuesday November 30, 2021

Sharbat Gula, who became an international symbol of war-torn Afghanistan after a portrait of her taken by photographer Steve McCurry was published on the cover of National Geographic magazine in 1985, was evacuated to Rome after her country fell to the Taliban, reports The New York Times. Gula, now in her late 40s and the mother of several children, was believed to be 12 when McCurry photographed her, in 1984 in a refugee camp in Pakistan. He did not learn her name until 2002.   Read the full Story >>

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