Fujiyama Mon Amour

By Peggy Roalf   Friday February 22, 2013

The most recent entry in DART’s Mountain View series is from Bruce Osborn, born and raised in the Golden State, who left the music and skateboard culture of Southern California for Japan in 1980. Here’s what he wrote:

Fuji is probably the most recognized symbol of Japan, but it is often hidden behind a blanket of clouds. There are a number of photographers here who devote their entire lives to finding different ways to photograph Mount Fuji. They shoot it throughout the seasons, at all hours, and from a variety of locations. Though I do not claim to be one of these diehard Fuji-ites, I do feel a rush of adrenaline whenever I see it.

On this particular day, I was driving through the industrial town of Fuji and it had been raining since morning. The prospect didn't look good, but suddenly, in matter of minutes, the weather did a complete turnabout and the elusive icon came blazing into view. Thank you blessed Fuji, you never cease to amaze! -- Bruce Osborn


So, dear readers, this ends the first annual DART Mountain Madness series - it definitely cured my Seasonal Affective Distorder. Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos and stories.