The DART Board: 09.14.2022

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday September 14, 2022


Thursday, September 15, 5-8 pm: Robert Earle Page | Power to the People at Salon 94 Design

first solo exhibition in New York City, curated by Duro Olowu. The show includes Paiges’s textile design, glazed ceramics, collages and etchings. Olowu’s interventions reflect the artist’s myriad of artistic influences and approach to making.
Robert Earl Paige (b. 1936) remembers growing up in a city mapped by racial color lines: “When you talk about keeping me ‘in the loop’, you’re talking about downtown Chicago… and we were not permitted in downtown Chicago.” 

He lived this discrimination, but he refused to be defined by it. Nurtured by an innate sense of beauty and the creative energies of the South Side, Paige has spent his career creating the world he wants to see with a design practice that has become his own personal Gesamtkunstwerk — a ‘total work of art’ encompassing visual art, textile design, and, ultimately, life itself. For Paige beauty is inherently political, a means of overcoming the pain of slavery and segregation; a pathway to liberation for all who seek it.
Paige lives and works on the South Side of Chicago. His body of work is informed by influences as diverse as African American tradition in decorative arts  (including blankets, quilts, graveyard ornaments 19th and early 20th century architecture of “Shotgun” houses), African art and textiles, Jazz music, and Bauhaus.
Salon 94, 1 Freeman Alley, New York, NY Info 



Friday, September 16, 7-9pm: Steve Brodner in conversation with Rick Meyerowitz/Book Launch

Join Steve and Rick to celebrate the release of Living and Dying in America: A Daily Chronicle 2020-2022! Every day, late at night or early in the morning, from March 26, 2020 to January 1, 2022, the political cartoonist and illustrator Steve Brodner would get to work. In those midnight hours, he would review the day’s reportage, sit down at his drawing board, and memorialize a singular person or event that played a role, willingly or unwillingly, in shaping that day. 

Taken as a whole, Living & Dying in America is a chronicle of those who died and those who honorably served the living — as well as an indictment of those institutions and political figures who betrayed the public trust. It is a searing and essential moral document, written and drawn on a daily basis with feverish intensity by one of the great forces of American cartooning. Tickets

The evening will include the world premiere of “Living Dying” for video and laptop by composer Neil Rolnick, with a film by Kayleigh Waters

Society of Illustrators, 128 East 63rd Street, New York, NY Info



Continuing through October 14: Steve Keene Art book launch and Retrospective 

Perhaps best-known for his deep ties to the 90s indie rock scene — thanks to work with Pavement, The Apples in Stereo, The Silver Jews, and Bonnie “Prince” — Keene is a legend amongst music and art fans both for his vibrant, automated style, and his everyman prices of just $5 - $10 per painting, earning him the reputation as “the art world’s Johnny Appleseed, allowing thousands to become art collectors and challenging the notion that “good art” has to be expensive art

The show will include a full room of Hand Painted Multiples, Album Art Tributes, an oversized mural and a debut of his latest series of Tattooed Plywood (engraved) works. The retrospective comes on the heels of the one first held earlier this summer in Los Angeles: his month-long stay at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery, where Keene sold more than 500 pieces on opening night.

The retrospective will include artworks from the personal collections of Daniel Efram (New York), producer/auteur of The Steve Keene Art Book, and from The Apples in stereo’s Robert Schneider (Athens, Georgia) and Eric Allen (Denver, Colorado). A large Elephant 6 Recording Co themed mural owned by The Apples’ Allen, will be shown for only the second time. 

ChaShaMa at Tractor Beam, 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY Info Map


Friday, September 16, 6-8 pm: Beatriz Milhazes: Mistura Sagrada at Pace

Milhazes created the works in this exhibition during the period of quarantine caused by the pandemic, which deeply impacted her painting process and her approach to art making. Without access to travel, gatherings, or most of the usual stimulations of modern life, the artist imbued her new works with a mood of contemplation that she experienced during a period of social isolation and uncertainty. Meditating on complex systems, circuits, and concepts, the artist produced works that are engaged with celestial phenomena and geometries found in nature. Milhazes is known for conjuring energetic plays of color and form in her paintings, collages, prints, and installations.

Her use of color and geometry is mined from place—the botanical gardens and the Tijuca forest near her studio, the surrounding city of Rio de Janeiro, its ocean front, and the cultural motifs of Brazil—and memory. This process culminates in the artist’s patented form of abstraction, which she has termed “chromatic free geometry.”

Milhazes says, “My endearments are made of the breath and speed of the forests, the flowers, the leaves. The power of the waves, the water, the oceans. The fascinating animal shapes. The movement of the Earth’s rotation, the Sun, the Moon, day, night, the sky, global connectivity.”

Pace Gallery, 540 West 25th Street, New York, NY Info



Sunday, September 18, 2-4 pm: Fall Arts Opening Day at Wave Hill

The group show, What We Leave Behind, features the work of Michael Kelly WilliamsDennis RedMoon Darkeem and Estelle Maisonett, who all have strong ties to the Bronx. Using discarded objects as art supplies, their works form a portrait of the culture of  accumulation and consumption. In the Sunroom Project Space solo shows, Amina Ross draws connections with spirituality and subterranean networks in the natural world, while artist Deep Pool disrupts and queers entrenched perceptions often associated with floral imagery and gender identity. On the Gallery terrace and back lawn, renowned jazz drummer Pheeroan akLaff and his ensemble, New African Brew, will perform music rooted in the improvisation of African and American jazz traditions.  Register Above: Michael Kelly Williams, A Celebration of All Life, 2019

Wave Hill, 4900 Independence Avenue, Bronx, New York Info



Thursday, September 22, 5-7 pm: Street Visions Europe 1934 | Photographs by Richard J. Scheuer at Hebrew Union College

When Dick Scheuer (1917-2008) turned seventeen, in the summer of 1934, he took an eight-week tour of Europe. He traveled the continent, making stops in France, Italy, Yugoslavia, and the cities of Budapest, Warsaw, and Moscow. Scheuer's black and white photographs depict ordinary people going about their daily lives in pre-war Europe with remarkable clarity and empathy, capturing the continent on the brink of radical change. His subjects ranged from Basque markets in southwest France to artisan bazaars in Yugoslavia, from the outdoor baths in Budapest to Warsaw's lively Jewish quarter, where members of the community appeared generally relaxed and unconstrained, five years before the Nazi invasion of Poland. In the USSR he captured a street parade, a girls’ kazoo band, and theatrical productions, including the Moscow State Yiddish Theater and the Moscow Children’s Theater. 

Dick Scheuer’s negatives were developed shortly after his return to the US, but he never had them enlarged. Scheuer went on to Harvard College, service in the Army Signal Corps during WWII, and a career as a real estate executive. His philanthropic work included service as Chairman of the Board of both the Jewish Museum in New York and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

In 2018, his son Dan hired an archivist/photo restoration specialist and family friend, to digitize and restore Dick’s photographs. In the catalogue Introduction, his son Jonathan writes about his father’s photographs: “The boldness of this young man between his junior and senior years of high school may come as a surprise to those who remember the scholarly, reserved gentleman of his maturity. Those who never met him will discover a photographer who met the world with empathy and courage.”

The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated show catalogue. 

Heller Museum at Hebrew Union College, One West Fourth Street, New York, NY Info



September 23-25: 14th Street, Avenue C to the Hudson River

AiOP presents 40+ local, national, and international artists' visual & performance  public projects along 14th Street, Manhattan. Founded in 2005 by NYC artist Ed Woodham and led by Executive Director Furusho von Puttkammer, AiOP aims to stretch the boundaries of communication in the public realm by presenting artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations. AiOP reminds us that public spaces function as the epicenter for diverse social interactions and the unfettered exchange of ideas. 

Critical Mass: Saturday, September 24, 2022, 3-5pm, 14th Street between Sixth and Eighth Avenues. A selection of the artists' projects in a concentrated area to make the festival more accessible for festival goers. 

In addition to the live festival on 14th Street, AiOP will be hosting the following events: Video & Virtual Evening; Thursday, September 22, 2022, 7-8:30pm Register

What's Your STORY?: Friday, September 23, 2022, 6-7:30pm, Bureau of General Services: Queer Division / Room 210, LGBTQIA+ Center, 208 W 13th Street. Register